GTA 5: Doting Dad Mission Guide


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Michael rescues Tracey from a stalker.

GTA 5: Doting Dad Mission Guide

Michael promised to try to change and make it up to his family back in Reuniting the Family, so he couldn’t say no to Tracey’s call for help in Doting Dad.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Doting Dad and how you can complete the mission flawlessly in GTA 5.

Doting Dad Synopsis

Michael gets a call from Tracey asking for help as she is in trouble. Michael asks Tracey if the problem is related to money, drugs, or her mother, but Tracey tells Michael that some guy has been following her around and thinks he is about to do something bad to her.

Tracey tells Michael she is in Vinewood plaza, and the guy has followed her in her car. Tracey asks Michael to drive around with her and talk to the stalker when he shows up.

Michael arrives at Vinewood Plaza and spots Tracey next to her car in the parking lot. Michael leaves his car, gets in, and drives Tracey’s car so they can drive around and look for the stalker.

Tracey informs Michael that they’re looking for a purple convertible, but she does not know the car’s make or model.

The pair drive around the neighborhood for a while to look for the purple car but to no avail. However, while Michael and Tracey talk about her stalker, a purple car suddenly appears, causing Tracey to panic and Michael to take action.

At this point, you can either let the stalker go or kill him. The former will make Tracey happy, while the latter will annoy Tracey. Either way, the mission ends when Michael and Tracey arrive home.

Doting Dad Gold Medal Objectives

Doting Dad is an optional mission and does not have Gold Medal Objectives.

Doting Dad Mission Guide

Head to Tracey’s location, marked blue on the map.


When you arrive at Vinewood Plaza, leave your car and take Tracey’s car.


Drive to the yellow markers scattered around the neighborhood.

8 2

The last marker will be at Yeti. Once you arrive, look behind you to spot the purple convertible.


Get ready to block his car and scare him with gunfire.

10 1

The stalker will leave his car behind and run on foot. Follow him and push him around for a bit.

11 2

Knock him down three times, then leave him alone to run. Drive Tracey home.


Daddy to the Rescue

You do not have to respond to Tracey’s call for help in Doting Dad, as playing this mission is optional and is not required for 100% completion of GTA 5.

With that being said, the dialogue between Michael and Tracey in this mission is worth listening in to, and the chance to bully Tracey’s stalker and watch him run in fear is something that you wouldn’t want to miss.


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