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Every agent needs a helping handler.

So you’re stuck on I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar. It’s OK. It’s a puzzle game so you’re bound to hit some roadblocks. That’s what this handy I Expect You To Die 2 guide is for – to help you beat each and every level.

Guide: I Expect You To Die 2 Complete Walkthrough

Below you will find a guide or each level in written form with helpful images. There’s also a video for each level if you would prefer to watch how to beat the game. Or you can just watch the complete guide and see the entire game done from start to finish.

Level 1 – Operation Stage Fright

  • First, put on the headphones that are lying on the table. This will allow you to hear the audio cues from the lady in charge.
  • Using your telekenisis implant, grab the miniature shield and crossbow from over on your left side. Bring them to your desk and either leave them hanging in mid-air for easy access later on, or place them within easy reach on your desk.
  • Over your left shoulder is a small box mounted on the wall. On top of it is a trophy. Grab it, and then put in the code: 2112. The door will open and you’ll be able to grab the butane gas cannister from inside. Place this within easy reach in front of you. You’ll need it later.
  • Go into the top drawer on the left hand side of the desk. You’ll find a notepad, three darts (which are useless) and a key. Grab the key and use it on the third lever on your right hand side. This will unlock the level switch and allow you to pull up the stage curtains when the time is right.
  • Pull the first two levers to the down position and then pull the ropes to line up the lights and the banners, as per the intructions on the clipboard. Once they’re in position, stick the lever back to the up position to lock them into place.
  • Raise the clock by pulling the big handle on your desk, and then change its colour by tweaking the dials on the instrument that sits on your desk. Push the R dial all the way up and push the other two all the way down to turn the clock red.
  • The light bulb on your desk will turn on to indicate it’s showtime, so turn to your right and start pulling the third rope to raise the curtains. Once they’re raised, pull the lever to lock them into position. The lever will snap, but don’t worry about this – it doesn’t serve any purpose other than to make you think it serves a purpose. Sneaky sneaky.
  • Push the light switch on the big instrument to the left position, and then John Juniper will enter the stage and start talking.
  • From here, you can follow the cues to let the show continue as planned, or you ruin it right away by pusing the wrong audio cue on the big instrument on your desk. Do the latter if you want it done quickly.
  • Once the show has been “ruined” the mask will lower from above and disperse poison gas. Use your telekenisis abilities to pull open the blue hatch on the left side of the gas delivery system. Then pull out the cannister and replace it with the butane gas.
  • The mask will now breathe fire and enemy agents will appear.
  • On the right hand side you’ll get shot at by an enemy on a balcony. Use the mini-shield to block the darts, then pull the darts off your shield and use them with your mini-crossbow to take out the agent.
  • An enemy will appear from the door below you. Either use a dart that you’ve saved, or wait until the enemy agent throws their bomb. Return to sender to take out this baddie.
  • This part is a little more tricky as an enemy will appear up above to throw a grenade while an enemy will appear from your left to shoot you with darts. Block the incoming shots while you take care of the baddie up above, and then take out the guy on your left to complete the level.

Well done, agent, you’ve completed the first level in I Expect You To Die 2.

