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Elden Ring will often pit you against reoccurring enemies and bosses, placing a false narrative in your mind that it would be easy to bypass since you’ve already done it before. Think again, my friend.

How to Beat Crystalians in Elden Ring

The Crystalians are one example, among many, of reoccurring bosses. While they don’t get stronger individually, they double up in numbers to try to overwhelm you, which could be daunting at first glance. Fear not, however; with a proper approach, you can defeat any Crystalian with relative ease.

Crystalians Overview

4 different versions of the Crystalians can be found prowling around in the Lands Between.

From afar, the Crystalians appear human and approachable, but they’re nothing of the likes. They are humanoids made of crystals, whose solo purpose is to safeguard their crystals unto the end, hoping that their creator returns and carves more of them using the crystals.

Health Bar: No specific numbers have been disclosed but based on the pace at which their health bar depletes, it’s safe to assume that the Crystalians’ health bar isn’t very high.

Types of Damage: The type of damage dealt by the Crystalians is dependent on the weapon used. The spear-wielding Crystalian deals standard and pierce damage, while its Ringblade counterpart deals only standard damage, and the staff-wielding Crystalian deals strike and magic damage. Additionally, the trio Crystalians in Sellia Hideaway all inflict Scarlet Rot with each attack. 

Weaknesses: Crystalians have no standout weaknesses but are slightly less resistant to standard and strike damage, as well as poise breakage.

Weapons: There are three different Crystalians, each wielding a different weapon. You can expect a spear, staff, and a ringblade, as well as a set of smaller ringblades in its off-hand.

Parrying: All of Crystalians’ melee attacks can be parried but not their long-range efforts. They can also be riposted after a successful parry.

Elden Ring Crystalians’ Locations: Crystalians can be found in four different locations in Elden Ring. The variant, as well as the number of variants, you’ll be fighting depends on the location of the encounter.

Here’s where to find Crystalians, as well as which variants to expect from each location:

  • Academy Crystal Cave: Located in North Liurnia of the Lakes, Academy Crystal Cave houses two Crystalians, one wielding a spear while the other wields a staff. You’ll spot the entrance while traveling through the lake itself.
  • Altus Tunnel: Near the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace, you’ll find two Crystalians in Altus Tunnel. One Crystalian will be wielding a spear while the other wields a ringblade.
  • Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel: Located in East Liurnia of the Lakes, you’ll find Altus Tunnel near the East Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel. Again, you’ll have to traverse through the lake to reach the entrance to the solo ringblade-wielding Crystalian.
  • Sellia Hideaway: You’ll find Sellia Hideaway just south of Fort Faroth, where you’ll encounter the trio of Putrid Crystalians, wielding a staff, spear, and ringblade, individually. Bear in mind that all their attacks will inflict Scarlet Rot.


Given the difference in weapons afforded to each variant of the Crystalian, each has an individual moveset. With that in mind, here are the movesets of each variant:

Spear-wielding Crystalian

  • Spear Thrusts: The spear Crystalian thrusts its spear repeatedly at you. This attack will often be preceded by a small hop. You can dodge through this attack but it’s advised that you roll away instead, as it can be the precursor to a stronger attack.
  • Thrusts and Leap Combo: Unlike the previous move, the Crystalian performs up to five stabs, followed by a slow yet powerful leaping attack. This combo comes with a lengthy recovery time, during which, you can counter-attack or perform a backstab if you’re quick enough.
  • Double Stab: While not too dissimilar to the previous two moves, this one is much slower and more potent. The spear Crystalian winds up his spear and performs two quick, albeit powerful stabs. The long wind-up should give you enough time to get out of melee range.
  • Stab and Slash Combo: This combo starts with a quick spear thrust, then a slow and devastating horizontal slash. Your best counter move would be to avoid the initial thrust and roll through the following slash.

Staff-wielding Crystalian

  • Crystal Shower: In this attack, the staff Crystalian manifests a crystal mass above its head using its staff, which then shoots out several crystals in the area around the Crystalian. Retreat as soon as you notice the crystal mass forming.
  • Crystal Torrent: Again, the Crystalian forms a crystal mass above its head, only this time, it shoots a torrent of crystal directly at you. The crystals will not track your movement, so evading them is as simple as moving away laterally from your initial position at the start of the attack.
  • Staff Slam: During this attack, the Crystalian raises its staff above its head and slams it down on the ground, creating a fairly close-range AoE. Back away as soon as the Crystalian raises its staff and refrain from attacking during the animation, as it will be much harder to back away in time.

