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GTA V Roleplaying takes online open-world gameplay to another level.

GTA V: How to Join and Play in GTA V Online Roleplay Servers

Roleplaying is undoubtedly one of the most popular trends ever to hit the ultra-popular action-adventure game, GTA V.

GTA V Roleplay Servers allow GTA V fans to socialize, interact, and live out their characters’ daily lives with other players in Los Santos without the restrictions and limitations of GTA V’s single-player Story Mode.

In GTA V Online Roleplay, players can start a burger joint, go on a heist, or live life as an NPC – the type of Roleplaying server you join and its rules are the only limits.

If you are bored of messing around with single-player mods in GTA V, it is time to dip your toes into the Online World of GTA V Roleplaying.

Why is GTA V Online Roleplay So Popular?

No man is truly an island – this is the main reason why online games have taken the gaming industry by storm.

Humans crave interaction and socialization with other human beings. Our ability to communicate, interact, and share ideas with other people makes us feel truly alive. It is, without a doubt, the very same reason and driving force behind the insane popularity of GTA 5’s Online Roleplay.

The increasing accessibility of game-streaming and the rising popularity of streamers also lent a hand in the GTA 5 Online Roleplay craze.

GTA V Roleplay gave fans a way to join in on their favorite streamers’ GTA Roleplay servers and participate in the madness and fun on these servers. Not only can fans take on unique roles and activities with a certain community online, but they also get to hang out with their favorite internet personalities.

With hundreds of popular gaming streamers these days, with up to a thousand followers, it is not difficult to see why GTA V Online Roleplay has become so popular.

After all, playing GTA 5 Online with ‘real’ players will always be 10x better than playing with lifeless NPCs in GTA V’s single-player mode.

How to Join and Play in GTA V Online Roleplay Servers

FiveM is the most popular standalone Roleplaying client for GTA V. To play GTA V Online Roleplay, we have to download and install the FiveM app.

How to Download FiveM

  1. Open your web browser and type in in the search bar:

2. On the website homepage, click on the big red ‘Download Client’ button:

3. Read the Terms of Service, then click the ‘Sure, I Agree!’ button:

4. Launch the FiveM app and wait for the update to finish downloading:

5. After the FiveM app finishes downloading the required files, the app will ask you to navigate to your GTA V root folder:

6. If FiveM prompts you to update local game data, click on ‘Yes’:

7. FiveM will start downloading the required game files:

8. After FiveM finishes downloading the game files, launch FiveM once again: (if it does not launch automatically)

9. Create a account to continue:

10. Done!

How to Join and Play in GTA V Online Roleplay Servers through FiveM

Once you have successfully installed FiveM, all that is left is to join the GTA V Roleplay server of your choice:

  1. Start by clicking “Play” on the upper right corner:

2. Choose from over a hundred Roleplay and custom online servers from the list:

3. Click on ‘Connect’:

4. Your chosen server might require some prerequisite files, which FiveM will automatically download:

5. Make sure you give the server rules a good read!

6. Done!

Roleplaying Fun

There are hundreds of servers to choose from in GTA V Roleplaying servers, each with its unique world, roles to play, and rules. However, remember to play by the servers’ rules so you do not get kicked or banned from the server.

That is about it! We hope you found this guide on joining and playing in GTA V Online Roleplay Servers useful!

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