Level 2 – Operation Jet Set

  • Pull the level on the seat opposite you to recline the chair and reveal the battery node on the cabinet behind it. Grab this node and bring it to your table.
  • On your table is a little white button. Push this to bring the food cart your way.
  • The food cart arrives and you need to put in a code to get the grub you want. Only this airplane food is deadly so you won’t actually want any of it. The clues on the in-flight menu are decoys – the real clue is on a postcard hidden behind the John Juniper picture on the right side of the room.
  • Grab the shiney metal trays and have them ready to reach.
  • Punch in any four-digit code to acitivate the security procedures – lasers!
  • Hold up the metal trays to deflect the lasers back at their origin to destroy them. There’s one behind the John Juniper picture, another is above the second window on the right hand side of the craft, and the last is on the reclining seat. if you did step one, you won’t have to worry about this one, but it’s best to put it out anyway.
  • Once the lasers have been destroyed, move you attention back to the food cart and put in the code “1313”.
  • A door on the left side of the cart will open and it’ll reveal a mask. Grab it and put it on. It’ll be useful soon. There’s also another node under the mask, grab this and keep it safe.
  • The cupboard under the John Juniper picture has another battery node, open it up, grab the battery and bring it over to your desk.
  • Look over your right hand shoulder and you’ll find the fourth and final battery. Grab it, keep it safe with the others – you’ll need it soon.
  • Once you have all of the batteries, look over to your right side again and you’ll see five books – four blue, one red. Using your telekinetic powers, pull the red book to reveal the secret stuff hidden in the sofa.
  • The sofa will flip up and you’ll have a circuit board of sorts. But before we play with this, pull the handle on the bottom to reveal Juniper’s secret stash of cash, booze, an oxygen mask, and a gadgety thing. Grab the mask, put it on, and grab the gadgety thing and keep it somewhere safe.
  • You need to put the batteries in the right places. Refer to the image below, taken from our video guide.
  • Once you’ve completed the puzzle above, the sofa will flip open a new screen and on the left-hand side, you’ll see the Radio Signal Jammer button. Hit this to re-establish communications with your very stressed boss.
  • You’ll be told that you need to redirect the plane to another location – send the plane to Lisbon Agency Airstrip. If you failed geography in school, refer to the image below.
  • A missile will now be launched to take out the plane – the natural thing to do is press the ‘Activate Defenses’ button. Do it. It won’t work… You’ll now have to listen to the instructions of your handler as he tells you how to reboot the defence systems.
  • Look to your left and you’ll see a panel has opened on the wall. Look down at your table and you’ll find two dials. Listen to you handler and he will instruct you to press a couple of buttons. You need to press the upwards triangles, so the first and third buttons.
  • Now you’ll have to work on the table. First, turns the left dial and you’ll open the table up to show a control panel.
  • Place one of the cartridges in the top left slot.
  • Next, you’ll push the dial up to number 6.
  • Place the remaining cartridge in the slot directly under the the on you’ve already placed.
  • Now look back at your table and turn the second dial to open up another secret compartment on your table. Once this is open stick that gadget thingy from Juniper’s sofa stash into the slot.
  • You’ll need to set all the needles on the device to sit inside the green zones on the readout. Twist the knobs and you’ll find the solution really easy.
  • Your handler will then tell you that they need to be set to black, so reverse the process.
  • You’ll then go back to the left side of the table and move the dial down to the second notch
  • Next, you need to go back to the panel on the left side wall. Turn the red hinge to open a second panel of switch, then flip the second and third switches.
  • Now, look out of the window on your left and you’ll see a sliding door has partially opened on the wing of the plane. You need to smash the window and then use your telekenisis ability to pull open the sliding panel so that the anti-missile defence system can pop up and take out the incoming missles.

Well done, agent, you’ve completed the second level in I Expect You To Die 2.

