Hollow Knight: How To Access the Junk Pit


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In the vast and atmospheric underground realm of Hollow Knight, hidden beneath the decaying ruins of Hallownest, lies a mysterious and treacherous location known as the Junk Pit. This enigmatic place holds secrets and challenges that beckon to those brave enough to explore its depths.

Hollow Knight: How To Access the Junk Pit

Accessing the Junk Pit requires a keen eye, resourcefulness, and curiosity. This guide will unveil the steps the Knight needs to take to navigate the winding paths and reveal the wonders that await within the Junk Pit. Prepare to embark on a perilous journey as we delve into how to access the Junk Pit in Hollow Knight!

Junk Pit

The Junk Pit is a vast cavern of various mounds of other junk washed up by the currents in the Royal Waterways. Among these are a bunch of paintings and a replica of the monument where the Monarch Wings were obtained. Fluke Hermit, who the Knight can also see in this area, claims that this pile of trash is the treasure of a hidden boss in Hollow Knight, Flukemarm. 

Among all the worthless trash is a golden coffin that, when opened with a Simple Key, uncovers The Godseeker, who has been hibernating. The Godseeker is part of the Godmaster DLC, the last free content pack for Hollow Knight. In the Junk Pit, the Knight will find the entrance to the Godhome. This area is part and the start of the Godmaster DLC.

In this area, the Knight will be able to face two kinds of enemies. Specifically, the Knight will only find Funglings and Fluke Larvae.

Additionally, the Knight can find various items in the Junk Pit. Among these are two Geo Deposits, six Geo Chests, and, most importantly, the Godtuner. The Knight can use this item to open a Pantheon.

How to Access the Junk Pit

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The Knight can find the Junk Pit in the southwesternmost part of the Royal Waterways area.


The Knight must only use a few abilities to reach the Junk Pit. One of them is the Mantis Claw ability. This ability enables the Knight to cling to walls and jump off them.

In addition, the Knight must also have purchased the Lumafly Lantern. This item helps the Knight traverse dark rooms by lighting up the Knight’s immediate area. The Knight can purchase this item from Sly in Dirtmouth.


Using the next path, the Knight will only encounter a Flukemon, a Belfly, and a Flukemunga.

Path to the Junk Pit

To access the Junk Pit, this is what the Knight must do:

  1. Starting from the Bench in the middle of the Royal Waterways area, head to the left and drop down the shaft. At the bottom, head slightly to the right and take the exit that leads below.
  2. Next, head to the right, drop down the platform, continue to the right, and drop down the next gap where there is a Flukemon. Go to the left, jump across the gap, and continue to the left. At the end of the path, the Knight will find a Belfly
  3. Then, jump across the gap towards the wall of the shaft on the left, and head up with the help of the Mantis Claw ability. At the top, strike the ceiling several times to break it and reveal a path. Head up the newly-revealed path and take the exit on the left.
  4. After that, head to the left. At the end of the path, head up the narrow shaft using the Mantis Claw ability. At the top, go to the left and head up another shaft where the Knight will face a Flukemunga. Head to the right and climb the next narrow shaft using the Mantis Claw ability.
  5. Then, at the top, go to the left, and climb up another slightly elevated platform. Continue to the left, drop down the gap, and take the exit on the left.
  6. Next, drop down the long shaft on the left. At the bottom, head to the left and drop the water below. Finally, swim to the left, jump to the next platform, and the Knight will reach the Junk Pit!

How to Enter the Godhome

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If you are trying to get to the Junk Pit, you are most likely trying to start the quest in the Godmaster DLC. To start this quest, the Knight must access the Godhome through the God seeker.

Godseeker Requirements

The Godseeker is a Hollow Knight Quest NPC who traveled to Hallownest in search of “gods.” These beings with immense power are admired for their strength and might. In the Godseeker’s mind, she takes on a new form and leads her tribe of Godseekers, with whom she shares a common mind. The Godseekers live in a Dreamworld they created called the Godhome.

