HBO’s The Last of Us Gets Release Window



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After the Uncharted movie hit theaters, Naughty Dog fans were wondering when they were going to get HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation. While some suspected that it could come out later this year, HBO head Casey Bloys has confirmed the release window.

HBO's The Last of Us Gets Release Window

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter, Bloys was asked when we should expect The Last of Us series to release, and he said, “It’s closer to early 2023.”

Besides that, we don’t have any more details about the upcoming show.

With The Last of Us really leaning in on video games as an interactive medium, there is a lot of hype for HBO to adapt The Last of Us as a series. While we shouldn’t expect the same kind of immersion that the games have been able to give us, I’m sure showrunner Craig Mazin will be able to stick to the core elements of what made the game great.

Even though the series did bring along game director Neil Druckmann to help with development of the show, we should also expect some changes when it comes to the story of the series. While we should still expect some major things to happen, like Joel slowly caring about Ellie, I think there could be some shake-ups in the narrative that will make things flow smoothly and at least give some surprises to people who’ve already played the game.

No specific release date has been announced for The Last of Us series, but the show is expected to premiere on HBO sometime early 2023. The Last of Us games are now available for PlayStation.

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