Level 3 – Operation Eaves Drop

  • Wait a few seconds and you’ll get a torch dropped down from above. It’ll land directly in front of you. Pick it up. It has no other use other than to make it easier to see.
  • To turn off the security laser system, look down to your left and pick up the orange ball off the shelf, then move it carefully through the grid, and then place it on the hand statue on the left hand side of the stuffed bear.
  • Once the laser grid has shut down, use the winch system to lower yourself down to the ground level.
  • You need to open the desk. On the right hand side there are three drawers. Pull them all open, but only unti you see a red square. Do this right and you’ll hear the click of the desk opening.
  • On the right hand side of the desk is a small blade. Pick it up.
  • On the left hand side of the desk are two drawers. Open the bottom draw slowly, and only open enough to slip a blade through. You’ll notice there’s a cord on the inside. Use the small blade to cut this cord to disarm the booby trap.
  • Open the drawer fully and you’ll find a chisel-like tool. Take this to the right side fo the desk and you’ll be able to put the handle-end of the tool into the square hole. This will open the little door.
  • Once the door is open, take the chisel back and use it to unscrew the back wall. You’ll find a dial. Remember where this dial is.
  • Sit back up and look up above the desk. There are three wheels. Grab the one with a handle and then bring it to the desk.
  • You’ll notice that on the desk is a small sliding door. Open this to reveal a gear mechanism.
  • Take the wheel you’ve pulled down from the wall and place it on top of this opening and then turn the wheel to open up another section of the desk that comes out of the top.
  • On the left side of this new section is another door. Open it up and take the tool hidden behind the file.
  • Use this new tool to open the draw on the left side of the desk – the one on the left side of the symbol piece in the middle. There will be a note and a dial. Remember where this dial is.
  • Grab the blade tool you used earlier and direct your attention to the cupboard on the lower left hand side of the desk.
  • Use the blade’s handle side to act as a key to open the door.
  • Pull it open and you’ll find a couple of other drawers inside. Open the top one to get the wire cutting tool.
  • Now, look down at the bottom of the drawer and you’ll see some files and a dial.
  • Remember the other dials? Turn the dials until the middle section of the desk looks like this.
  • The door will open and you’ll find a mask inside. The mask will open up and reveal a collection of wires.
  • The agency will drop down a tracking device from above – grab it and keep it safe (I actually lost the damn thing on my first playthrough…)
  • Remove the battery on the left side of the mask.
  • Use the wire cutting tool to snip the red wires on the right side of the mask.
  • Remove the square piece and then pop the tracking device underneath.
  • Place the red square piece back into position.
  • Look back up at the wall behind the desk and you’ll spot a gun of sorts. Use this to reconnect the red wires.
  • Place the battery back into the left side of the mask. It will now close.
  • You’ll be disturbed by the sound of a security guard on the floor above. You need to grab the mask and put it on. Then you need to look up at the top of the desk and you’ll see a grey box with a dial and some stickers. Turn the dial to the first dial “default: me”.
  • You can then look up at the guard, gesture to him – whatever. He will think you’re The Fabricator. He will apologise and then leave.
  • Take the mask off, put it back, and then winch yourself up out of there.

Well done, agent, you’ve completed the third level in I Expect You To Die 2.

Level 4 – Operation Party Crasher

  • Don’t wait to be told! Grab two glasses from your right hand side. The glasses you’ll need are the second set down from the top. Grab these and stick them in the lift.
  • Look over to your left and you’ll see a bunch of wine bottles across the room. Grab the one with a tag hanging off the top of it. If you’ve grabbed the right one, it should say “LAST BOTTLE Be careful!” on the tag. Place this in the lift alongside the glasses. Do it quick enough and you’ll have everything in there before the lift automatically goes up. Handy time-saving technique.
  • Juniper will then ask you to send up a new mimic mask. He will send the lift down and inside will be a key. Grab it.
  • Along the wall you’ll see a ladder and five wine barrels. Take the key and place it into the keyhole on the fourth barrel (counting from left to right.)
  • A giant axe will appear on the ceiling. Don’t worry… Yet.
  • Look back at the barrels and then turn off barrels three and four. This will send the deadly axe back up into the ceiling and it’ll open the secret door behind barrels four and five.
  • Grab the middle mask from the top shelf – the white one – and then place it in the lift and send the lift up to the ballroom.
  • Next, grab the red mask from the the shelf directly underneath where you grabbed the mimic mask. Put it on. It looks good on you.
  • With the mask on, you’ll be able to see hand and footprints. You’ll notice a handprint on the secret door area. Press it and a red button will be exposed. Press the red button to bring up the panel on your table, but don’t press anything there just yet. It’s time to do some prep work.
  • Look over to the left hand side of the room and you’ll see a huge barrel with a couple of swords stuck into the middle section. Remove these swords.
  • Above the barrel is a selection of swords and you need to grab the second and sixth swords and place them into the metal thing on the front of the barrel.
  • This will cause a handle to pop out of the left hand side of the barrel. You can grab this now and open the secret door. This is prep for later.
  • Now, back to your little table. On the left you’ll have a switch and the word “MAP”. Flip this switch to bring up the map, then turn the dials labelled “Alarms” and “Sprinklers” and then punch the buttons lablled “Front” and “Rear”.
  • Now, back at the “MAP” section of your control panel, turn the dial to change the map to see the second floor.
  • You should see Juniper and the Guards on the map. As each guard enters a room with a Knight symbol, turn the dial on the right hand side to correspond with the room they are in. Then push the lever to release gas and knock the guard out. Do this for each of the guards that ventures into a room.
  • You’ll notice one guard is on the balcony and won’t move. Send the lift up to the billiards room and then press the bell. This will bring in the guard and you’ll be able to gas him. But don’t stop – keep pushing that gas lever until the meter shows it as empty. This is vital. You need to use up all of the gas on the last guard. Do it on the others and you’ll be exposed.
  • Juniper will send the briefcase down in the lift. Grab it!
  • Guards will show up at the door and you’ll be rumbled, but it’s OK. A guard will try to shoot you – block the shot with the suitcase.
  • Next, a grenade will be thrown into the room. Grab it using your telekenisis skills and move it into the big barrel on the left hand side of the room.
  • Close the door, quickly!
  • Boom. The grenade will explode and you will be home free to die another day.

