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Underwater wreckage sites hold valuable treasure with a decent amount of cash in GTA 5.

GTA 5: Hidden Packages Location

GTA 5’s waters are probably the least explored aspect of the game, further reinforced by the fact that there are only six underwater vehicles between GTA 5 and GTA Online. In comparison, you will find at least 30 different types of airplanes in GTA 5, and let’s not even get started with the number of land vehicles available in-game.

Nevertheless, the deep waters hide a valuable secret that can make you very rich in a matter of hours in GTA 5. This guide will show you where you can find all the Hidden Packages to collect all the briefcases and enjoy a big payday from these underwater treasures.

What are Hidden Packages in GTA 5

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Hidden Packages are in-game collectibles that contain varying amounts of money in GTA 5. These packages come in briefcases that you can collect in-game. The only challenge is knowing where to find these Hidden Packages and how to approach them (since they are mostly found underwater.)

You will need some scuba gear to get to these Hidden Packages, as most of them are deep underwater within a ship, boat, or plane wreck. So head to the nearest clothing or Ammu-Nation store to purchase one, then take a Dinghy or any of the Submarine/Submersible vehicles in-game and make your way to the treasure locations listed below.

Where is the Briefcase GTA 5 underwater?

There are 12 Hidden Packages just waiting to be found and claimed in GTA 5. 11 of these will be underwater, so you will need a jet ski, a speedboat, or a yacht to approach these locations.

Alternatively, you can pick up the Submarine of your choice and travel to these locations to pick up the briefcases.

  • Altruist Camp Briefcase
image 66
image 67

Note: Only available in the Random Event ‘Altruist Cult Shootout’ with Trevor.

  • Paleto Bay Briefcase
image 43
image 44
  • Ron Winds Alternate Briefcase
image 45
image 46
  • Tataviam Mountains Briefcase
image 47
image 48
  • Palomino Highlands Briefcase
image 49
image 50
  • Murrieta Fields Briefcase
image 51
image 52
  • Banning Briefcase
image 54
image 55
  • Los Santos Docks Briefcase
image 56
image 57
  • Pacific Bluffs Briefcase
image 58
image 59
  • Zancudo Briefcase
image 60
image 61
  • North Chumash Briefcase
image 62
image 63
  • Paleto Cove Briefcase
image 64
image 65

After collecting all the briefcases from all 12 locations above, you should be about $238,500 richer in GTA 5. That’s a lot of money and should save you a couple of days of spamming the cash register glitch in GTA 5.

Treasure Hunting

There is a good reason why Rockstar Games added two underwater vehicles in GTA 5. And while the majority of GTA 5’s waters are nothing but corals and seaweed, the 11 underwater briefcases should give players just enough of an underwater adventure to round out their GTA 5 experience.

$238,500 worth of cash might not be much, considering you can get much more from heists for less time and effort. But, a treasure hunt will always be exciting, and an underwater one is an even more special experience you would not want to miss in GTA 5.

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