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F1 2021 just hit the shelves, and despite widely-accepted beliefs, this game is a whole new monster. Compared to the old game, handling is now better, settings are more customizable, the story is bigger and more personal, graphics are improved, and so many other things. However, most players are focusing on the story line, braking point. In addition, most wonder, just how many chapters are in Braking Point.

How Many Chapters Are In F1 2021 Braking Point

F1 2021: How Many Chapters In Braking Point

With the recent Netflix documentary- Drive To Survive, there have been more and more new fans getting introduced to Formula 1. As a consequence, the official game’s launch, couldn’t have had a better timing.

With that said, Codemasters have also put a lot more emphasis on the story of the game this year-round, which is definitely a plus. The story is now much deeper, and has more layers to it. But just how many chapters are there?

Well, there are 17 chapters in F1 2021 Braking Point. It is safe to assume then, that there is quite a lot to go through before players reach the end of the full story.

Now, of course, we still haven’t got an idea of just how long these chapters will be, since what good does it do it if there are 17 chapters, but it equals to a couple of hours playing time?

While we don’t have the official stats of just how long the chapters are, with the new story, and with all the new layers to it, it seems like players will have a lot of content to play through.

What is even more interesting now, is the fact that there is a co-op story. So, players can now complete the whole game with a buddy, which is quite neat.

Furthermore, F1 2021, does seem to capture in great detail the feeling you get when you hear high-pressure radio transmission when all mechanics are running in the pits, and that sort of stuff.

The point is, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat while playing the new F1 2021 story- Braking Point!

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