Well done, agent, you’ve completed the fourth level in I Expect You To Die 2.

Level 5 – Operation Safe and Sound

  • Take the knife from in front of you and use it to jimmy open the second draw on your right hand side.
  • Open the draw and you’ll find a notepad, a lighter, an electric drill, and an attachment for the drill.
  • Take the drill and and attachment and combine them.
  • Take the lighter and use it on the agency logo in front of you.
  • The room will be revealed as a set and the wall and ceiling will be pulled away while a laser trap keeps you in place.
  • You’ll see Juniper up in the room ahead of you. You can sit and listen to his evil monologue, or you can wave an object in front of the glass and he’ll skip to the part where he tries to kill you.
  • On the left side of the glass where Juniper stands is a walkway with a rocket system. In front of you on the ground is a deathray laser. You need to disable both.
  • Take any object and wave it around and you’ll notice that the laser-guided motion-sensor missles will follow your object. Take something, like the plate from your desk, and wiggle it around in front of the deathray laser. If done right, the missile will smack into it and disable the deathray laser.
  • Get another object – quickly – and wiggle it above the rocket system to have it disable itself.
  • The rocket system will fall down to the ground in front of you, and you’ll find a battery is on the debris. Grab it and attach it to the electric drill you found earlier.
  • Look on the floor in front of you and you’ll find the deathray laser – grab this and keep it safe.
  • Use your electic drill to open the small door above you, exposing the heat level of your laser prison. You need to get it to overheat. But how?
  • Take the attachment off the drill and replace it with the deathray laser. Now this is a little tricky…
  • Look over to the left in front of the trailer/caravan and you’ll see a little stand with two yellow arrows. Press the buttons until the red, gold, and black flag is shown behind the podium on the right hand side of the buttons.
  • Now, look way over to the right and you’ll see a mirror that can be interacted with using your telekinisis abilities. Pull it up so it’s standing straight.
  • Now, direct your deathray laser beam at the mirror inside the trailer/caravan and it should richochet to the other mirror and then to the reflective flag behind the podium, and finally to the box above your head. If all goes to plan, it will overheat the laser system and you’ll be free.
  • Your boss will come back in over the radio and he’ll ask you to signal your location. Look up at the catwalk and use your deathray laser on the box and the film camera to destroy them, revealing the water tower in the background.
  • Use the deathray laser on the water ower and that’ll be another mission accomplished.

Well done, agent, you’ve completed the fifth level in I Expect You To Die 2.

