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GTA 5: All Purchasable Properties List

GTA 5 features several properties you can buy after completing specific story mode missions in-game. Purchasing properties in GTA 5 comes with perks and weekly earnings that will fill your bank account with a ton of cash in no time.

In addition, purchasing some of the properties in GTA 5 will give Franklin, Michael, and Trevor owner perks that can make the purchase worthwhile.

We have listed all the purchasable properties in GTA 5 in this guide.

GTA 5 All Purchasable Properties and Businesses List

Below is a list of all purchasable Properties and Businesses around Los Santos and Blaine County, along with their location, cost, weekly income, ROI, and which protagonists can own them in-game.

PropertiesLocationCostWeekly IncomeROIOwner
Car ScrapyardEl Burro Heights, Los Santos$275,000$150 per destroyed vehicle1834 destroyed vehiclesAll
Doppler CinemaDowntown Vinewood, Los Santos$10,000,000$132,20076 weeksMichael
Downtown Cab Co.East Vinewood, Los Santos$200,000$2,000100 weeksFranklin
HookiesNorth Chumash, Los Santos$600,000$4,700128 weeksFranklin or Michael
Los Santos CustomsGrand Senora Desert, Blaine County$349,000$1,600219 weeksFranklin
Los Santos Golf ClubGWC and Golfing Society, Los Santos$150,000,000$264,500568 weeksAny
LSPD Auto ImpoundDavis, Los Santos$150,000$500 per towed car300 towed vehiclesFranklin
McKenzie Field HangarGrapeseed, Blaine County$150,000$7,000 per air mission
$5,000 per ground mission
PitchersDowntown Vinewood, Los Santos$750,000$7,100106 weeks Any
Smoke on the WaterLa Puerta, Los Santos$204,000$9,30022 weeksFranklin
Sonar Collections DockPaleto Cove, Blaine County$250,000$23,000 per nuclear waste collected. An additional $250,000 will be rewarded after collecting all nuclear waste.11 nuclear wastesAll
Ten Cent TheaterTextile City, Los Santos$20,000,000$264,00076 weeksMichael
Tequi-la-laWest Vinewood, Los Santos$2,000,000$16,500122 weeksAll
The Hen HousePaleto Bay, Blaine County$80,000$92087 weeksAll
Tivoli CinemaMorningwood, Los Santos $30,000,000$142,300211 weeksMichael
Vanilla UnicornStrawberry, Los SantosComplete Hang Ten$5,000NoneTrevor

Of the three protagonists, Franklin can own the most properties (4), followed by Michael (3), then Trevor (2).

If you are looking for a property with the quickest ROI in GTA 5, that would be the Smoke on the Water property that’s purchasable by Franklin, with an ROI of 22 weeks.

While the Los Santos Golf Club brings in the most money weekly, the property is also the most expensive purchasable in GTA 5, giving it an ROI of 568 weeks. By comparison, the Ten Cent Theater costs 13% of the Golf Club’s total price and brings in just $500 less income per week.

Property Benefits

As mentioned above, owning some of these properties in-game can give Franklin, Michael, or Trevor some perks.

For example, Franklin can get free taxi rides after purchasing the Downtown Cab Co. On the other hand, if Franklin, Michael, or Trevor have purchased the Los Santos Golf Club, they can play Golf for free and are allowed to wear any clothing they want within the Golf Course.

Other property benefits include:

  • Free vehicle customizations for Franklin (Los Santos Customs)
  • Free drinks and private dances for Trevor (Vanilla Unicorn) Franklin and Michael can touch strippers without risk of being kicked out.
  • Free Tow Truck for Franklin (LSPD Auto Impound)
  • Franklin or Michael won’t attract a wanted level when entering Los Santos International Airport (Airport Hangars)

Real Estate Monopoly

After The Big Score, our favorite protagonists have called it quits and are now enjoying life post-retirement. With the huge amount of money they scored in the last heist, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor should be pretty much financially set for the foreseeable future.

Purchasing any available Properties around Los Santos and Blain County should give the protagonists a steady stream of income that they can use to purchase vehicles, weapons, and other items in GTA 5. With money no longer a concern, here is your chance to indulge and experience all GTA 5 offers post-campaign.

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