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A lot of players seem to be having issues with the Guan Yu aspect. No matter how many times they beat Hades, they cannot unlock this aspect.

Hades: How To Unlock Guan Yu Aspect

And no wonder this aspect is a bit tricky to unlock, especially for the low-level players. Guan Yu aspect can be a gateway into getting other compelling aspects, hence his importance.

Don’t worry because we are giving you the answer to the question of how to unlock the Guan Yu aspect.

How to Unlock the Guan Yu Aspect in Hades

The aspect of Guan Yu is the hidden aspect of spears in Hades. The spear is a powerful weapon in Hades, giving you the possibility to strike your enemies with force from a sword while keeping your distance a bit.

The Guan Yu aspect gives you Frost Fair Blade. This makes you an expert spearman giving you the wisdom to move as one with your weapon.

Or in other words, it gives you a unique moveset.

So, how can you unlock this mighty aspect?

  1. Firstly, unlock the three aspects before Guan Yu.
  2. The literature is not significant on this topic, but consider unlocking some other aspects too.

You will have to have at least 3-4 aspects before getting Guan Yu.

  1. Beat Hades at least once.
  2. Spend six Titan’s Blood across aspects.
  3. Find and talk to Achillies.

You might not get the wanted interaction with Achillies the first time. If you don’t try unlocking more aspects or invest more Titan Blood and make sure you beat Hades.

Even though the Guan Yu aspect is immensely powerful, it does cost you a massive chunk of your life. Meaning, health gain, and total health is reduced at most 70% and the lowest at 50%.

This is unfortunate, but the upsides far outweigh the downsides. If you are a spear player, this aspect will prove very beneficial to your escape from the Underworld. Good luck!

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