Level 6 – Operation Rising Phoenix

  • In the lobby, grab a blue ticket that says “A7” on it. You’ll find it on the right hand side toward the back of the pile.
  • Take the ticket and place it into the ticket slot inside the elevator and press the number “32”.
  • The elevator will get shot at and you’ll stop before reaching your destination. You’ll stop at a floor with a red utility cart. Grab the screw driver and the wire cutting tool.
  • Next, open up the door on the utility cart to reveal a couple of keys. Keep the small one handy and use the big one on the door above you inside the elevator.
  • Next, grab the fire extinguisher from the left side of the room.
  • Use the blue screwdriver to remove the four screws on the broken elevator panel.
  • Once you’ve done this, grab the fire extinguisher and keep a hold of it.
  • Pull off the panel and a bomb will fall down in front of you, breaking and setting fire to your elevator. Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire.
  • Now use the wire cutters to snip the black and red wires inside the elevator panel. Do NOT touch the sparking thing in the middle. You’ll need this later.
  • Once you’ve cut the wires, the elevator will drop a little bit, revealing another room with a control panel and some screens showing the captive world leaders.
  • Use the small key from earlier and use it to unlock the small metal box on the left hand side of the control panel – the one with an exclamation point inside a triangle on a yellow background.
  • Open the box and pull the level down to free the prisoners. You’ll also notice a door opening just to the left of the lever.
  • Grab the red box and bring it up into the elevator.
  • Look back down to the bottom room and you’ll see a guard hat and a cattle prod on the right hand side of the screens. Grab the cattle prod and bring it into the elevator.
  • With the red box placed in front of the elevator panel, grab the black wire and attach it to the tip of the cattle prod that has a black band on it. Then grab the red wire and attach that to the other prong.
  • Use the cattle prod to charge the big red battery pack.
  • Next, take the red cable from the battry pack and attach it to the red cable on the elevator panel, and the black cable from the battery pack onto the black cable on the elevator panel.
  • The lift will restart and it’ll start to move upwards again.
  • Oh no, there’s a mechanical saw cutting the elevator cables. What to do! Grab that sparking thingy from the elevator panel.
  • Pull down the little door with a ‘Z’ on it, and then hold the sparking thingy up to the control panel. Wait a few second and it will explode, disabling the saws.
  • You’ll travel up to the top where Juniper is doing his evil monologue. Before he notices you, open the box on the right hand side of the walkway and pull the lever down to cause Juniper’s platform top open and leave him hanging from the edge.
  • Juniper’s suitcase will fly out of his reach. Grab it from the right side platform and bring it to your area.
  • On the left, you’ll find another blue screwdriver, just in case you didn’t bring your old one with you…
  • Now, open the suitcase and prepare to solve some puzzles.
  • The timer says that you have ten minutes. You don’t. That timer jumps down by a couple of minutes each time you solve a puzzle, so no dawdling around.
  • The first puzzle on the top left that says “CONFIRMATION” on the bottom is the easy one. Pull open the door and you’ll find dials on the back. Turn them into the positions shown in the image below.
  • Next, the bottom right where it says “TARGETING” is perhaps the easiest to complete. All you need to do is move the little knob around and make sure it passes each right dot once to turn them all blue.
  • And finally, the trickiest part. The one on the left hand side – “ENCRYPTION.” Use the blue screwdriver to remove the top panel.
  • I’ll be honest with you… I just smashed every button in desperation, but by looking back at my recording in slow motion, I can tell you the order in which I smashed the buttons to succeed.
  • There are six buttons in total, and we’ll number them 1 through 6. Look at the image below and then punch the buttons in the following order: 6-4-5-3-2-5-2-1-4-3-5-2-5-1-4-2. Convoluted? Definitely, but it’s better than nothing. You could just try smashing random buttons and see if you can do it quicker.
  • You’ll then need to press the “Abort Launch” button on the top right of the briefcase.
  • Oh no, low power! What to do! The unit will open up and reveal a place to attach the red and black power cables you are currently using to power the elevator. It’s you or the world, agent… Take those cables and make your momma proud.

Well done, agent, you’ve completed the sixth and final level in I Expect You To Die 2.

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