GTA 5: A Starlet in Vinewood Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Franklin confronts Peter Dreyfuss about Leonora Johnson.

GTA 5: A Starlet in Vinewood Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

WARNING! Major plot spoilers ahead.

Peter Dreyfuss is a notorious director who made his name in the 70s. After his last work, “Last Will and Testament,” garnered primarily negative reviews, Dreyfuss retired from cinema and hid away from public sight for a long time.

A few years later, Dreyfuss’ name surfaced once again when his former female colleagues accused Dreyfuss of sexual harassment.

He was also guilty of torturing and killing a woman named Leonora Johnson, which he admitted to David Richards through a confession letter.

In A Starlet in Vinewood, Franklin confronts Peter Dreyfuss in his home in Vinewood for his past sins.

We have outlined everything you need to know about A Starlet in Vinewood and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

A Starlet in Vinewood Synopsis

Franklin successfully collects all fifty pieces of the confession letter Peter Dreyfuss wrote to Solomon Richards’ father, David Richards.

After piecing the letter together, Franklin discovers that the person who murdered Leonora Johnson was no other than Peter Dreyfuss.

Franklin heads to Peter Dreyfuss’ house in Vinewood. When Franklin enters Peter’s house, he finds him meditating by the pool in his backyard. Franklin interrupts Peter’s meditation by calling him out. Peter does not respond immediately due to his intense concentration while doing yoga.

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When Peter Dreyfuss comes to, he asks Franklin who he is and cuts him off by telling him he will not read screenplays, wrongly assuming that Franklin was there to become an artist.

Franklin eventually shows Peter Dreyfuss a picture of Leonora Johnson and asks Dreyfuss if he knows Leonora Johnson. Peter Dreyfuss starts to panic and calls for his security, but no one arrives.

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Franklin continues to expose Peter Dreyfuss by detailing his crime. When Peter Dreyfuss runs out of options, he asks Franklin how much money he wants in exchange for being quiet about Leonora Johnson. Franklin tells him he has enough money, prompting Peter to run away from Franklin.

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Franklin chases Peter Dreyfuss out of his house, but it is up to the player to decide whether they let Peter Dreyfuss live with the guilt of his past sins or kill him outright to avenge Leonora Johnson.

A Starlet in Vinewood Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Cut!: Kill Dreyfuss

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

A Starlet in Vinewood Mission Guide

Chase after Peter Dreyfuss.

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Switch to your RRG as soon as you exit the small gate. Don’t let Peter Dreyfuss get away in his SUV.

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Blow up Peter Dreyfuss’ SUV with the RPG. This will ensure you get the Cut! Gold Medal Objective.

image 284
image 285

Fine Detective Work

Franklin finally solves the mystery of Leonora Johnson’s death and exacts judgment upon her killer Peter Dreyfuss.

A Starlet in Vinewood only features one Gold Medal Objective in “Cut!”. You cannot kill Peter Dreyfuss, which will complete the mission all the same.

However, if you want a Gold Medal and complete GTA 5 with 100% completion, you need to chase down Dreyfuss and shoot him down before he can escape in his SUV.

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