RUMOR: The Last of Us Part III’s Budget will Depend on the Success of the Show



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It’s been a while since the release of The Last of Us Part II, and though we are expecting an updated Factions game, fans have been asking about the possibility of The Last of Us Part III. Conflicting reports have been flying around on the status of its development, but we have a new rumor that says the game’s future could be dependent on the show.

RUMOR: The Last of Us Part III’s Budget will Depend on the Success of the Show

According to, the budget of The Last of Us Part III is said to be dependent on the budget of HBO Max’s The Last of Us series. It’s said that the spiking of sales of The Witcher III after the release of Netflix’s The Witcher were said to influence the decision.

It’s also said that production for the TLOU 3 is currently ongoing, and with the lengthy development, the studio is already looking at a possible release for the PlayStation 6. I mean, it took this long since the PS5’s launch for the console to be available for most consumers, so I think it’s going to be a while before we get a look at the PS6.

Then again, some people think that a PS6 release is possible. With Part I and Part II having six years between both games, what are the odds that the next game in the series should come out six years after 2020 as well. I guess I’m just here thinking the PS5 will last players until 2030.

Personally, I’m just hoping for The Last of Us to follow the emotional arc of the series. I wouldn’t want Naughty Dog to ‘course correct’ after all the players who didn’t understand the point of The Last of Us Part II. Hopefully they’ve learned from what happened with the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

The Last of Us Part III has not been officially announced. Catch The Last of Us series now streaming on HBO Max.

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