How To Sell Hydra in GTA 5


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Looking to sell your Hydra in GTA 5? Here’s how to do it.

How To Sell Hydra in GTA 5

Jets are some of the most sought-after aircraft in GTA 5 and GTA Online. These military vehicles are powerful weapons of mass destruction and a great way of showing other players how deep your pockets are in-game. (That Acid Lab is raking in the money for you, right?)

The Hydra is by no means a cheap aircraft, and while you should have no problems purchasing the attack jet in-game, selling it is a completely different story altogether.

What is Hydra in GTA 5?

The Hydra is a single-seater Military fixed-wing aircraft based on the British Aerospace Harrier II in GTA 5. The attack jet features VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) capabilities, allowing it to take off and land vertically.

GTA 5 Hydra is a fixed-wing aircraft with VTOL.

Your first encounter with the Hydra in GTA 5 is in the Humane Raid – EMP heist setup in GTA Online. In that mission, you are tasked to steal the Hydra from a ship in the middle of the ocean and deliver the jet to Sandy Shores Airfield to complete the mission.

How to Get the Hydra?

You can unlock the Hydra after you complete the Humane Labs Raid Heist. The specific mission is the Humane Raid – EMP, where you steal a Hydra from a ship in the middle of the ocean and take the EMP device from it.

After you complete the Humane Raid – EMP, the Hydra will become available at Warstock Cache & Carry for $3,000,000-$3,990,000. In addition, after you purchase the attack jet from Warstock Cache & Carry, you can call Hydra Concierge from your mobile phone to have it delivered to the nearest airfield.

How to Sell Hydra in GTA 5?

You cannot sell a Pegasus vehicle in GTA 5. Unfortunately, since the Hydra is a Pegasus vehicle, you cannot sell Hydra after you’ve purchased it.

If you want to remove your Hydra in GTA 5, remove it from your hangar. You can call Pegasus anytime to have the attack jet delivered to your hangar again.

Is the Hydra in GTA 5 Story Mode?

No. The Hydra is unavailable in GTA 5 Story Mode since it is a GTA Online exclusive aircraft that you can only purchase through Warstock Cache & Carry for $3,000,000-$3,990,000.

A screenshot of the P-996 Lazer in GTA V

Still, if you want to fly a jet in GTA 5 Story Mode, your only option is the P-996 LAZER. You can steal the P-966 LAZER from Fort Zancudo for free. However, you’ll have to power through waves of soldiers to get to the hangars first.

Follow our guide on How to Get a Jet in GTA 5 to learn how to enter Fort Zancudo safely and escape with the P-996 LAZER.

Final Thoughts

The Hydra is a costly attack jet that costs $3,000,000 to $3,990,000 in GTA 5/GTA Online. While the Hydra has everything you could ever hope for in an attack jet, it is understandable if you ever want to make a portion of your millions by selling the jet later.

Unfortunately, you cannot sell Hydra after you’ve purchased it in GTA 5. You can remove it from your hangar, but you cannot liquidate the attack jet after buying it from Warstock Cache & Carry.

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