Hades: Ambrosia Farming Guide


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One of the most useful and one of the hardest to collect Artifact currencies in Supergiant Games’ Hades is Ambrosia. Ambrosia is a rare delicacy in the Underworld and, just like Diamonds and Titan Blood, Ambrosia is obtained mostly through Bounties. 

Hades: Ambrosia Farming Guide

Ambrosia is mainly used as a gift to further deepen Zagreus’ relationships with other characters in the game. Gifting certain characters their first Ambrosia will result in them giving Zagreus a Companion. Equipping Companions allows Zagreus to have a unique summon ability per run.

Speaking of Companions, Ambrosia is also used to improve Companions. Using them on Companions allows Zagreus to use them more times per escape attempt.

Additionally, Ambrosia is used to purchase the Sonorous and Lovely Theme from the House Contractor and purchase ranks from the Resource Director.

Zagreus can obtain a total of 194 Ambrosia by doing the following methods:


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Zagreus can obtain Ambrosia by defeating Theseus and Asterius, the boss of Elysium which is the third area in the game, for the first time with each weapon. This means you will be able to collect 6 Ambrosia after using all 6 weapons for the first time.

After that, you can obtain more Ambrosia by raising the Heat on the Pact of Punishment before beginning a run. The Pact of Punishment can be unlocked after making it to Greece for the first time. That’ll make your runs harder but will reset the boss rewards or Bounties. However, for each run on a certain Heat level with each of Zagreus’ Infernal Arms, you will have to increase the Heat gauge by an additional point to earn any rewards for using that weapon again. This means finishing a run again with the same weapon on the same Heat level won’t grant you any Bounty. You would have to raise your Heat level by one to farm more items with the same weapon.

If you fail on finishing a run on a certain Heat level, you won’t be able to claim the Bounties from bosses you have already defeated but only from bosses, you haven’t defeated yet. For example, if on your last run you were not able to defeat Megaera, on your next run with the same weapon and the same heat level, you won’t get any Bounty from the Megaera, the first boss, anymore but you can still obtain Ambrosia from the Theseus and Asterius..

Zagreus can obtain up to 120 Ambrosia after finishing every Heat level for each of the Infernal Arms.


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Ambrosia can be purchased from the Wretched Broker for 2 Diamonds. We don’t recommend this method for obtaining Ambrosia as Diamonds are also hard to obtain so it would be a waste to use two equally rare Diamonds to purchase one Ambrosia. However, if you really want to, the option is still there.

Additionally, regularly check with the Wretched Broker for better deals from Limited-Time Offers.


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The Bass fish in Greece can be exchanged for 1 Ambrosia. Fishing for Bass, however, is not a reliable source of Ambrosia for the following reasons:

  1. Greece is the final area in the game which means you would have to go through each boss and survive. This would take a lot of time.
  2. Although Bass is classified as rare and is relatively easy to catch, it is not definite that a fishing spot would spawn once you reach Greece

If you do, however, manage to catch Bass, make sure you exchange caught fish with the Head Chef in the kitchen of the House of Hades. Just remember to exchange them after every run as they won’t be carried over on your next run.


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Fulfilling certain prophecies from the Fated List of Minor Prophecies rewards Zagreus with Ambrosia. The Gift of Song rewards 2 Ambrosia, Close At Heart which also rewards 2 Ambrosia, Musician And Muse which also rewards 2 Ambrosia, and Divine Pairings which rewards a whopping 15 Ambrosia just to list a few prophecies. A total of 68 Ambrosia can be obtained from completing prophecies.

Final Thoughts

The best source for Ambrosia would be by defeating the Elysium final bosses, Theseus and Asterius. Farming Ambrosia will get challenging as you go along, as you would eventually have to raise the Heat from the Pact of Punishment in order to obtain more Ambrosia. Just remember to regularly check with the Wretched Broker for better deals and the Fated List of Minor Prophecies for possible prophecies to complete. With enough patience and determination, you’ll be able to successfully collect Ambrosia.

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