How to Beat Black Blade Kindred in Elden Ring


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Elden Ring is known widely for its difficulty, and this boss is no exception to that stereotype. This guide has been designed to help you prepare for the fight, beat the boss, and claim its rewards.

How to Beat Black Blade Kindred in Elden Ring

Without direction, this fight might be a nightmare for someone not prepared for such a resistant enemy.

You can encounter Black Blade Kindred early on in the game, depending on where you go first, but it’s NOT recommended to fight this boss in the early stages if you’re looking for an easy fight. Luckily, this boss is entirely optional and can be skipped in both locations that it appears if you’re not eager to fight it.

With the warnings out of the way, this guide will show you a few helpful methods for dealing with the boss and will help you find some useful items along the way.

The Black Blade Kindred Overview

Black Blade Kindred boss
Black Blade Kindred’s are just as menacing as they look.

The Black Blade Kindred is a boss similar to the Valiant Gargoyle, but it is stylized in an inky black and gold, intending to be reminiscent of Maliketh, The Black Blade’s armor. 

Hit Points: The Black Blade Kindreds both have approximately 12500 HP, which puts them at a level similar to even Starscourge Radahn. If you’ve beaten him already, you should know what to expect.

Types of damage: Black Blade Kindred deals in standard, holy, and pierce damage, and once its weapons are obtained, they deal the same types as well, making the boss a useful kill for Faith builds.

Weapons: The Black Blade Kindred wields a Twinblade and an Axe, both of which can be obtained.

Weaknesses: Its poise can be broken, so if you have the Flame of the Redmanes Ash of War, be sure to equip it before fighting.

Parry: Unfortunately, the Black Blade Kindred cannot be parried.

What is the Black Blade Kindred Immune to?

It’s immune to Poison, Scarlet Rot, Hemorrhage, and Frostbite. If you were looking for a cheesy win, unfortunately, you won’t find it in status effects.

Is the Black Blade Kindred an optional boss?

Yes, it is an optional boss, which means that you do not need to beat it to move forward in the game. 

The Black Blade Kindred locations: The Black Blade Kindred can be found at two locations. As the Kindreds are field bosses, you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding them.

  • Dragonbarrow:  Black Blade Kindred can be found guarding the entrance to the Bestial Sanctum.
  • The Forbidden Lands: The boss can be found guarding the path toward the Grand Lift of Rold.


  • Halberd Switch: The Black Blade Kindred will sheathe its sword and bring forth its Halberd, performing a deadly twisting attack. You can counter this attack by moving away from the Kindred, as soon as you see it draw its Axe. 
  • Sword Thrust: In this simple move, the Kindred cleaves its sword in a forward motion. You can counter this attack by simply rolling to either side of the boss.
  • Roar: The Black Blade Kindred roars projectile attacks toward you in a straight line. The counter to this attack is simply rolling out of the way to either side, but as projectiles go, it could be easily blocked with a Greatshield.
  • Halberd Charge: With its Halberd raised, the boss will rush towards you and finish with an upward swing. You can roll to either side to counter this, but only when it’s close to you.
  • Corpse Wax Cutter: The boss releases a reddish energy wave by raising its sword and then slamming it down. If you do not dodge or roll quickly, you’ll be suffering sour consequences.
  • Corpse Wax Tornado: The kindred swings the Halberd twice, causing a widespread crimson tornado, before ending with an overhead slash. Roll away from the tornado, never try to roll through it.
  • Twinblade: The boss spins its Twinblade quickly before shooting upwards and landing, creating a whirlwind. The whirlwind, like the Black Knife, will swiftly deplete your health.
  • War Cry and Overhead Slam:  While doing a roar, the Gargoyle slams its ax down with great force, creating a shockwave. To counter this, you need to roll away from the slam of the attack, as always, be careful of the timing.
  • Axe Switch: The Black Blade Kindred quickly switches to his ax before slamming it down and creating a shockwave. 

Pre-fight Preparation

Black Blade Kindred ER
Immune to all status effects, it’s best to come prepared with weapons that deal tons of physical, strike, or pierce damage.

The outcome of the fight depends on your preparations, as always. With the boss having generally high health and few weaknesses, coming ready is essential. Although Black Blade Kindred is an optional field boss, he can be quite difficult. Here’s what you should do before going for this boss:

Level up your HP

This boss can easily vigor-check you with some of its varied and crushing attacks, so be sure to level up vigor.

Avoid Holy, Fire, or Lightening scaled weapons

It seems as if the developers really wanted the Tarnished to suffer here by making Kindred immune to almost everything. Not only is the Scarlet Rot ineffective, but Holy, Fire, and Lightening scaled weapons won’t work their magic as well.

Bring a greatshield

If you’re comfortable with your health as-is, try looking into more defensive or offensive potential. Fully upgrading a weapon, or using a greatshield can be extremely effective. Since Black Blade Kindred is immune to all status effects, you may also try imbuing your weapon of choice will magic.

Fight Strategy

Black Blade Kindred Elden Ring Boss
Keep your distance with Black Blade Kindred at all times.

Here are some things that will help you overcome the Black Blade Kindred during the fight:

Be Prepared for switch attacks

The Black Blade Kindred can quickly switch between a twinblade and an ax, so if you start to feel comfortable dodging its attacks with one weapon, be wary of every slight movement when it switches, and get ready to roll soon, as may switch animations are also attack-starters.

Try to break its poise

As this boss doesn’t have many weaknesses, there isn’t any shame in exploiting its biggest one; Poise. Flame of the Redmanes deals 40 Poise damage, so with its absorption into consideration, 3-4 hits will knock it to its knees for a juicy critical hit.

Try to aim for the head

Head is a critically weak spot for the Black Blade Kindred, so all you marksmen Tarnished; rejoice! This fight has just gotten a little easier.

Try to keep your distance during the fight

If you can manage to use the terrain to your advantage, the height difference will prevent the attacks from hitting you as frequently. Be wary, as its jumping attack can catch you off guard if you aren’t paying close attention.

Try not to attack from inside the Bestial Sanctum

Although it cannot enter the Bestial Sanctum, most of its assaults can still penetrate the boundaries. Trying to strike from within the structure is ineffective since the roaring attack may reach all the way to the Bestial Clergyman (who, luckily, will ignore it). However, if you run to the rear of the Sanctum and behind the Clergyman, it will eventually de-aggro and return to its original position.

Try to run along the building’s side

Instead of going into the Sanctum and risking being hit by a roar before reaching safety, run around the building’s side. Several barriers in his path will slow him down and protect you from a roar. You may just circle the building at your leisure, stay out of sight on the other side, and simply wait for him to return to the bottom of the steps.


Upon defeating the Black Blade Kindred(s) these rewards will be waiting for you:

  • 88000 Runes.
  • Gargoyle’s Blackblade: The Gargoyle’s Blackblade is a greatsword combat weapon, primarily scaled with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith. Thanks to the Corpse Wax Cutter’s special skill, it is an excellent weapon for inflicting Holy damage and launching as a projectile.
  • Gargoyle’s Black Halberd: Mended with ‘Blackhead Corpse Wax, his halberd has also been primarily scaled with Dexterity, Faith, and Strength.

With that, you know everything about the Black Blade Kindred. The boss may be tough to beat, but you’ll have a reasonably easier time defeating the boss with our guide. Did we miss out on any essential tips? Please let us know in the comments section.

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