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Blind your enemies with these awesome KAYO flash lineups on Bind.

VALORANT: KAYO Flash Lineups on Bind

Bind is one of the smallest maps in VALORANT, thanks to the absence of a traditional middle lane that shaved off quite a bit of real estate. Bind’s small size and the presence of the teleporters make it an action-packed map where rotations and bombsite control only take a couple of seconds to complete.

Bind’s fast-paced gameplay requires good teamwork from the Attacking and Defending. A utility such as KAYO’s flash grenade can help a ton on both site entry and defense, but you will need to know how to use the Sentinel-slayer’s blinding grenades effectively if you dominate on Bind.

KAYO Flash Lineups on Bind A-site (Attacking)

If your team decides to go for an A-site take, then you need to take control of A-Short. A-Short provides lanes toward the backsite and, by extension, Defender Spawn, through U-Hall.

However, site entry through A-Short will also be very challenging because of its narrow lane. Expect Sentinels such as Sage, Chamber, or Cypher to plant traps that will easily catch you off guard if you are not careful.

The good news is that you are playing KAYO, and with some help from your EMP Knife and the flash lineup we have featured below, you can disable these traps and pave site entry for your team’s entry with a powerful flash lineup from A-Lobby.

A-site Flash from A-Lobby

  1. Stand between these planks in A-Lobby:

2. Aim for this corner of the roof:

3. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flash grenade:

KAYO Flash Lineups on Bind B-site (Attacking)

Like A-site, B-site offers two parallel lanes for the Attacking team to take advantage of – B-Hooka and B-Garden. If your team plans a B-site take, it’s always best to rush into the bombsite and seize control of the B-site as quickly as possible. Why? Because there’s a teleporter that the Defending team can use to rotate quickly to B-Hooka.

We have featured some quick flash lineups that you can use to rush into Hooka and B-site.

Sands to B-site

  1. Stand along the left edge of these boxes in Sands:

2. Aim for this corner:

3. JUMPTHROW the flash grenade:

B-Hooka Rush Flash

  1. While running into Hooka, simply aim for the middle of this horizontal piece:

2. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flash grenade:

B-Long Flash

  1. Stand on top of this plant in B-Fountain:

2. Aim a little toward the right side of this chimney:

3. Left-click-throw the flash grenade:

KAYO Flash Lineups on Bind A-site (Defending)

KAYO’s utility makes him a powerful Agent on the Attacking or Defending sides on any map in VALORANT – Bind is no exception.

If you are Defense with KAYO on Bind, you can line up your flash grenade and ask your teammate to assume an aggressive position at A-Short or A-Showers. The flash lineups we have featured below pop quickly and will instantly blind enemies in the area.

A-Tower to A-Short

  1. Stand in the middle of this wall in A-Tower:

2. Aim for the bottom of this solar panel:

3. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flash grenade while running forward:

A-Backsite to A-Showers/Baths

  1. Stand in this corner just outside U-Hall:

2. Aim for this tip on the A-Showers/Baths entrance:

3. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flash grenade after running forward a few steps.

KAYO Flash Lineups on Bind B-site (Defending)

Like A-site, you can line up KAYO’s flash to the server as pop flashes for your teammate at B-Garden or B-Hooka. These KAYO flashes will instantly pop as soon as it arrives at the target destination, making it a great long-range pop flash so your teammates can peek aggressively towards B-Sands or B-Long without too much risk.

B-Site to Sands

  1. Stand on top of the middle of the B-site tube:

2. Aim for this corner of the B-Hooka building’s roof:

3. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flash grenade:

B-Site to B-Long

  1. Stand along the left edge of the double boxes in B-site:

2. Aim a little towards the right of the B-Garden roof’s tip:

3. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flash grenade:

A-Cubby to Sands

  1. Stand in A-Cubby:

2. Aim along the middle of the teleporter’s reflection:

3. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flash grenade:

Bind and Blind

The changes Riot Games have given KAYO’s flash grenade back in Patch 5.07 is seen by most players as a nerf. However, the devs have merely adjusted KAYO’s role with the flash grenade mechanic change, turning him into a powerful Agent who can flash for his teammates upon site entry rather than a solo duelist-Esque Agent who uses his utility to seek out 1v1 engagements.

With the lineups we have lined up for you above, you can easily set up powerful flashes that your teammates can use to secure site entry. Just make sure you let them know where and when you are flashing so you do not flash them accidentally.

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