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Franklin and Trevor get to work to retrieve a Z-Type for Devin Weston.

GTA 5: Eye in the Sky Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s job performance back in Blitz play left a very good impression on Devin Weston. After that mission, Devin asked Michael for help retrieving some cars for him in exchange for a meeting with Michael’s biggest idol, Solomon Richards.

The trio has successfully taken two cars for Devin since – an Entity XF and a Cheetah from two trust fund kids. Shortly after the trio delivers both cars, Molly sends Franklin and Trevor out to retrieve a Z-Type from someone called Chad Mulligan for Devin Weston.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Eye in the Sky and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing this mission.

Eye in the Sky Synopsis

Franklin and Trevor get to work immediately after successfully delivering an Entity XF and Cheetah to Devin Weston.

Trevor arrives at the Mission Row Police Station and tells the officer at the front desk that Devin Weston sent him. The officer immediately catches on and tells Trevor to head to the helipad on the roof. Trevor makes it to the roof and rides with the helicopter pilot, waiting for him at the helipad.

image 49

They initially make their way toward Franklin’s location so Trevor can get a good grip on how the Police Scanner works. Trevor scans Franklin and finds out the latter has been arrested for Public Exposure in the past, an arrest that Franklin blames on one of his high episodes.

image 51

Now that Trevor has a good idea of how the scanner works, he and the helicopter pilot head toward the first location. Trevor scans a few people, but none of them has returned a certain Chad Mulligan, so they proceed toward a second location.

Trevor spots Chad Mulligan in one of the buildings in the area and tracks him to find out where he is hiding the Z-Type. As soon as Chad gets to the garage, Franklin arrives to confront him. Unfortunately, Chad manages to escape in the Z-Type, prompting a chase between him and Franklin.

image 65

Chad gets caught in several close calls as he tries his best to run away from Franklin, but with Trevor as Franklin’s eye in the sky, Chad simply has nowhere to run. Franklin eventually catches up to Chad Mulligan as they head west from Del Perro. Chad Mulligan eventually turns into a tight alley at Del Perro and makes his way toward one of the parking complexes in the area.

image 67

Franklin proceeds on foot while Trevor searches for Chad Mulligan using the helicopter’s thermal camera. Trevor quickly spots Chad Mulligan sitting in the car parked in the leftmost area of the parking garage. Franklin was already there as soon as Trevor gave him the details.

image 73

Backed into a corner with nowhere to run, Chad Mulligan exits the Z-Type and puts his hands up as Franklin puts him at gunpoint. Franklin takes the Z-Type and calls Molly to tell her they have successfully acquired the Z-Type. Molly instructs Franklin to drive the Z-Type to Devin Weston’s private hangar at the Los Santos International Airport.

image 94
image 86

Franklin successfully delivers the Z-Type to the hangar, where Devin Weston tries to get into Franklin’s head and tries to turn him against Michael and Trevor. Franklin brushes it off, saying he just wants to get paid for his services.

image 89

Franklin takes one of Devin Weston’s service cars and leaves the airport, ending the mission.

Eye in the Sky Gold Medal Objectives

image 48
  • Not a Scratch: Deliver the Z-Type with no damage.
    • No need to rush since there’s no time objective to complete.
  • Eavesdropper: Listen to 3 conversations.
    • There is no time requirement for this mission, so take your time and listen in on at least three conversations.
  • I See You: Find Chad’s hiding place on the 1st attempt.
    • Chad will be the person on the leftmost of the parking area.

Eye in the Sky Mission Guide

Aim at Franklin and zoom in, and hold the assigned scan button to scan him.

image 52
image 53

After the trial run with Franklin, Trevor and the helicopter pilot fly toward Hawick.

image 54
image 55

You need to listen in on three people to complete the Eavesdropper objective. The first set of targets is the best chance to complete that.

image 56

Zoom in and hold the assigned listen button to listen in on the targets’ conversation.

image 57

The first set of targets won’t include Chad Mulligan. Trevor and the pilot will fly toward the next set of targets.

image 58

Chad Mulligan is located in the lower left part of the neighborhood. Zoom in and scan him to move on to the next objective.

gta5 eye in the sky 1
image 60

Keep Chad in your sights as he makes his way to the garage where the Z-Type is parked.

image 61
image 62
image 63

Franklin arrives to stop Chad, but for some odd reason, Chad gets away in the Z-Type.

image 64

Provide air support for Franklin by keeping the Z-Type in your field of view.

image 66

Chad will eventually run into a parking complex. Franklin will also make his way inside, leaving Trevor outside to help spot Chad using the chopper’s thermal gun.

image 68

First, spot Franklin with the thermal gun.

image 71

After that, pan your camera to the leftmost part of the parking lot. You’ll see a guy sitting in a car like so:

image 72

As soon as Trevor spots Chad, Franklin will be there to hold him at gunpoint. You can choose to kill Chad or let him live. However, doing the latter will cause him to call the cops on you.

You will want to avoid the latter as much as possible. A two-star pursuit will put you at a big risk of damaging the car since the police will try to shoot you down at every chance.

image 93
image 95

Make your way to the Los Santos International Airport. You can take your time since there’s no time requirement.

image 84
image 83

Devin Weston’s hangar will be the first one on the left from the airport entrance.

image 85

After successfully delivering the Z-Type, you can take any car and drive out of the airport. This will end the mission.

image 91
image 92
image 97

Like a Hawk

Franklin and Trevor have surprisingly good chemistry for two people who barely know each other. So far, there has only been one other mission where Franklin and Trevor have taken the spotlight back in Hood Safari with Lamar. In Eye in the Sky, Franklin and Trevor’s expertise in the trade made quick work of Devin Weston’s request.

Getting a Gold Medal in Eye in the Sky is very easy since there are only really three Gold Medal objectives to accomplish. Perhaps the most challenging of the three will be the Not a Scratch Gold Medal objective since you will have to drive the Z-Type to the Los Santos International Airport to deliver it. Use Franklin’s ability if you ever find yourself in a tough spot.

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