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Players in Hades are either controller or keyboard and mouse players. There is a lot of talk about which is better, and whether you get an advantage with either one.

Hades: Controller Or Keyboard | What Is Better

Well, we have seen that controller has some advantages, but those are mostly for FPS and movement-based games. But MMORPGs are keyboard and mouse realm, or are they?

Which is better controller or keyboard for Hades?

Controller or Keyboard in Hades

Well, it seems like there is a slight advantage between these. The majority of the players are stating that the controller appears much more fluid.

Movements are very fluid with a controller. Instead of having a few keys for movement, the controller has an analog stick, hence the fluidness.

But isn’t it harder to aim with a joystick? Well, yes and no. The developers went through some troubles and implemented a good enough aim assist.

But what happens when the aim assist makes it worse? Players are all saying that the Adamant Rail is practically impossible to be played on the controller. The special keeps getting interfered by aim assist, and it makes it worse.

Instead of the controller’s wacky aim assist, it is straightforward to aim in Hades with a mouse. So, the controller has better movement, while the keyboard and mouse have a better aim.

It all comes down to preference. You either go for better movement or better aim. But I still think that this isn’t a choice. Some players enjoy controller, while others keyboards.

In the past, we have seen gamers exceed expectations with either or. You can be good enough on whatever you choose, so choose what you most like.

However, don’t choose the controller if you are making an Adamant Rail build. That thing is practically uncontrollable with a joystick. Other than that, differences are very tiny. So, whatever you choose, have fun!

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