How To Use Cheats in Snowrunner


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Here’s how to use money, XP, rank, and content cheats in Snowrunner.

How To Use Cheats in Snowrunner

Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive’s Snowrunner is an off-road simulator game that lets you experience the challenges of driving through harsh conditions and terrain. Snowrunner puts you in the shoes of a truck driver, taking on challenges such as delivering cargo, helping with construction in disaster-laden regions or aiding repairs in less-than-ideal environments.

Money and upgrades are the names of the game, as having the best equipment for the job will help make completing challenges and missions more manageable. With the game being as challenging as it is, getting the best tools for the job will cost a lot of time and frustration.

The good news is you can cheat your way to virtually unlimited money, XP, and rank and even unlock all the upgrades in Snowrunner through a few simple steps. We will walk you through how to do that in this quick guide.

How to Use Cheats in Snowrunner

A screenshot of a truck in Snowrunner wading through a muddy trail.

Snowrunner does not have built-in cheat codes you can punch into an in-game console to add money, experience, or rank, so you can’t cheat the game through traditional means.

If you’re playing on PC, however, you can easily edit your Snowrunner save game file and modify parameters to cheat your way through the game to add money, XP, rank, and unlock upgrades. Unfortunately, since console players can’t modify save files, the cheat method outlined in this guide only covers PC players.

How to Use Money and XP Cheats in Snowrunner

Since Snowrunner does not support in-game cheats, modifying your save file is the only way to add money, XP, or rank to your Snowrunner account. You can do this by swapping out specific values in the CompleteSave.dat/completesave.cfg file in the Snowrunner save file location.

Here’s how to find the save game file and edit it to cheat in Snowrunner.

  1. Locate your Snowrunner Save Game file (default location is %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\storage\, where %USERPROFILE% is your PC’s account name.)

2. look for a folder with a long string of letters and numbers in the location above. Open the folder to find the CompleteSave.dat/completesave.cfg file.

A screenshot of the completesave.cfg file.

3. Once you’ve located the CompleteSave.dat/completesave.cfg file, open the file in Wordpad, and look for the following parameters. Use the Find function (CTRL+F) to locate the parameters faster.

  • “money: xxxx”
  • “experience: xxxx”
A screenshot of the money and experience parameters you can change to cheat in Snowrunner.

4. Change the parameter values to the following:

  • “money: 1000000”
  • “experience: 250000”
A screenshot of money and experience values in the completesave.cfg file.

5. Save, then launch Snowrunner to verify the changes.

A screenshot showing a working money cheat in Snowrunner.

How to Unlock All Upgrades in Snowrunner

You can also modify a slew of values in the save game file to unlock upgrades in Snowrunner. Use the Notepad/Wordpad Find function to search for the “upgradesGiverData” value in the CompleteSave.dat/completesave.cfg save file.

A screenshot of the save file value to unlock Snowrunner content.

Once you’ve located the “upgradesGiverData” value, use the Find function again to look for all the “:0}” values. Swap out all the “:0}” values to “:2}” to unlock all the upgrades in the game.

A screenshot showing the values to change to unlock new content in Snowrunner.

There are a lot of these “:0}” values, so just be patient and swap out each one to “:2}”.

Will I get banned for using cheats in Snowrunner?

You won’t get banned for using cheats in Snowrunner. Snowrunner is a co-op simulation game with unlimited resources, so it is only a matter of time before you unlock all the upgrades and amass money. Modifying your save game file to speed up progress in-game is a common and harmless practice, even among Snowrunner fans.

However, remember that cheating will cause you to miss the novelty of completing exciting challenges in the game. The game’s challenging nature is part of its charm, and spending time completing these can be very rewarding – an experience you will miss if you add unlimited money and bump your XP to max from the get-go.

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Final Thoughts

Snowrunner can give you a great feel of what it’s like to drive different types of trucks through challenging terrain. While it won’t take too long to unlock and drive many of the vehicles featured in the game, you can cheat through the game to unlock content and get unlimited money, experience, and rank by modifying the game’s save file.

Follow the guide above to learn where you can find Snowrunner’s save file so you can modify the save file to get money, experience, rank, and unlock new content.

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