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Like any other title as big as Hitman 3, there are some promotional items you can get yourself for IO Interactive’s biggest title yet. The additional options for customization add a flair to the game that otherwise isn’t there. In a clearer sense, what I mean is that it makes players feel far more special playing Hitman 3.

Hitman 3: How to Get Trinity Pack

What is the Trinity Pack?

This pack is a “celebration” for the World of Assassination trilogy. It tries to combine all three titles and bridge the gap between stories, different plots and times.

You will obtain as much as nine items for your inventory. There is a red, white, and black version of items. Each bundle consists of a suit, gun, and a briefcase. You can mix and match these as much as you like.

How to Get the Trinity Pack – Hitman 3

It is quite straightforward to get this pack. All you need to do is pre-order the game. At the time of writing, there are only a few days before Hitman 3 launches.

What you need to do is buy the game beforehand on any platform that you wish, as it is available for every platform. There are no additional costs if you do so.

Also, even if you get the standard edition, you will still get the Trinity Pack, but it must be before January 20, Hitman 3’s launch date. On top of that, if you get the deluxe edition, you will still get this pack on top of all of the other items that that version of the game offers.

While the deluxe edition is pretty good, the Trinity Pack adds a bit of bonuses to the standard edition, granted you pre-order the game. So, make sure to think about which edition of Hitman 3 to buy.

As for which color represents which installment of the game, it goes as follows: white for Hitman 1, red for Hitman 2, and ultimately black for the latest installment, Hitman 3.

After all, this is a pretty good move from the developers to merge the three games and create a more linear experience for its players. If you want the Trinity Pack though, you must act fast!

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