Ringblade-wielding Crystalian

  • Ringblade Toss: The ringblade Crystalian throws small ringblades toward you. It will often repeat this attack a couple of times in quick succession, so stay alert and keep your shield up until you’re certain that the attack is over. Also, do note that the Crystalian doesn’t have to be facing you for it to execute this move.
  • Double Ringblade Slash: During this attack, the Crystalian raises its larger ringblade over its shoulder and slashes it downwards, then follows up with a second slash from the opposite direction.
  • Rolling Ringblade: This attack is often used as a follow-up to the previous attack but it can also be standalone. The Crystalian rolls its larger ringblade toward you, which then rolls back to it. The Crystalian will be stood still for the duration of this attack, giving you ample time to execute a backstab.
  • Spinning Mania: This attack consists of a lengthy pirouette by the Crystalian, with its larger ringblade extended, creating a sizeable, moving radius of danger. This move will be performed regardless of the distance between yourself and the Crystalian.

Pre-fight Preparation

Crystalian in Elden Ring
Level up to at least 35, equip a decent shield, and hope that you’re not crushed by these creatures.

Some preparation is needed before heading into battle. We’ll offer you some general tips, which should be applied to all character builds, as well as build-specific tips.

We’ll start with the general tips:

Recommended levels for each variant of the Crystalian

Before heading into battle, it’s advised that you make sure you’re well-equipped and ready to fight the Crystalians. Here is an insight into the minimum recommended level for each boss fight location:

  • Academy Crystal cave: Level 35.
  • Altus Tunnel: Level 50.
  • Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel: Level 30.
  • Sellia Hideaway: Level 60.

Summon tanky and or high-damaging spirit ashes

Whether you’re fighting the solo, duo, or trio Crystalians, spirit ashes that can tank damage from the Crystalians and keep them distracted, can be an invaluable asset. Depending on your playing style, you might prefer high-damaging spirit ashes, which should also do the trick against the Crystalians. However, we’d only recommend them for the solo Crystalian in Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel.

Our picks for the Crystalians are Kaiden Sellsword, Banished Knight Oleg, Skeletal Militiamen, Lone Wolf Ashes, Demi-Humans, or Greatshield Soldiers. But, as always, you’re free to use whatever you have.

Equip a decent shield

While rolling is highly effective against the attacks of the Crystalians, a decent shield will be really handy against some of the Crystalians’ long-range attacks and projectiles. Admittedly, it’ll be more helpful for melee than ranged players but both should equip a good shield, nonetheless.

Take some Preserving Boluses into Sellia Hideaway

Preserving Boluses will help alleviate any Scarlet Rot build-up from the trio Crystalians. There’s no way of avoiding Scarlet Rot build-up during this boss fight, so taking something into the boss fight that can negate that build-up will help massively.

Preserving Boluses can be found in several locations, namely, the Shack of the Rotting in north Caelid, Leyndell Royal Capital, Siofra River Well, and off of the hanging corpse in the Grand Cloister. They can also be purchased from a Normadic Merchant in Caelid Highway North or crafted if you have the Armorer’s Cookbook [6]. 

Melee Builds

Equip a blunt, two-handed weapon

You need to exploit the Crystalians’ resistance, or lack thereof, to strike damage. A blunt weapon will do just that. As well that, your weapon must be two-handed, as a one-handed weapon will just bounce off the crystalline exterior of the bosses.

Use an Ash of War or sorcery spells that can help break the Crystalians’ poise

Again, you need to exploit the ease of breaking the Crystalians’ poise. You can further facilitate that task by using an ash of war, such as Ash of War: Glintblade Phalanx, or sorcery spells like Glintblade Phalanx or Rock Sling.

Ash of War: Glintblade Phalanx can be obtained from Rogier’s Rapier or after defeating Godrick the Grafted. Rock Sling can be found in a chest in an underground cellar just north of the Street of Sages Ruins.

Magic and Ranged Builds

Use defensive spells

To counteract the Crystalians’ constant persistence to approach you, use a defensive spell such as Carian Phalanx, which creates a defensive arch of numerous magic glintblades that attack any enemies close by. This spell costs 26 FP and can be purchased from Seluvis for 6,000 Runes.

Use the Night Maiden’s Mist Spell, if you have it

The Night Maiden’s Mist Spell will help drain the Crystalians’ health bar passively for the whole length of the boss fight. The mist itself, however, will only last 15 seconds, so make sure you place it optimally to reap its rewards. 

