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We’ll show you a few simple ways to get a jet in GTA 5.

How To Get a Jet in GTA 5

You will find multiple types of aircraft in GTA 5. Choppers, charter planes, and even full-size commercial jets await being found and taken in-game.

However, among all the aircraft in the game, the Military Fighter Jet is arguably the rarest and most sought-after. We will show you how to get one in this quick guide.

How to get a Jet in GTA 5

There’s only one way to get a Jet in GTA 5, stealing it from within Fort Zancudo. If you have ever been to Fort Zancudo, you know that getting inside and out alive is no small task.

Getting a Jet in GTA 5 is no easy task.

You will be slapped with a 4-star Wanted Level when entering Fort Zancudo from any main entrances. Military personnel in transport trucks, humvees, and eventually, tanks will go after you making it very difficult to get anywhere within the base safely.

Nevertheless, you can try a few methods to enter Fort Zancudo without alerting the military personnel immediately.

How to get a Jet in GTA 5 using the Off-the-fence Method

As the name suggests, this method requires jumping over the Military Base’s fence using a fast car. You can use rock formations along the fence near the North Chumash freeway.

1. Get a fast car.

2. Head to the North Chumash/Great Ocean Highway shoreline.

Jets can be found in Fort Zancudo in GTA 5

3. Pick up speed and drive along the road leading to the fence.

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4. Look for this flat ramp and drive over it at full speed.

3 10
5 9

4. Once inside, drive toward one of the Jet hangars as quickly as possible.

6 9
Get a jet from the main hangar

5. Fly as quickly as you can away from the base.

Fly the jet away from the military base in GTA 5

6. Enjoy your new Jet.

15 5

Cletus Elk Bug Method

In the mission ‘Fair Game,’ if you leave the mission mid-way and head to Fort Zancudo, the military will not be alerted of your presence.

  1. Replay the Strangers & Freaks mission “Fair Game.”
24 1

2. Once Cletus leaves you to hunt Elk alone, leave the area and head to Fort Zancudo.


A bug will keep you from getting a Wanted Level when entering Fort Zancudo. This will allow you to walk in and take a jet without resistance from the military.

Look for Jets in the hangars in Fort Zancudo

3. If you can find a jet in the base, take it and fly the jet away from the military base.


4. Park it in Trevor’s hangar.


5. Complete Fair Game.

The jet should remain in Trevor’s hangar after you complete Fair Game. Go back to Trevor’s hangar and fly the jet.

Parachute Method

Parachute in so that military personnel do not spot you.

  1. Get a helicopter.
22 2

2. Fly high above Fort Zancudo.

16 5

3. Jump out of the helicopter and parachute toward one of the hangars.

18 3

4. Steal the Jet.

21 1

Invincibility Cheat

If you do not mind using cheats to get a het in GTA 5, you can activate the invincibility cheat and waltz into Fort Zancudo.

  1. Bring up the in-game smartphone (D-pad UP on the controller. Up arrow key on the keyboard)
Use the invincibility cheat to get a jet in GTA 5

2. Dial the following cheat code “1-999-724-654-5537”.

image 120

3. You should now be invincible for 5 minutes.

image 121

4. Enter Fort Zancudo and head for one of the hangars.

19 2

5. Steal the jet.

21 2

For all methods above, you can keep the jet by quickly flying to Trevor’s hangar and parking the jet inside. However, you will lose the jet once you switch to a different hangar vehicle.

Where to find the Jet in GTA 5

The Jobuilt P-996 LAZER can only be found in Fort Zancudo in GTA 5. You cannot purchase the Jet from Warstock Cache & Carry.

There is typically more than one Jet in Fort Zancudto; you can find them in the following locations:

  • Seen along runways within Fort Zancudo
  • Seen flying around Fort Zancudo
  • Seen driving around Fort Zancudo

You can also find some Jets within smaller hangars toward the left of the main hangar.

Get a jet from one of the hangars in GTA 5

You only have a few seconds to play with after you enter Fort Zancudo, so you’re better off heading for one of the main hangars, as these provide the best cover while you board the Jet.

Jetting Away

Getting a jet in GTA 5 can be very challenging, but it is not impossible. You can easily get a jet by activating an invincibility cheat, allowing you to walk into Fort Zancudo’s hangars without a scratch.

However, if you’re firm on not using cheats to get a jet, you can try the Cletus Bug, Parachute Method, or the Off-the-fence method we have featured above.

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