GTA 5: The Wrap Up Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Michael and Dave get caught in a firefight at the Kortz Center.

GTA 5: The Wrap Up Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael has had no choice but to do odd jobs for Steve Haines and Dave Norton to keep their complicated past sealed up. Michael saw the Bureau Raid job as his way out, so he made a deal with Steve and Dave to ensure that the Bureau job would be the last job he ever does for the FIB.

With the Bureau job complete, Michael meets with Dave at the Kortz Center to discuss the deal. However, their meeting is cut short when Steve Haines and a few other uninvited guests crash into the party.

We have outlined everything you need to know about The Wrap Up mission and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing this mission in GTA 5.

The Wrap Up Synopsis

Michael arrives at the Kortz Center to meet up with Dave Norton. After completing the Bureau raid job, Michael expects Dave and the FIB to finally cut him loose. Dave turns Michael’s request down, saying that, once again, they have run into a problem.

image 625

Before Dave could fill Michael in with the details, Steve Haines arrives with his right-hand man Andreas Sanchez whom Steve immediately orders the arrest of both Dave and Michael.

Michael exposes Steve by telling him how he knows Steve only wants Michael arrested so he can keep their secret dealings from getting out. Steve pulls a gun on Michael, forcing Michael to pull his gun on Steve as well. Sanchez also pulls out his gun and points it at Michael, but Dave defends Michael by pulling his own gun on Sanchez.

image 626

Dave tells Steve how they were supposed to talk to Michael, not point guns at each other, which poses problems for all of them. But before all four men could lower their guns, groups of FIB agents and IAA agents show up at the Kortz Center to arrest Steve, Michael, and Dave. Just a few moments later, Merryweather agents arrive at the scene as well.

image 628

Steve was shocked when Sanchez snitched on him and called for the rival FIB team. Steve shoots Sanchez in the head, which starts the scramble between all parties. Steve gets shot in the same leg he shot back in the Humane Labs mission. Nevertheless, Steve was able to escape the Kortz Center.

Dave and Michael have no choice but to face hordes of FIB, IAA, and Merryweather agents to escape the Kortz Center alive. Things take a turn for the worst when a few choppers arrive at the scene, making Dave and Michael’s escape a lot more challenging.

image 631

Unbeknownst to Michael, Trevor was also conveniently at the Kortz Center with his Sniper Rifle, which he uses to take down one of the Buzzard pilots. Michael notices Trevor in one of the vantage points in the Kortz Center, where Trevor tells Michael: “If anyone’s gonna kill you, old friend, it’s gonna be me.”

image 632

Trevor, Michael, and Dave all work together to escape the Kortz Center alive. With Trevor’s help, the trio manages to clear the area of FIB, IAA, and Merryweather agents and escape the Kortz Center in one piece.

Dave instructs Michael to let the heat die down before he contacts him again. While Trevor also tells Michael to meet him behind the pawn shop in Morningwood.

image 643

Michael and Trevor meet at the pawn shop at Morningwood. The pair argue for a bit, but Trevor expresses his desire to go on with the Union Depository job. Michael immediately calls Lester to tell him that Trevor is on board. Lester tells them he’ll call them as soon as the mission gets the green light.

The Wrap Up Gold Medal Objectives

image 622
  • Time: Complete within 07:00.
    • Skip all cutscenes.
  • Headshots: Kill 18 enemies with a headshot.
    • Aim for the head as much as you can. When playing as Michael, use his special ability to land those headshots more effectively.
  • Buzz Off: Shoot down the pursuing helicopter.

The Wrap Up Mission Guide

Go to Dave on the top floor.

image 623

As soon as you enter the Kortz Center, keep running straight towards the Bell Building. Take the stairs.

image 624

Skip the long cutscene between Michael, Dave, Steve, and all the other agents. Make your way to the lower floor as soon as you can. Feel free to shoot down any agents that get in your way.

Aim for their heads to complete the Headshots Gold Medal objective.

image 629

The play will immediately switch to Trevor as soon as Michael comes into contact with the first Buzzard. Use his sniper rifle to shoot down the Buzzard pilot.

image 633

Switch back to Michael, and make your way to the ground floor. Shoot any incoming agents in the head.

image 634

When the second chopper arrives, switch back to Trevor and take down the pilot with Trevor’s sniper rifle. This should complete the Buzz Off Gold Medal objective.

image 635

As soon as Michael and Dave are on the ground floor, switch back to Trevor and kill the Agents hiding in one of the balconies.

image 636

Run to the parking lot.

image 637

Deal with the rest of the agents. Remember to shoot them in the head if you haven’t completed the 18 headshots required to complete the Headshot Gold Medal objective yet.

Take one of the cars and drive out of the Kortz Center parking lot.

image 638

At the Rotonda, another chopper will try to take you down. Shoot the pilot down with one of your guns.

image 639
image 640

Drive to Morningwood to meet with Trevor.

image 641

Skip the remaining cutscenes to save time and complete the Time Gold Medal objective.

image 642

That’s a Wrap

Michael and Trevor have called a truce until they complete the Union Depository job. What happens with Michael and his ties with the FIB moving forward remains to be seen.

The Wrap Up is a difficult mission because of the sheer number of FIB, IAA, and Merryweather agents swarming the Kortz Center. Fortunately, completing the Gold Medal objectives should be easy as long as you skip all the cutscenes, focus on headshots, and take down all the helicopters with Michael or Trevor’s special ability.

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