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You torture for the good times.” – Trevor Phillips.

GTA 5: By the Book Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Shortly after the events of the last mission, Three’s Company, Trevor or Michael, will be given a call by Steve Haines asking them to go to a warehouse to meet up with Dave Norton, Devin Weston, and Steve Haines.

Steve Haines wants Tahir Javan assassinated – a person Dave Norton claims has ties to terrorism. To complete this task, he orders Trevor to torture Ferdinand Kerimov. He sends Michael to drive up to the target location and eliminate the person that best fits Ferdinand Kerimov’s description.

We have outlined everything you need to know about By the Book and how to get a Gold Medal for completing this mission.

By the Book Synopsis

Warning: Gameplay/plot spoilers ahead.

Michael and Trevor meet with Dave Norton, Devin Weston, and Steve Haines at a designated warehouse. It turns out that Steve Haines and the FIB also held Ferdinand Kerimov, aka Mr. K, hostage after Michael, Franklin, and Trevor successfully pulled him out from the IAA Headquarters.

Steve Haines starts questioning Mr. K to get information about a certain Tahir Javan, a person the FIB believes is closely tied to terrorism. Kerimov was not enthusiastic about answering information about Tahir Javan, so Steve Haines asked Trevor to make him talk and give up information about the whereabouts of Tahir Javan.

Michael and Dave leave and drive towards the first location Kerimov gives them, only to find out that the first target does not fit the target’s description very well.

Trevor gets to work – by slowly torturing Ferdinand Kerimov, he would give out tidbits of information about the location, profile, and tendencies of Tahir Javan, so Michael and Dave can pinpoint and take down the appropriate person on their end.

Mr. K eventually points them toward a guy with a beard who smokes using his left hand. Dave relays this information to Michael, and Michael quickly pulls the trigger to finish the job.

With the job done, Steve Haines leaves Mr. K to Trevor and orders him to deal with the guy. Trevor obliges.

However, Trevor had a different plan in mind and drove Mr. K to the Los Santos International Airport, telling him to take a flight to leave the country.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Don’t Stop Me Now – Complete the torture without Mr. K’s heart-stopping.
    • Keep Kerimov’s heart rate below 200 BPM to keep it from stopping.
  • Electrocutioner – Electrocute Kerimov.
    • Perform this method third. Be careful, as doing so will spike Kerimov’s BPM.
  • The Tooth Hurts – Pull out Kerimov’s tooth.
    • Do this after hitting Kerimov with the wrench.
  • Wrenched – Hit Kerimov with the wrench.
    • Please do this before pulling Kerimov’s tooth and electrocuting him.
  • It’s Legal! – Waterboard Kerimov.
    • Perform this last, going for short bursts to keep Kerimov from passing out.

By the Book Mission Guide

Get in the car with Dave and drive to the target location marked yellow on the map.

You should arrive at this house in Rockford Hills. This will not be the target, and you will automatically be switched back to Trevor and Steve.

Kerimov’s torture will commence. Use the torture tools in this order to keep Kerimov from passing out – Wrench > Pliers > Clips > Water Container.

Go for the wrench first.

Go to the next location in Chumash.

Go for the Pliers next. Move your joystick or mouse clockwise to pull out Kerimov’s tooth.

Michael and Dave’s information on the target will not be enough to take the shot. Switch back to Trevor and use the Clips to get more information from Kerimov.

Ferdinand Kerimov will point Michael towards a guy with a beard. Look for the guy in the house. There will be at least two of them in the house.

Switch back to Trevor to confirm the final details and nail the specific person.

Waterboard Ferdinand Kerimov to get the last details needed to complete the assassination.

Remember to go for short bursts to keep Kerimov from passing out.

Kerimov will point the boys to a guy that chain smokes and is left-handed.

Standing on one of the balconies at the bottom right side of the house will be a guy in a red shirt that is left-handed and has a beard.

Take the shot and kill the target.

Drive Kerimov to the Airport

Modern-Day Relay Game

Without knowing which weapon to use first on Kerimov, you can easily spike up his BPM and cause him to pass out. Follow the optimal order of using the torture tools outlined above and quickly complete this mission with a Gold Medal.

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