Guide: Where to Find All Horseshoes in Rustler – All Horseshoe Locations


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Find the lost horseshoes with our handy Rustler guide

To get the platinum trophy in Rustler, you’re going to have to go mooching around the game’s world looking for a few collectables.

Guide: Where to Find All Horseshoes in Rustler - All Horseshoe Locations

In total, there are 20 horseshoes, nine musical notes, and 16 weapons. In this Rustler guide, we’re looking at where to find the horseshoes and their exact locations. Using our guide, you’ll be able to collect them all in no time, which will help bag you that platinum trophy. If you need the musical notes, check out our other guide.

Before you set off to collect all of the horseshoes, you should know that on the game’s first island (there are only two) you can only get nine of the horseshoes. The other 11 are on the second island. But before you can get onto the second island via the bridge, you need to do some story missions first. You’ll be able to cross the bridge when Guy and Buddy have their documents.

The images below should be used in conjunction with our numbered map. Collecting the horseshoes in the order shown is the quickest and most efficient way. You’ll find the map below. Apologise for the obnoxious watermarking, but we need to protect our work from thieves.

All Horseshoe locations in Rustler

Horseshoe #1

where to find the horeshoes in rustler game 1

The first horseshoe can be found on the right hand side of the church in the first city.

Horseshoe #2

horseshoe location 2

The second horseshoe is still inside the first city – go down to the bottom right hand side of the city and you’ll find number 2 between a couple of buildings.

Horseshoe #3

Number three is down near the beach on the left hand side of map on the first island.

Horseshoe #4

horseshoe location 4

Number four isn’t far away from number three – just go south a little and find the horse station.

Horseshoe #5

horseshoe location 5

The fifth horseshoe is on the south side of the first island in a very distinctive area on the map.

Horseshoe #6

horseshoe location 6

Horseshoe number six can be found on the right-hand side of the first island in an opening that leads to a big house. You’ll come here during the story.

Horseshoe #7

horseshoe location 7

Number seven is in front of one of the bridges that connects the two islands.

Horseshoe #8

horseshoe location 8

Number eight is to the left of number seven and then up a little hollow pathway. You’ll find a No Country For Old Men reference and a horseshoe.

Horseshoe #9

horseshoe location 9

Number nin is in another location you’ll eventually hit during the course of the story. Eay.

Horseshoe #10

horseshoe location 10

Number 10 is on the second island among the ruins of an old castle.

Horseshoe #11

horseshoe location 11

Horseshoe number 11 is at the stables just down the road from number 10.

Horseshoe #12

horseshoe location 12

Number 12 is in the lower part of the second city.

Horseshoe #13

horseshoe location 13

Horseshoe number 13 is a short walk or a ride to the right from number 12.

Horseshoe #14

horseshoe location 14

Head to the docks to find horseshoe number 14.

Horseshoe #15

horseshoe location 15

The top part of the second city is where you’ll find number 15 down a tight alleway between two buildings.

Horseshoe #16

horseshoe location 16

Over on the far left of the city near one of the gates, you’ll find horseshoe number 16.

Horseshoe #17

horseshoe location 17

Next, ride north to near the beaches and you’ll find number 17.

Horseshoe #18

horseshoe location 18

Trot over to the right a while and you’ll come across some colourful tents. Here is where you’ll find horseshoe number 18.

Horseshoe #19

horseshoe location 19

Almost there! Number 19 is in front of a small house near the road that leads to the manor.

Horseshoe #20

horseshoe location 20

Head up the road from number 19 and then check out the right side of the manor’s building to complete the collection and get that trophy/achievement to pop. Nice.

And there you have it. All 20 horseshoes and their locations. Drop a thanks by giving us a follow on Twitter and YouTube!

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