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Franklin makes quick work of Devin Weston’s request.

GTA 5: Deep Inside Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Warning! Major plot/gameplay spoilers ahead.

After the events of Blitz Play, Devin Weston will send the protagonists on a mission to locate and steal several specific vehicles for him. This time around, Franklin is tasked to steal a special car from Richards Majestic Productions.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Deep Inside mission in GTA 5 and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission.

Deep Inside Synopsis

Franklin makes his way to the back of the Backlot movie studio as instructed by Molly. Once he arrives, he gives Molly a call so Molly can give him his assignment.

Franklin’s simple task is entering the movie studio and stealing the JB 700 movie car. However, the task poses a few challenges for Franklin, as only the movie staff are allowed to go anywhere near the JB 700 on set.

Molly gives Franklin a good idea about how to go about stealing the car. Franklin could, for example, dress like the main actor so he can get near the car without anybody noticing immediately. And this is exactly what Franklin does.

As Franklin arrives at the movie studio, he spots the main actor yelling at staff. After the staff walks away, Franklin knocks out the movie actor and drags him to a nearby trailer, where Franklin takes his clothes as a disguise.

With his impeccable disguise ready, Franklin walks into the main set, gets into the car, and drives away as fast as possible from the movie studio. Unfortunately, the main actress was still in the vehicle when Franklin drove off, which complicated things.

With movie security hot on their tails, Franklin attempts to lose security by weaving in and out of traffic. It was not until he used the car’s built-in spike strips that the security was completely dealt with.

Aside from the spike strips, the JB 700 also had an ejector seat built into the car, which Franklin quickly uses to get rid of the annoying movie actress.

With the coast clear, Franklin calls Molly to give her a sitrep. After which, Molly will ask Franklin to deliver the car to Hayes Auto in South Los Santos.

Once Franklin arrives at Hayes Auto, he will be greeted by Devin Weston himself. Lamar will be there, too, much to Franklin’s annoyance.

Devin then tells Franklin how he intends to bring in Lamar for the next assignment. Franklin waves him off and tells him to secure his paycheck.

Deep Inside Gold Medal Objectives

  • Not a Scratch: Deliver the JB 700 with minimal damage.
    • Use Franklin’s special ability when things get too close for comfort.
  • Fastest Speed: Reach top speed in the JB 700.
    • Use Franklin’s special ability to reach top speed.
  • Stealthy Recasting: Knock out the actor with a stealth attack.
  • Premature Ejector: Use the ejector seat within 10 seconds.
    • As soon as the on-screen prompt to use the ejector seat pops up, use it.
  • Second Strike: Run over the actor as you escape the JB 700.
    • Knock out the actor first, then run over him as soon as you are in the JB 700.

Deep Inside Mission Guide

Get inside the compound by climbing up through this small door.

Run towards the left area of the movie studio to find the actor.

You can start walking toward the actor as soon as you hear him arguing with the staff. Remember to walk in stealth mode so you don’t alert the actor.

Perform a sneak attack on the actor to steal his costume. This will complete the Stealthy Recasting Gold Medal objective.

Run towards the car and steal it.

Remember to run over the actor as you drive by his trailer to complete the Second Strike Gold Medal objective.

When you leave the studio, the actress will try to steal the wheel from you. This will cause the car to move erratically. Counter this by spamming Franklin’s special ability whenever the car’s handling goes weird.

As soon as the security cars get close enough, release the spikes; this will cause them to crash.

As soon as the prompt to press the red button appears, eject the actress to clear the Premature Ejector Gold Medal objective.

Drive the car back to the garage marked yellow on the map.

Fast and Furious

You can count on Franklin to complete heist missions involving any driving type. His special ability will come in handy when weaving through traffic and should allow you to complete Gold Medal objectives involving a top-speed run on a particular vehicle.

Speaking of top-speed runs, the Fastest Speed objective will arguably be the most challenging Gold Medal objective in Deep Inside. You need to lose the movie security and weave through busy traffic around Los Santos. All the other objectives are pretty easy to complete. Just remember to run over anyone who tries to stop you from driving out of the Richards Majestic Productions.

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