GTA 5: Hotel Assassination Mission Guide (Gold Medal)



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GTA 5: Hotel Assassination Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Throughout GTA 5, Lester will send Franklin on missions to strategically eliminate VIPs around Los Santos. By doing so, Lester can manipulate the stock market and milk it for every penny he can for profit.

The Hotel Assassination mission in GTA 5 is the first of many VIP assassination jobs that Lester gives to Franklin. In this mission, Franklin is tasked to take out Bilkinton Research’s CEO, Brett Lowrey at the Von Crastenburg Hotel.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Hotel Assassination Mission in GTA 5 and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission.

GTA 5 Hotel Assassination Synopsis

Lester meets up with Franklin at Vespucci Beach and the pair have a chat about the Life Invader incident that left Jay Norris dead. Franklin is shocked to learn that it was Lester and Michael behind the incident. Despite not believing Jay Norris to be a very good person in general, Franklin believes he didn’t deserve to have his head blown up on television.

Lester expresses his disdain at people like Franklin who try to act like they’re less dirty than they really are. Franklin defends himself by saying he doesn’t mind killing people, but it has to be for a good cause.

Lester explains that he has a few jobs lined up for Franklin which involve killing people for a “good cause”. Lester knows Franklin could use some money, so he offers him the first job – assassinate the CEO of Bilkinton Research, Brett Lowrey.

Lester tells Franklin that Brett Lowrey has been paying off the FDA to continue selling drugs that have been known to give users heart attacks. He wants Brett Lowrey killed so people go back to using Mollis instead of Brett Lowrey’s drugs, bumping up the stock price for BETA Pharmaceuticals in the process.

Lester leaves Franklin to his own devices and entrusts the assassination to him. In the meantime, Lester will make the appropriate investments so they can ride the stock when the price rises after Brett Lowrey is dealt with.

Franklin leaves the area and heads to a parking complex just next to the Von Crastenburg Hotel. He waits until Brett Lowrey exits the hotel before he pulls the trigger. Franklin eventually completes the job and immediately leaves the area before security or the LSPD spots him.

GTA 5 Hotel Assassination Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time: Time taken to complete mission.
  • Sniper Boy: Kill the target using Sniper Rifle.
  • Money Earned: Money earned from the hit.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

GTA 5 Hotel Assassination Mission Guide

Note: Create a save point before starting the Hotel Assassination mission so you can maximize the amount of profit you gain from the stock.

Put some money into Betta Pharmaceuticals before talking to Lester at Vespucci Beach. Simply go to the Bawsaq site on your phone and invest all your money in (BET).

After killing Brett Lowrey, just wait a few days and watch as BET stock rises before selling it off. You can speed up time in GTA 5 by sleeping.

Go to the designated hotel in Rockford Hills marked yellow on the map.

Park your car at the yellow spot in the parking complex.

A countdown timer will show up in the bottom right corner of your screen. This will signal the time you have before the target shows himself.

Switch to your Sniper Rifle, preferably one that has a Suppressor attachment.

While waiting for the Checkout Timer to run down, park your car so that it is facing the south exit. This will help speed up your escape after the job is complete.

The target will be wearing a pink shirt. You can shoot him as soon as he goes out of the Hotel or just wait until he’s seated in the back of the car.

Take your shot, then quickly escape the area.

Market Manipulation

The Hotel Assassination is just one of many assassination jobs between Franklin and Lester. Eventually, the pair will make enough money between themselves but never mentions anything to both Michael and Trevor.

Getting a Gold Medal for completing Hotel Assassination is very easy. You do not have to do anything special to finish the mission, as simply killing Brett Lowrey with a sniper rifle is enough to finish the mission with a Gold Medal.

Lastly, just remember to invest all of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s money into BETA Pharmaceuticals before you start the assassination mission with Lester. The trio can make a decent amount of cash from this investment when the stock shoots up a few days after Brett Lowrey’s assassination.

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