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Gulp down that Sprunk to get some spunk back in those legs.

GTA 5: Vending Machine Locations

In previous Grand Theft Auto Games, vending machines used to be nothing more than non-interactive. Players could not use them nor get any drink out of the machine.

It was not until Grand Theft Auto San Andreas came out that players could finally get some soda or snacks from these vending machines. The snacks or drinks, when consumed, can restore a portion of the player’s health in-game.

Successive titles in the franchise have since featured an interactive variation of the Vending Machines first seen in GTA III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. For GTA 5, the Vending Machines make a return and offer a critical benefit that will come in handy when you are in a pinch.

In this guide, we have listed all the Vending Machine Locations around Los Santos, so you will know where to stop by when Michael is feeling a bit light-headed in-game.

Vending Machines in GTA 5

The Vending Machines return in GTA 5 and feature a few different variants that sell varying brands of products.

You can find vending machines such as The Bean Machine, Raine, and Candybox vending machines scattered around Los Santos. These vending machines are non-interactive and only really serve a cosmetic purpose. Nevertheless, you can purchase drinks from either an eCola or Sprunk Vending Machines if you can find them in-game.

image 190

Purchasing drinks from an eCola or Sprunk Vending Machine will restore the player’s health to full. In previous games, players could only get 50% of their health back when buying drinks from these Vending Machines.

Players can purchase up to 10 drinks from the eCola or Sprunk Vending Machine before these machines let out a message that informs the player that the machine has run out of sodas. Walking away a short distance and returning to the vending machine will reset this purchase cap.

Vending Machine Locations in GTA 5

Vending Machines can be found in a couple of locations around Los Santos in Free Roam, while others only appear in missions that feature an indoor setting.

Below are all the Vending Machine locations in GTA 5.

  • Jetsam Terminal, Terminal
image 177
image 176
  • Del Perro Plaza, Del Perro
image 188
image 189
  • Los Santos Transit Stations
image 186
image 187
  • Kortz Center, Pacific Bluffs
image 184
image 185
  • Pleasure Pier, Del Perro
image 181
image 180
  • Ammu-Nation stores with Shooting Range
image 182
image 183
  • BJ Smith Recreational Center, Chamberlain Hills
image 178
image 179

Tap the Lid Before Consuming

Vending Machines can be a quick and easy way of healing yourself back up to total health in GTA 5. Fortunately, there are enough vending machines scattered around Los Santos, so you won’t have to run too far to get your eCola or Sprunk fix.

So, there we have it. We hope you can find all the Vending Machines in GTA 5 with the help of this guide.

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