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The most loyal dog in Los Santos.

GTA 5: Chop Guide

Throughout GTA 5’s storyline, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s loyalty to one another will be tested repeatedly as they tackle sins of the past and current personal issues. While the trio won’t always see eye to eye, their chemistry is undeniable and is the main reason why they were able to pull off their biggest heist.

With that said, none of the protagonists are probably as loyal as Lamar’s turned Franklin’s Rottweiler, Chop, who helps out in several missions in GTA 5.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about Chop, including his origins, the missions he makes appearances in, and activities you can do around Los Santos with GTA 5’s cutest Rottweiler.

Lamar’s Loyal Rottweiler

Chop is Lamar’s Rottweiler which was initially a ‘house’ dog that was raised by Lamar and Franklin’s gang, The Families. He first appears in the mission ‘Chop’ where Franklin and Lamar kidnap a Ballas member called ‘D.’

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Chop not only appears in several missions in GTA 5, but he also plays a key role in some of these missions as well. When not doing missions with Franklin or Lamar, Chop can be seen in Franklin’s new house in Vinewood Hills.

Where was Chop featured in GTA 5?

Chop initially appears in the mission named ‘Chop’ in GTA 5’s story mode. In that mission, you can use Chop to help track down D, who’s run off and hidden in some train cars in the train yard. After ‘Chop,’ Lamar will call Franklin and ask him to look after Chop for a while.

Chop appears in the mission ‘Hood Safari,’ where Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor head to Grove Street to do business. Chop tags along with Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor briefly but is quickly sent home when the deal falls out, and the group has to deal with incoming Ballas members.

When Trevor asks Franklin and Michael for help dealing with the O’Neil Brothers, Franklin also brings Chop along for the ride. Chop helped Franklin, Trevor, and Michael track down the O’Neil brother, that had run off into the woods.

What can Franklin do with Chop?

Franklin can take Chop for walks and play fetch with him. He can also give Chop a treat and groom him occasionally.

Aside from the typical dog-human interaction, Franklin can also give Chop four commands – Attack, Stay, Follow, and Fetch.

Attacking NPCs or animals will cause Chop to attack the same target, while Stay will force Chop to stay in one play until another command is given. Follow will cause Chop to follow Franklin while he walks around, and Fetch will cause Chop to retrieve an object thrown by Franklin (typically a ball)

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In The Contract DLC, Chop can be found in Franklin’s office in the F. Clinton and Partner building. You can approach Chop and give him a pet if you wish to do so.

Loyal Companion

Chop is more than just a dog that follows Franklin and Lamar around town. Chop can spring into action and assist his human partners in a heartbeat when needed.

After completing the missions involving Chop, you can find him hanging out in his cozy little spot in Franklin’s new house in Vinewood Hills. From there, you can play and interact with Chop in several ways, such as taking him for a walk or playing fetch.

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