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Trevor is getting very close to coming face to face with his old pal.

GTA 5: Friends Reunited Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

After dealing with the O’Neils and blowing up their meth lab to smithereens, Trevor heads to Los Santos with Wade to find out where Michael is and what he is up to.

Before they leave town, however, Trevor receives news that a different chapter of the Lost MC is looking to avenge their fallen brothers. Before the Lost MC could enact their plans, Trevor takes care of the Lost MC himself and deals with the remaining members on their home turf.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Friends Reunited mission and how you can get a Gold Medal to finish this mission in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Friends Reunited Synopsis

Trevor sent Wade to Los Santos back at the tail end of the Mr. Phillips mission to look for a certain Michael Townley. A few days later, while Trevor returned to his trailer, Wade came up to report his findings on the task.

image 331

Wade tells Trevors he is found two people named Michael Townley in Los Santos; one was an 83-year-old man, and the other was at kindergarten – neither matched Trevor’s description of his old friend. However, Wade follows up with information on a particular Michael De Santa who had two children and was married to a certain Amanda.

image 332

Trevor’s eyes lit up as he punched Wade for holding back the information until the last minute. He quickly calls up Ron and asks him to watch over Trevor Phillips Industries while Trevor is out of town.

image 333

Before Wade and Trevor leave for Los Santos, however, the two characters make a quick stop by the Lost MC trailer park, where Trevor plants sticky bombs on several Lost MC trailers and blow up the entire trailer park. Afterward, Wade and Trevor head for Los Santos and stop by Wade’s cousin’s fiancee’s apartment.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Headshots – Kill five enemies with a headshot.
    • Several bikers are around and use suppressed weapons to kill them with headshots to avoid detection.
  • Mystery Gift – Destroy the trailers without being detected.
    • Make sure to kill anybody in sight with a suppressed pistol. Go for headshots to get instant kills and add to the Headshots objective.
  • Unmarked – Complete with minimal damage to health and armor.
    • Avoid confrontation and use your suppressed pistol to take out Lost MC members before they can even think of retaliating.
  • Perfect Gift – Destroy all trailers at once.
    • Plant all the sticky bombs on the trailers marked yellow on the map. Make sure to plant all the bombs first before blowing them all up at the same time.

Friends Reunited Mission Guide

Go to the Lost MC trailer park marked yellow on the map.

image 334
image 335

The main objectives for this mission are pretty straightforward. However, if you want to complete the game with a Gold Medal, you need to consider the objectives; the Mystery Gift objective is challenging unless you know which path to follow around the trailer park.

Upon arriving in the trailer park, quickly switch to your suppressed pistol and take out the Lost MC member in front of you.

image 342
image 338

Make your way towards the left side of the trailer park and eliminate any Lost MC members you see in this area. Aim for their heads to complete the Headshot objective.

Take extra care to avoid being detected by Lost MC members or risk forfeiting the Mystery Gift objective.

image 340

After clearing the trailer park of Lost MC members, start placing sticky bombs on trailers marked yellow on the map.

image 341
image 344

Remember to place all the sticky bombs and detonate them simultaneously to complete the Perfect Gift objective.

image 345
image 346

After blowing up the entire trailer park, go back to Wade and follow the yellow marker on the map.

image 347

You might want to slow it down as you make your way to the next destination, as Trevor will share his life backstory in his conversation with Wade.

image 348
image 349
image 350
image 351
image 352

Lastly, make your way to Wade’s cousin’s place by following the yellow marker on the map.

image 353
image 354
image 355
image 357

Park Trevor’s truck in the small open garage underneath the apartment building.

image 358
image 359

To complete the mission, take the stairs and meet up with Wade’s cousin.

image 360
image 361
image 362
image 366

After quickly getting to know each other, Trevor orders Wade and his cousin to get him something to drink, after which Wade’s cousin’s place will become a safehouse that Trevor can use anytime.

image 367
image 368

Eliminating the Competition

Trevor is getting close to his long overdue reunion with his old pal Michael. Now that the third member of the GTA 5 heist team is in Los Santos, it will only be a matter of time before you see the trio go on their first joint heist mission together.

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