GTA 5: Trevor Phillips Industries Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Negotiations with Tao Cheng are cut short as the Aztecas attempt to take down Trevor and his meth lab.

GTA 5: Trevor Phillips Industries Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Trevor Phillips Industries is the second solo mission for Trevor in GTA 5. This mission comes right after Mr. Phillips and is required to unlock the Crystal Maze mission.

After you have gone through the chaotic yet satisfying first mission with Trevor in Mr. Phillips, Trevor Phillips Industries turns down the Gold Medal objectives difficulty but keeps the same explosive and destructive nature of the first mission to give you a mission fitting for a character such as Trevor.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about the Trevor Phillips Industries mission in GTA 5 and how you can get a Gold Medal completion in the mission as well.

Trevor Phillips Industries Synopsis

Warning: Gameplay/plot spoilers ahead.

Trevor arrives at the Yellow Jack Inn in Sandy Shores, San Andreas, to meet with Tao Cheng, the son of Wei Cheng, leader of the Los Santos Triads.

Their meeting is cut short when Trevor receives news from Chef warning him about the Aztecas and their plan to kill Trevor and destroy his business. Trevor takes Tao Cheng and his translator to the meth lab, offering to give them a quick tour of his business.

Upon arrival, Trevor, Tao Cheng, and Tao’s translator are met by a panicking Chef worried about the incoming Aztecas. Trevor quickly locks Tao Cheng and his translator in a freezer while he and Chef get ready to defend the meth lab against the Aztecas.

After successfully defending the meth lab from the Aztecas, Trevor and Chef head outside to free Tao Cheng and his translator. Tao Cheng and his translator get in a car but not before mouthing off to Trevor about how he is seen more than enough of how Trevor operates his business. Trevor attempts to restart their negotiations, but Tao’s translator firmly declines.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Body CountKill 32 enemies.
    • Shoot all enemies. Before going inside and ending the mission, go outside to the road and destroy the fleeing enemies’ car.
  • Unmarked – Complete with minimal damage to health and armor.
    • Keep cover during the fight.
    • Using hand grenades and grenade launchers will allow Trevor to kill off enemies before they can do much damage.
  • Scrap Man– Destroy six vehicles.
    • Blow up the gas canisters on the west side at the beginning of the fight to blow up the parked vehicles. Use the 40mm to blow up the rest of the Phoenixes at the tail end of the mission.
  • TimeComplete within 4:30
    • Skip the cutscenes.

Mr. Phillips Mission Guide

Start by taking out the incoming Aztecas. Don’t worry about making headshots this time, as the Gold Medal objectives do not require you to land headshots for all 32 kills. Just make sure you kill them all.

Remember to take cover in between shots, so you do not take too much damage.

Do not forget to use the red gas canisters to blow up incoming Aztecas vehicles.

Follow Chef to the other side of the building and deal with the Aztecas on the pickup truck.

Shoot the orange gas tanker. Once it starts leaking, shoot the standing fuel to blow it up.

Follow Chef to the other side of the building and take out the incoming Aztecas. Do not hesitate to use the 40-mil Chef gives you to blow up the Aztecas’ vehicles.

Once you have taken out all the Aztecas, return to Tao Cheng and his translator.

Industrial Accident

Trevor Phillips Industries is one of the shorter missions in-game that takes less than five minutes to complete from start to finish (excluding cutscenes). The objectives for a Gold Medal finish are straightforward and meld well into the general objectives of the mission, such as killing as many enemies as possible and destroying at least six vehicles.

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