HBO Max Teases the Weeks Ahead for The Last of Us Series



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HBO usually keeps a series’ details under wraps before  a premiere, but with the first episode out, The Last of Us has now dropped a preview for the upcoming weeks ahead for the series.

HBO Max Teases the Weeks Ahead for The Last of Us Series

Check this out:

Though we do get more of Joel, Ellie, and Tess in their journey, we also get the first scene with Nick Offerman’s Bill talking. It’s said that Bill and Fred’s story will be the entirety of Episode 3, and we’ll actually get to see how the relationship between the two started and eventually fell out.

I guess it’s worth noting that Frank doesn’t appear in the first game at all (alive at least), and most of his story with Bill is implied. But even with the first episode of The Last of Us series, Ellie is already asking about Bill and Frank since Joel keeps in contact with them via the radio about any goods that he could potentially smuggle into the QZ.

So far, the series has been keeping faithful to the game, from the day of the outbreak to the introduction of the harsh life in the Quarantine Zones. Though we expect the series to follow some more familiar beats from the game, I’m hoping we get an expansion of some stories, like the small settlement inside the sewer.

Catch The Last of Us series now streaming on HBO Max with new episodes every Sunday.

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