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Modding has taken GTA V’s single-player mode to a whole new level.

GTA V: 5 Best GTA V Mods on PC

Upon its release nearly ten years ago, GTA V featured one of the longest playthrough times in any single-player game that was out at the time. Of course, almost ten years later, everybody is probably already done with the game’s single-player content.

Fortunately, GTA V’s modding community is always hard at work to deliver fun and unique content to keep the game fresh with new missions, player skins, and improved graphics.

We have compiled the five Best GTA V Mods on PC that you absolutely need to try out for yourself in this article.

How to Install GTA V Mods on PC

Before downloading GTA V Mods on PC, you have to download and install a few prerequisite files to support third-party GTA V Mods.

Lucky you, we have a dedicated article on how to install mods on GTA V, where we guide you through the simple process of installing mods on GTA V. Go give that article a good read, then circle back here to find out our top picks for the Best GTA V Mods on PC.

1. I Am Iron Man

Image credit: YouTube (JulioNIB)

We wanted to start this list off with a bang! And what better way to blow things up around Los Santos than as one of the OG Avengers?

Iron Man Script v2.0 is a GTA V script that lets you suit up as Iron Man. This GTA V Iron Man script comes complete with thrusters, repulsor beams, and all the sights and sounds that come with Tony Stark’s high-tech metal suit.

This mod is going to need a little more effort to install. Trust us, though, it is going to be totally worth it!

2. Music On The Go

Franklin always sported a smartphone of some sort. Surely, his phone should have been able to play some tunes while running around Los Santos.

Unfortunately, players can only get their favorite jam going in GTA V while they are inside vehicles. In an open-world game with a collection of 350 unique vehicles, you don’t have to ride around for hours in the same car.

The Mobile Radio Mod ensures that the headbanging doesn’t stop in Los Santos – even after you exit your car. With this GTA V mod, your tunes will continue playing even when you’re just walking around looking for things to do or running around trying to get away from the five-o.

3. Turning Over A New Leaf

You’ve done nothing but commit crimes around Los Santos for the better part of the decade; it is time you did the chasing.

The guys over at are doing awesome work creating GTA Police Mods for GTA IV and GTA V so that you can turn the entire game’s premise on its face and play as the cops for once.

The mod you want is the LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) for GTA V, which allows you to “engage in high-speed pursuits, hunt-down fleeing criminals, and shoot it down with armed robbers” around Los Santos.

The mod offers superb customization options as well, allowing you to “swap out police cars and create custom police agencies” so that you can become the best cop in Los Santos.

4. More Fleshy, Less Jelly

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Image Credits: MiGGousT via gta5-mods

We all know how hilariously unrealistic the Euphoria-based ragdoll physics are in GTA V. Fortunately, the Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul mod fixes most of these problems.

The Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul mods bring much-needed improvements to how NPCs/pedestrians deal with changes to their equilibrium.

For example, when NPCs/peds get shot, the “peds will try to stop the bleeding by covering the gunshot wound with their hands.” Blunt weapon trauma? “Peds will try to hold on to where they are hurt and try to balance at the same time.”

It’s amazing how much more detailed the NPCs react to various stimuli in-game with the Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul mod applied. The Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul is definitely a must-have mod for GTA V.

Note: You will need to download OpenIV to install this mod. We’ll make a dedicated tutorial for that one soon. Visit the PlayerAssist website regularly so that you don’t miss it!

5. Vehicles… for bullets?

Shooting guns is fun, and launching rockets is exciting, but have you ever tried firing… vehicles?

Games are undoubtedly an awesome way to detach yourself from the hardships brought about by everyday life – GTA V is an addicting copium for this purpose. In GTA V, beating up a few peds and blowing up a few police helicopters is an instant stress-reliever that many players spend a ton of time laughing their lungs out on a regular basis.

Take carnage to the next level with GTA V’s Vehicle Cannon 2.0 mod.

As the name suggests, this mod allows you to shoot vehicles instead of bullets out of your weapons. The result is an absolutely chaotic yet hilarious Los Santos that will give the word traffic a whole new meaning.

Final Thoughts

There are probably hundreds of fun and interesting mods out there that will allow players to add fresh content to the now almost decade-old action-adventure game. We’ll keep adding new and updated top mods every now and then, so watch out for those!

GTA V’s mod-friendly nature opens up a whole new world of possibilities for its loyal fans. The amount of custom content should be enough to keep fans busy for another few years until the newest Grand Theft Auto game comes out in 2023.

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