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Valorant is a relatively new FPS game introduced in 2020 but managed to take the world by storm. It has become one of the top FPS multiplayer games alongside CS: GO and Call of Duty: Warzone. Valorant stands out because, aside from the typical FPS concept and mind games, the Agents are equipped with different and dynamic abilities that can change how this game is played. But at the end of the day, Valorant is still a first-person shooter game. You will need to shoot, and knowing your arsenal of weapons by heart will let you shoot with confidence.

How to Use Valorant Weapons — SMGs

The weapons in Valorant are divided into six types. There are five sidearms, two SMGs, two shotguns, four rifles, two snipers, and two heavy machine guns. Each weapon varies from one other with its perks and quirks, but they all have their purposes. Eco rounds will force you to buy a cheap SMG or just a sidearm and rely on weapon drops. During these rounds, you will need to know the strengths and limits of the weapon you can afford. This makes it a good habit to try and practice all the weapons available in the arsenal so you can get used to them to a certain degree. Mastering the agents’ abilities and lineups is half the game, while the other half is your aim and choice of weapons.

SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns) are light weapons that excel in short to medium-range firing. They deal less damage than rifles but are considerably cheaper. This trade-off is acceptable since you can afford SMGs even during eco rounds and still have enough firepower to fight against rifle-wielding enemies. The two SMGs in Valorant have good situational accuracy and high damage due to their fast fire rate.

If you quickly lose money purchasing high-end rifles like the Vandal, it might be time to consider using the SMGs in the game. They may not look intimidating and cost as much as your trusty rifles, but they can still do the job. Read on, and we will tell you precisely what the two SMGs offer.



This SMG mixes the UMP SMG and the CZ Scorpion Evo 3. The Stinger is the cheaper of the two SMGs in the game. Despite only standing at 950 credits, it has a very fast rate of fire and considerable damage in close to medium-range. It shines nearby combat, where its bullet spread is lessened, and it gains a higher chance of headshot an enemy. The Stinger has a ridiculous bullet spread and recoil in the game with possibly the lowest damage per shot. Combined with one of the fastest firing rates in the game, the Stinger can deal great damage, especially when up close.

Shooting with ADS (Aim-Down Sight) will change the Stinger’s firing mode with 4-bullet burst shots and slightly less bullet spread and recoil. It can quickly kill at close range, making it a choice weapon for run-and-gun playstyles and getting up close and personal with your enemies. While most players ignore this weapon for its limited range and short mag clip, it is one of the best options for eco rounds. This SMG shines best at eco rounds and is a reasonably effective tool for ambush and stealth kills. The downside to this powerful little weapon is how fast it goes through the mag. Although its clip size consists of 20 bullets, its fast rate of fire means you will be going through your clips faster than most weapons, and you can find yourself empty very early in a round.

Make every shot count by managing the recoil and spread to use this weapon well. With enough practice and control, the Stinger is a great tool to take enemies by surprise in eco rounds. While many players stick with sidearms or the Marshal, the Stinger can be a great and cheap alternative to mow down unknowing enemies. Listed below are the specs of Stinger:

  • Price – 950 credits;
  • Mag Size – 20;
  • Fire rate – 18 rounds/sec;
  • Alt-Fire – 1.15x zoom, 4-round burst;
  • Wall Penetration – Low;
  • Damage at 20m and below;
    • Head – 67,
    • Body – 27,
    • Legs – 23,
  • Damage above 20m;
    • Head – 62,
    • Body – 25,
    • Legs – 21,
stinger2 1
Stinger in ADS


The Spectre is the second SMG in Valorant. It is one of the most go-to weapons of players due to its high accuracy, manageable recoil, and low price. This gun is a fusion of the famous MP5 and the M16 with a bit of tweak here and there. Despite having a lower damage-per-shot factor and rate of fire compared to the Stinger, it has a 30-mag capacity. It is equipped with a silencer making it less conspicuous to avoid drawing attention.

This can be considered the young brother of the Phantom, as they are both suppressed. The SPectre, however, is best for early and eco rounds since it loses its effective combat ability in higher rounds where everyone else uses powerful rifles that excel in long-range. It can instantly kill enemies with two bullets to the head since its recoil is easy to control, and the spread is not as ridiculous as the Stinger’s.

The Specter is a favorite among players because it can rival more powerful rifles in close to medium-range gunfights. Additionally, it is a relatively effective weapon for ambushes and run-and-gun approaches. Its recoil can be learned reasonably faster than its young sibling Stinger making it a favored weapon of most new players to the game. Since there are rounds where you lose and get little credits, this is the weapon. Listed below are the specs of Spectre:

  • Price – 1600 credits;
  • Mag Size – 30;
  • Fire rate – 13.33 rounds/sec;
  • Alt-Fire – 1.15x zoom;
  • Wall Penetration – Medium;
  • Damage at 20m and below;
    • Head – 78,
    • Body – 26,
    • Legs – 22,
  • Damage above 20m;
    • Head – 66,
    • Body – 22,
    • Legs – 18,
Specter in ADS

Submachine guns (SMGs) are the go-to weapons for most people since they are that sweet spot of pricing. While there are players that opt for a Vandal or Guardian at early rounds at the cost of losing armor, you can instead purchase one of the two SMGs and still have that full armor. You can kill just as effectively and efficiently without fear of dying from a pistol shot. SMGs are also a great primary weapon for people saving their credits for an Operator since rifles like the Phantom cost nearly twice as much as the Spectre and almost thrice as much as the Stinger.

If you constantly lose and cannot buy the more expensive weapons in the game, do not fret. The Stinger and Spectre may seem mild and timid compared to rifles and machine guns, but they can kill and get done quickly. Give these SMGs a try and see if they can give you a fighting chance. It will require you to spend some time, but practicing using the SMGs will ensure you are not helpless on rounds that you can not afford a rifle. Lastly, if your playstyle screams “run-and-gun,” these two guns can be an excellent choice for you.

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