GTA 5: Bury the Hatchet Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Michael and Trevor revisit their past.

GTA 5: Bury the Hatchet Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor just finished scouting out the Union Depository in preparation for their biggest score yet. Right after the job, Michael comes home to relax and unwind. Trevor arrives shortly after, and after a healthy discussion goes the wrong direction, Michael and Trevor are forced to revisit Michael’s grave at North Yankton.

Here’s everything you need to know about Bury the Hatchet in GTA 5. We have outlined all the Gold Medal objectives and how you can complete them in a single run in this guide.

Bury the Hatchet Synopsis

Michael arrives home after he, Franklin, Trevor, and Lester scout out the Union Depository. Before Michael could kick up his legs on the sofa, Trevor arrives and the two protagonists have a conversation.

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Michael tells Trevor how he now wants to make movies and how money makes people miserable, hinting at the burnout and lack of interest in doing any more heists after the Union Depository job. Meanwhile, Trevor still wants to bust Brad out of prison and tells Michael how he believes their team is unstoppable with Franklin and Lester on board.

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Michael cuts Trevor short, telling Trevor his intentions of cutting ties with him after their last heist is done. Trevor is enraged at this point, telling Michael how he mourned his death, only to find out he was alive and that everything he knew about Michael was a lie.

Trevor changes courses briefly after some yelling ensues and asks Michael who was buried in his place at North Yankton. Michael tells Trevor how he never gave it any thought, but Trevor’s lack of trust for Michael at this point motivates him to find out for himself.

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Trevor runs off to North Yankton. Michael, realizing how Trevor probably has everything figured out, tries to convince Trevor to stop and talk it over. Trevor refuses to listen to Michael’s lies and heads to his airfield at Sandy Shores to take a plane to North Yankton.

Michael calls Dave Norton, telling him how he thinks Trevor has their secret figured out. Michael assures him he will work something out with Trevor. Dave realizes the weight of the situation but cannot help Michael at the moment.

image 376

Things take a turn for the worst as some of Cheng’s men arrive at Los Santos International Airport and tail Michael, believing they can follow or use Michael to find Trevor’s whereabouts. Michael takes a commercial flight to North Yankton, while Trevor takes his company plane to fly to the location.

Trevor arrives first and begins to inspect Michael’s grave. Meanwhile, Michael reminisces on his past while driving toward the cemetery. Flashbacks of his conversations with Amanda when Dave gave them a chance to start over in Los Santos start filling his mind. Michael also replays his memories of his last heist with Trevor and Brad.

Michael finally arrives at the cemetery in North Yankton, but Trevor is already neck-deep digging out Michael’s grave. Michael approaches Trevor, telling him how he’s wasting his time trying to dig out the truth from the grave.

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Trevor eventually reaches the coffin and confirms that Brad was buried in Michael’s place. Michael tries to explain to Trevor why things turned out the way they did. Trevor, now sick of Michael’s lies, pulls a gun on Michael, forcing Michael to pull out his gun as well.

Before anything could happen, Wei Cheng’s men arrive at the cemetery, forcing Trevor to retreat and Michael to deal with Cheng’s men. Michael eventually makes it through the cemetery alive but is captured when his car wouldn’t start.

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Meanwhile, Trevor makes his way back to Blaine County in his aircraft. Wei Cheng calls him to tell him they have Michael and are not afraid to kill him if Trevor does not submit to his demands. Trevor doesn’t care about Michael at the moment, so he tells Wei Cheng just to tell Michael he loves him before they kill him.

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Bury the Hatchet Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Time: Complete by 11:00.
    • Skip the cutscenes. The opening cutscene is up to three minutes long.
  • Headshots: Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
    • Michael’s special ability should help you land those headshots clean.
  • Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%.
    • Go for body shots if you’re not confident going for the head. This will help raise the percentage threshold and make misses less punishing. Again, use Michael’s special ability whenever you can.

Bury the Hatchet Mission Guide

Go to the Los Santos International Airport as quickly as you can.

image 370
image 371
image 372
image 373
image 374

Skip the airplane cutscene to save time. Drive towards the Ludendorff Cemetery.

image 377

Run to Trevor’s location in the cemetery. Skip the cutscene to save time.

image 379

Now is the best time to try and land those headshots. Use Michael’s ability sparingly here, as you will need to land 20 headshots. Stay under cover before shooting so you do not take too much damage.

image 383
image 384

Use Michael’s ability before the enemies get out of the van. These are easy headshot opportunities you cannot miss.

image 385

After clearing the cemetery of enemies, make your way back to your car. Skip the cutscene again to save time here.

image 386

Fly directly to Trevor’s airfield in Blaine County.

image 391
image 393
image 394

Moving Forward

Cat’s out of the bag – Trevor finally gets confirmation that Brad is long gone and he was once again lied to by someone he considers a close friend. Now that Trevor knows Wei Cheng has kidnapped Michael, it will be interesting to see how Trevor responds to Wei Cheng’s demands in future missions.

Thanks to Michael and his special ability, Bury the Hat’s Gold Medal objectives aren’t too difficult to complete; thanks to those, 20 headshots will be a breeze with Michael’s special ability. The same goes for the 80% shooting accuracy required to get a Gold Medal finish. As always, just skip the cutscenes, as there are a ton of them in this mission.

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