Guide: How Does PSVR Work on PS5? PS4 Camera, Adapter, and Accessories Required


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PlayStation VR, or as we’ve come to call it – PSVR – has been with us for four years now. It’s a great headset and these days it’s really cheap. What’s more, is that you’ll be able to use the PSVR with the PS5 at no additional cost. But there are some questions, and I’m going to sit here and answer them for you. Honestly, though, while the words down below are informative, you’re best off watching the video embedded up above for a few minutes of crap jokes.

Guide: How Does PSVR Work on PS5? PS4 Camera, Adapter, and Accessories Required

Which PSVR games work on PS5?

At this moment in time, Sony has stated that just 10 PS4 games do not run on PS5 – and that’s from a library of over 4000. Of those 10 are two PSVR games, and one of them is one of my absolute favourites – Robinson: The Journey. The other is DWVR. While it’s true that they won’t run on PS5 now, the developer of DWVR has said that a patch is in the works to get the game running on PS5. So, it’s just one game that won’t work.
Bear in mind that this number could change as new PSVR games are released for PS4. I imagine that most developers will be forward-thinking enough to make sure that the games they’re creating today will work on the console of tomorrow, but there’s always one isn’t there. It’s also possible that Robinson: The Journey could be patched to run on PS5, but there’s no guarantee.
So, all of your current PSVR games will work fine on PS5, unless your library consists of just DWVR and Robinson: The Journey…

Is there a new PSVR headset for PS5?

Nope. The current model of PSVR will be used for PS5, at least for the time being. Sony has not announced a PSVR 2 just yet, though it is expected that we’ll get another PSVR headset within the next couple of years. Your current headset is just fine for playing PSVR games on PS5.

Will the PSVR Aim controller work on PS5?

Yes! That expensive plastic gun will be supported on PS5 for PSVR games that use it. So, Firewall Zero Hour will continue to live on and make my life an utter misery even on PS5. Fantastic…

Will the PS Move controllers work on PSVR for PS5?

The PlayStation Move wands will still be required to play PSVR games on PS5, in games that require them. If a game does not need them, you don’t need to use them. If a game needs them, you will need them. It’s really that simple…

Can DualShock 4 be used for PSVR on PS5?

The PS4’s DualShock 4 will be supported on PS5 for PSVR games that require it, so you should probably make sure you keep one or two spares if you’re going to be playing PSVR games on PS5. The DualSense controller will not work with PSVR games designed for the DualShock 4.

Are there new PSVR controllers for PS5?

No, not yet at least. It is expected that Sony will release a PSVR 2 at some point in the next couple of years, and with that headset, we’ll likely see a new tracking system and new controllers. There’s a chance, mind you, that these controllers could be released before the PSVR 2 with some compatibility with the original PSVR and its games. There’s no official word on the matter and that is just a guess from me, but I think it would be a great little earner for Sony, and a welcome move from PSVR owners sick of the PS Move wands.

Do I need a new camera for PSVR on PS5?

No, you don’t. If you already own a PSVR headset, then you’ll already have the PS4 camera. This camera will be compatible with the PS5, though you will need to use an adapter to make the camera work on PS5. The good news is that this adapter is included in the PS5 retail box, meaning you won’t have to spend any extra to get your PSVR running on PS5. The new camera is not compatible with the PSVR, so you will need an original PS4 camera. [Update: It looks like I got a little ahead of myself with this one and mis-read the official line from Sony. There’s no official confirmation that the adapter will be included in every PS5 retail box. This was a misunderstanding by myself. Still, it would make sense, wouldn’t it?]

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