To access the Godhome through the Godseeker, the Knight must free the Godseeker from her coffin in the Junk Pit. The Knight will be able to free the Godseeker using a Simple Key. Once the Godseeker is freed, the Knight can strike the Godseeker’s corpse using the Dream Nail. After that, the Knight will be transported to the Godhome.

Simple Key

The Knight can obtain three Simple Keys in Hollow Knight. To acquire these keys, the Knight can head to the following:

  • The Knight can purchase a Simple Key from Sly up in Dirtmouth.
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  • Another Simple Key is in the top right corner of the room just below the City Storerooms Stag Station in the City of Tears. A Husk Sentry is guarding this Simple Key.
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  • The Knight can get another Simple Key inside a Mawlurk’s corpse in the southwesternmost part of the Ancient Basin.
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The Knight can use these Simple Keys to open three locations in the Hollow Knight’s main game. So, if the Knight has already used all three Simple Keys and the Knight has no key left to free the God seeker, the Godmaster DLC also adds another Simple Key to the game.

Additional Simple Key

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To get this Simple Key, the Knight must defeat the Pale Lurker, which the Knight can find in the hidden part of the map behind the Colosseum of Fools in the topmost part of Kingdom’s Edge.


Before the Knight can acquire this Simple Key, the Knight must have the Mantis Claw ability. Again, this ability allows the Knight to climb walls by jumping off them.

Path to the Simple Key

 To find this Pale Lurker and obtain the Simple Key, the Knight must do the following:

  1. Start from the Bench in the warriors’ pit underneath the arena of the Colosseum of Fools. Using the Mantis Claw ability, go to the right and climb up the next shaft before the hot spring. Exit the room at the top of the shaft.
  2. Next, face the wall on the right and strike it several times to break it and reveal a hidden path. Head inside this newly-revealed path and take the exit at the end of the path.
  3. Then, head to the right and drop down the next large chasm. The Knight will then land on a lake. Swim to the right and jump towards the next platform.
  4. Next, go to the right, and the Knight will find the Pale Lurker! However, the Pale Lurker will run away. Follow the Pale Lurker by jumping towards the lake on the right and climbing up the right wall to head up the shaft.
  5. After that, at the top, head to the right and climb up the wall at the end of the path using the Mantis Claw ability. Finally, at the top, go to the left, and the Knight can battle the Pale Lurker! After defeating the Pale Lurker, she will drop a glowing item. Inspect the glowing item to obtain a Simple Key.
The Pale Lurker
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When the Knight approaches the Pale Lurker, she will hop away and even up walls. This enemy will frequently drop indestructible spikes in the way. These spikes, however, will go away after a short time.

Pale Lurker will whip her arms around her own and deliver contact damage if the Knight comes too close. If the Knight moves to avoid the Pale Lurker’s attack, she will continue to run.

If the Knight is still near the Pale Lurker after she completes this attack, the Pale Lurker will burrow into the ground and move to a different position in the area. Then, the Pale Lurker will wait until the Knight discovers her again.

Because of the Pale Lurker’s speed and her attacks that are hard to avoid, it is best to attack Pale Lurker from a distance using the Vengeful Spirit or Shade Soul Spell. The Knight can also use Grubberfly’s Elegy Charm‘s sword beams when in reach.

The Knight can also use Nail Arts to damage the Pale Lurker. Sharp Shadow Charm and Dash Slash Nail Art work together to attack her quickly. The Dash Slash Nail Arts is a great method to deal much damage while keeping a safe distance from Pale Lurker.

Not only that, but the Sharp Shadow Charm will allow the Knight to deal damage after dashing through enemies. The Knight can also equip the Nailmaster’s Glory Charm to decrease the time needed to perform Nail Arts.


Although a small area compared to the vastness of the kingdom of Hallownest, the Junk Pit offers something special to the player: access to the Godmaster DLC. Accessing the Junk Pit in the Royal Waterways is no challenge at all.

The real challenge is, well, the challenge that this area offers. Now that the Knight has access to the Junk Pit in Hollow Knight collect all the Geos for the taking in the area, and start the Godmaster quests!

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How To Access the Junk Pit in Hollow Knight