How to Find Mister Mushroom in King’s Pass in Hollow Knight


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Learn how to find Mister Mushroom in King’s Pass!

How to Find Mister Mushroom in King's Pass in Hollow Knight

Team Cherry’s Metroidvania action-adventure game, Hollow Knight, follows the journey of a nameless warrior called the Knight as he travels through Hallownest, now a kingdom ruined by a supernatural disease. As the Knight journeys through Hallownest, he encounters various characters that will help fully unravel the story in the game. One of these characters is a talking mushroom named Mister Mushroom.

Mister Mushroom, who will appear after the Knight has defeated all three Dreamers, can be heard babbling from a distance and speaking gibberish once the Knight finds him and talks to him. To understand what Mister Mushroom is saying, the Knight must first equip the Spore Shroom Charm, head back to Mister Mushroom, and talk to him. This must be done before Mister Mushroom leaves and goes to a different location.

After finding Mister Mushroom throughout Hollownest, a secret cutscene will be unlocked after beating the game.

To get a hint of Mister Mushroom’s locations, there is a glowing glyph called Riddle Tablet found inside a secret room in the southeastern part of King’s Pass that, if the Knight reads it with the Spore Shroom Charm equipped, will give clues as to where the Knight can find Mister Mushroom, who the Riddle Tablet refers to as Master Herald.

But, to save you some time trying to solve the riddles of the Riddle Tablet (and you are also reading a guide about it anyway), it would be better to tell you where the Knight can find Mister Mushroom: in Fungal Wastes, in Kingdom’s Edge, in Deepnest, in Howling Cliffs, in Ancient Basin, in Fog Canyon, and King’s Pass.

This guide will teach the player to find Mister Mushroom in King’s Pass!

King’s Pass

A screenshot showing the location of Mister Mushroom in King's Pass

As mentioned above, before the Knight can find Mister Mushroom in King’s Pass, the Knight must first defeat all three Dreamers, found in the Teacher’s Archives in King’s Pass, in the Watcher’s Spire in the City of Tears. The Beast’s Den is in King’s Pass, and Mister Mushroom is in Fungal Wastes, Kingdom’s Edge, Deepnest, Howling Cliffs, Ancient Basin, and Fog Canyon.

The seventh and last location where the Knight can find Mister Mushroom is in King’s Pass, and Mister Mushroom can be found in the middle of the room in the southwesternmost part of King’s Pass, which is in the west of Dirtmouth.

The Knight will encounter many enemies in King’s Pass, but the Knight will specifically only encounter a Crawlid on the way to Mister Mushroom.

Before the Knight can find Mister Mushroom in the area, it is required that the Knight has the Mantis Claw ability, allowing the Knight to cling to walls and jump off of them. The Mothwing Cloak ability enables the Knight to perform a horizontal dash forward, or the Monarch Wings ability allows the Knight to perform a secondary jump in mid-air. The Knight must also purchase the Lumafly Lantern from Sly in Dirtmouth to light up dark rooms. Finding Mister Mushroom in King’s Pass will be no challenge with these abilities.

To find Mister Mushroom in King’s Pass, this is what the Knight must do(this is assuming that this is the player’s first time heading to Howling Cliffs):

  1. From the bench in the middle of Dirtmouth, head to the left, then, upon reaching the wall, jump and climb up the wall with the help of the Mantis Claw’s ability. At the top of the wall, use the Mothwing Cloak ability to dash towards the platform or the Monarch Wings ability to perform a secondary jump towards the next platform, then take the entrance on the left.
  2. Upon entering the room, the Knight is back in the King’s Pass area, the first area in the game. Head to the left, drop down on the next gap, head to the right, drop down to the gap, continue dropping down to the platforms below the left, and head to the bottom on the right side of the spikes.
  3. Next, continue to the right of what looks like a wall, and the Knight will be in a hidden part of the area. Continue to the right, jump over the spikes with the help of the Monarch Wings ability to double jump or the Mothwing Cloak’s ability to dash forwards in mid-air, and drop down on the gap where the Knight will start using the Lumafly Lantern to light up the area, and head to the left where you will find a Geo Chest which, after hitting it, will give off the Fury of the Fallen charm and not Geos.
  4. After that, head to the left, then drop on the narrow gap, continue to the left where the Knight will encounter a Crawlid, continue to head and jump on the platform on the left where the Knight will encounter another Crawlid, jump across the gap, and head to the left (where the Knight will eventually hear the babbles of Mister Mushroom which means that he is nearby) until the Knight reaches a large area.
  5. Finally, head to the middle of the large area, and the Knight will find Mister Mushroom!

As mentioned above, the Knight should have the Spore Shroom charm equipped. Otherwise, Mister Mushroom will speak gibberish.

Now that the Knight has found Mister Mushroom’s final location, the Knight can strike him once so that he will face forward and talk to him. It will seem like Mister Mushroom is talking to someone else or himself at first, but then he will finally acknowledge the Knight and say that the Knight has been following him around, and he hopes that his travels have not confused or distracted the Knight.

He will then say that a wandering journey still has meaning as the journey is where people find purpose, and the stops in the middle are lovely things from transcendent plateaus to vast ancient kingdoms. Finally, Mister Mushroom will say that his duties are finished and bid goodbye to the Knight. After that, he will leave and fly away.

Now that the Knight has found all of Mister Mushroom’s locations all over Hallownest, all the Knight has to do next is to beat the main story of the game, and a secret cutscene will play just after the credits along with unlocking the Passing of the Age Achievement.

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