How to Get More Diamonds in Hades


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One of the most useful and arguably the hardest to collect Artifact currencies in Supergiant Games’ Hades is Diamond. According to in-game lore, even if Diamonds lack physical beauty, it is still one of the most important Artifact currencies in the Underworld because of their uses.

How to Get More Diamonds in Hades

Here are the uses of Diamond:

  • To buy decorations and Work Orders from the House Contractor
  • To buy music to be played on the Music Stand
  • To buy ranks from the Resource Director

The most important of these is purchasing the Work Orders from the House Contractors as these Work Orders help Zagreus’ escape attempts from the Underworld and other perks.

Ready to obtain some of these precious Diamonds? Here are ways to obtain them:


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Zagreus can obtain Diamonds by defeating the Bone Hydra, the boss of Asphodel, the second zone in the game, for the first time with each weapon. This means you can collect 6 Diamonds after using all six weapons for the first time.

You can obtain more Diamond by raising the Heat on the Pact of Punishment before beginning a run. The Pact of Punishment can be unlocked after making it to Greece for the first time. This will make your runs harder but will reset the boss rewards or Bounties. However, for each run on a certain Heat level with each of Zagreus’ Infernal Arms, you will have to increase the Heat gauge by an additional point to earn any rewards for using that weapon again. This means finishing a run again with the same weapon on the same Heat level will not grant you any Bounty. You would have to raise your Heat level by one to farm more items with the same weapon.

If you fail on finishing a run on a certain Heat level, you will not be able to claim the Bounties from bosses you already defeated, but only from bosses you have not defeated yet. For example, if on your last run you were not able to defeat Megaera, on your next run with the same weapon and the same heat level, you will not get any Bounty from the first boss anymore, but you can still obtain Diamond from the Bone Hydra.

You can obtain up to 120 Diamonds after finishing every Heat level for each of the Infernal Arms.

It is worth mentioning that Poseidon’s Sunken Treasure boon has a 0.3% to drop Diamonds but, as the drop rate is too low, you should not count on it and get boons that will help you defeat the Bone Hydra.


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Charon’s Shop in the Temple of Styx will occasionally sell Diamond, and you can buy it if you have 1000 Obols to spare. Although easy to obtain, this is not a great way of getting Diamond as there are other valuable items to spend your Obols on, like boons, to help defeat the bosses. But, if it is available and you want to, this method is available nonetheless.

You can also purchase Diamond from the Wretched Broker for either 10 Nectar, 50 Chthonic Key, or 500 Gemstone depending on the Wretched Broker’s terms. Although the Wretched Broker always sells it, regularly check for better deals.


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The Fated List of Minor Prophecies has a few quests that reward Diamond, like A Simple Job for 4 Diamond and A Violent Past for 6 Diamond. By completing prophecies from the Fated List, Zagreus can obtain a total of 159 Diamond.


The Trout fish in Greece can be exchanged for 1 Diamond. Fishing for Trout, however, is not a reliable source of Diamond for the following reasons:

  1. Greece is the final area in the game which means you would have to go through each boss and survive. This would take a lot of time.
  2. Although Trout is classified as common and is very easy to catch, it is not definite that a fishing spot would spawn once you reach Greece

After every run, you should exchange caught fish with the Head Chef in the kitchen of the House of Hades. Remember to exchange them after every run, as they will not be carried over on your next run.

Final Thoughts

Diamonds are hard to farm because of how rare they are. You will probably obtain only 1 to 2 Diamonds in a single run, three if you are lucky. Paired with the challenges given by the Pact of Punishment, runs can be challenging too. Farming for Diamonds needs a lot of time and patience from the player. We recommend trying to farm for other items while trying to farm for Diamond to save time and sell to the Wretched Broker for more Diamond.

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