GTA 5: Gauntlet Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Lester needs three Gauntlets for the Big Score. Here’s where to find all three Gauntlets in GTA 5.

GTA 5: Gauntlet Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

The Gauntlet mission in GTA 5 is a series of heist setup mission that is given to Michael, Franklin, or Trevor in preparation for The Big Score. Lester asks the team to locate three Gauntlets and modify them at the nearest Los Santos Customs to suit the mission requirements.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Gauntlet heist setup mission and how you can get a Gold Medal from completing the mission in GTA 5.

Gauntlet Synopsis

After securing the police van that contains spike stripes from the Davis Sheriff’s Station in the previous assignment, the protagonists (whichever protagonist you used to complete the previous mission) will receive an email from Lester saying he needs three modified Gauntlets for The Big Score.

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor can pick up and modify any random Gauntlet they find around town, but Lester will also give the protagonists three locations to make the search easier.

Franklin, Michael, or Trevor must then take each Gauntlet to Los Santos Customs for modifications and deliver them to a designated area.

Gauntlet Gold Medal Objectives

image 648
  • Mapped: Deliver the Gauntlet pictured in the email.
  • Not a Scratch: Deliver the Gauntlet with no damage.
  • Pimped Out: Spend $17,000 modifying the Gauntlet.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Gauntlet Mission Guide

The first Gauntlet can be found on the roof of a parking complex in Pillbox Hill. Take the Gaunlet and drive it to the nearest Los Santos Customs for modifications.

image 625
image 624
image 626

The second Gauntlet can be found in Rockford Hills outside a store named Caca.

image 643

The third Gauntlet can be found in a street in Mission Row.

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image 641

You have to pick up one Gauntlet and take it to Los Santos Customs for modifications. Do the same for the two other Gauntlets after you’ve delivered the first one to the lock-up spot.

image 627

Get the “Gold Preparation” modification, which costs $11,000. To complete the Pimped Out Gold Medal Objective, spend another few thousand on modifications and make sure you end up spending more than $17,000 to complete the objective.

image 630
image 632

Get the Armor and Bulletproof Tires to improve the Gauntlet’s durability.

image 634

With the mods done, deliver the Gauntlet to the lock-up in Autopia PKWY marked yellow on the map.

image 635
image 636
image 638
image 637
image 640

American Muscle

The Gauntlet heist setup missions are very easy to do as Lester gives you the exact location of all three Gauntlets in his email, making the search much faster. The only challenge here is delivering the Gauntlets without any damage, which you can easily do by using Franklin’s special ability. 

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