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Lamar wants to play gangster and he’s taking Chop and Franklin for the ride.

GTA 5: Chop Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Chop is a Rottweiler that stays with Franklin for the majority of Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode. Despite being owned by Franklin’s close friend, Lamar Davis, Chop appears as a companion character for Franklin in some missions in GTA 5.

The first-ever mission where the adorable Rottweiller makes an appearance in GTA 5 is in the Chop mission in-game, where Franklin and Lamar track down a rival gang member named D.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Chop mission in GTA 5 and how you can get a Gold Medal completion for this mission in-game.

Chop Synopsis

Franklin arrives home and makes his way to the front door when his aunt and her friend suddenly walk out of the house. Not wanting to be seen by her aunt, Franklin runs towards the garage area to hide.

image 468

As soon as the coast clears up, Franklin makes his way to the front door, but before he takes a step inside the house, Lamar arrives with his dog, Chop.

Lamar asks Franklin to come and pick something up from around the corner. Lamar insists they walk so they can also talk while going to the place. Along the way, Lamar explains to Franklin that he wants to kidnap D, a rival gang member. Franklin becomes annoyed with Lamar and explains how he doesn’t want to get involved with gang matters anymore.

Lamar convinces Franklin that kidnapping D isn’t what Franklin thinks it is. Franklin does not buy it, but he also doesn’t care one bit about what happens to him at that point, telling Lamar how his death would be good news to his aunt so she can finally get the house.

Lamar, Franklin, and Chop arrive at a white van just around the corner from Franklin’s house. The trio makes their way to one of the alleys on Vinewood Boulevard. Lamar and Franklin proceed on foot to check the area, but it doesn’t take long before they find D on a motorbike talking to a girl.

image 475

Lamar and Franklin wear their bandanas to hide their faces and slowly walk toward D and the girl. After a brief confrontation, Lamar pulls out a gun at D, forcing D to escape from the area. Franklin and Lamar give chase in their white van. However, Franklin isn’t too optimistic about their chances of catching up to D. In a stroke of good luck, D gets T-boned by a bus, forcing him to run away on foot.

image 476

Franklin lets Chop loose to chase after D. The chase leads them to one of the trainyards where Franklin believes D to be hiding in one of the train cars. When Franklin thinks Chop finally has a lock on D’s location, Chop instead gets sidetracked and humps a random dog in the trainyard.

image 497
image 498

The duo eventually gets back on track in their hunt for D. After a quick search, Chop leads Franklin to one of the train cars, and as soon as Franklin opens the car door, he finds D just sitting in it. D runs away when he sees Franklin and Chop, but Chop catches up with him very quickly. Lamar arrives in the same white van while Franklin forces D into the back of the van.

image 499

Franklin drives back to Lamar’s place with D in the back of the van. Lamar pulls up his phone and calls one of D’s friends, telling them they have D as a hostage and want $40,000 in ransom money if they want him back.

Franklin tells Lamar that asking for ransom through a cell phone will lead to the feds quickly tracing their location. Franklin and Lamar have no choice but to let go of D and throw away Lamar’s cell phone.

Annoyed with the turnout and the loss of his phone, Lamar asks Franklin to drive him to the nearby rec center; ending the mission.

image 503

Chop Gold Medal Objectives

image 467

Complete the following objectives to obtain Gold Medal in the mission: “Chop”:

  • Not a Scratch: Complete with minimal damage to Lamar’s van.
    • Use Franklin’s special ability whenever you’re in a pinch.
  • Homedog: Enter Chop’s perspective for 10 seconds.
    • Use Chop’s perspective to find D in the train yard.
  • Advanced Reflexes: Use Franklin’s special ability for 7 seconds.
    • Goes hand in hand with Not a Scratch. Use Franklin’s special ability and stay close to D.

Chop Mission Guide

Walk with Lamar and Chop towards the parked van just around the corner.

image 469

Get in the van and drive to Vinewood Boulevard.

image 471
image 472
image 473

Feel free to watch the cutscenes in this mission. There is no time objective to complete this mission so just take your time.

As soon as the cutscene with D and the girl is finished, run back to the van and chase after the fleeing D.

image 477

Use Franklin’s special ability to close the gap. But save some for D’s last-second J-turns.

image 479
image 480
image 481
image 482

Save some of Franklin’s ability for when D turns and passes through the arcade. Remember to keep the van in good condition to complete the Not a Scratch Gold Medal objective.

image 484

Chase D to the train yard.

image 487

Use Chop as soon as the game prompts you to switch to Chop.

image 488

Hold Chop’s perspective for at least 10 seconds to complete the Homedog Gold Medal objective.

image 490

Open the boxcars to find D.

image 491
image 492

After the first set of boxcars, Chop will get sidetracked. Just follow him and break him and the dog up.

image 495

You will find D in one of the last sets of boxcars. Drive to Lamar’s place after Franklin loads D and Chop in the van.

image 501

Drop Lamar at the rec center.

image 502
image 505

Chop Chop

The Chop mission in GTA 5 is just one of your many encounters with Lamar and Chop in-game. Chop will make appearances in future missions and help with important mission objectives, making him a valuable tritagonist to Franklin in GTA 5.

With Franklin on the wheel, you should be able to complete the Not a Scratch Gold Medal objective. Just remember to use Franklin’s special ability whenever you can. As a bonus, using Franklin’s special ability for at least 7 seconds will help you complete the Advanced Reflexes Gold Medal objective as well. Lastly, stay in Chop’s perspective for at least 10 seconds to complete the Homedog Gold Medal objective.

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