It isn’t needed if you’ve already summoned spirit ashes but why not use it if you already have it?

Use quick casts

The Crystalians could easily catch you by surprise during a lengthy cast. A quick cast, such as Glintstone Pebble, will prevent that from happening, as it can be fired quickly and while on the move.

If you chose to play as an Astrologer at the start of the game, you’ll already have Glintstone Pebble. If not, you can purchase it from Sorceress Sellen for 1,000 Runes.

Fight Strategy

The fighting strategy varies, depending on your build.

Rest assured that you can’t cut corners with the Crystalians, you’ll need a sound strategy to get the better of these overpowered bosses.

We’ll start with some general tips that should be applied to all variants and character builds, before moving on to build-specific strategies. Hopefully, these strategies cover all bases and tell you everything you need to know. 

Keep a keen eye on the Crystalian you’re not fighting

Don’t lose sight of the disengaged Crystalian, as that will leave you vulnerable to surprise attacks, which can prove devastating to your chances of defeating the Crystalians.

Stay calm if your summons dies prematurely

Depending on the spirit ashes you chose to summon, there’s a slight chance they won’t survive the onslaught of the Crystalians across the entirety of the boss fight. Stay calm if that happens, and be a bit more careful when engaging and disengaging with the Crystalians.

Melee Players

Be aggressive

Capitalize on the ease of breaking the Crystalians’ poise by mounting non-stop attacks while two-handing your weapon. Heavy attacks, when possible, will help accelerate this task. Continue attacking the Crystalian even after it recovers, unless you’re getting hoarded by the other Crystalian(s).

Focus on backstabs

You’ll have ample opportunities to execute backstabs, be it after breaking the Crystalian’s poise or while it’s recovering from a previous attack. Backstab whenever possible to finish off the Crystalian at hand and move on to the next if you’re fighting the duo or trio Crystalians.

Make use of your shield

While rolling is just as effective when it comes to evading the Crystalians’ incoming attacks, blocking with your shield is a bit easier, as you don’t have to quickly decide where to roll.

Duo or Trio Crystalians

Make use of your surroundings in Academy Crystal Cave

You’ll have two large statues in the center of the arena, which can be used as a protective barrier from the staff Crystalian’s crystal projectiles. Try to keep it between yourself and the Crystalians as much as possible. 

Dispose of the spear-wielding Crystalian first

Both the staff and ringblade Crystalians focus heavily on long-range attacks, unlike the spear Crystalian, who will go tooth and nail to chase after you and be a thorn in your side. Defeat it first to rid yourself of any unnecessary frustrations.

Ranged Players

Be patient

Upon starting the boss fight, you’ll immediately realize that your casts and projectiles are doing little to no damage. That’s due to the Crystalline exterior of the Crystalians. Once you crack the protective layer, your attacks will start dealing major damage, as expected.

Be mindful of your surroundings

All four locations are fairly tight, which makes keeping your distance a bit more challenging. Keeping close to the walls isn’t a good idea either, as you’ll constantly bump into obstacles. Try to keep your distance while avoiding any obstacles.

Duo or Trio Crystalians

Leave the Ringblade Crystalian to last in Sellia Hideaway

The Ringblade Crystalian will be relatively static for the duration of the boss fight until you dispose of its compatriots. Focus your efforts on the spear and staff Crystalians, and then defeat the remaining Ringblade Crystalian.

Never stop moving

As long as you’re fighting more than one Crystalian, you’ll be in constant danger of sustaining damage. However, movement will reduce the likelihood of that happening at an unmanageable rate.

Maintain your composure

As stated already, you’ll be faced with a constant barrage of attacks from the Crystalians, and panicking will only make things worse. Refrain from panicking and keep a calm, cool head.

Your rewards will vary, depending on where your boss fight with the Crystalian(s) took place.


For your convenience, we’ve segregated each reward based on the location.

  • Academy Crystal Cave: 3,300 Runes on your first playthrough and a Crystal Release—a sorcery spell that showers a chosen area with a violent rain of crystal shards.
  • Altus Tunnel: 1,800 Runes and a Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (2)—a Key Item that can be offered to the Twin Maiden Husks in exchange for access to new items.
  • Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel: 3,000 Runes and a Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (1), which serves the same purpose as the previous Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing.
  • Sellia Hideaway: 7,000 Runes and Crystal Torrent—a sorcery spell that creates a crystal mass that fires streams of crystal shards.

And with that, you’re now as ready as ever to take on any of the Crystalians, putrid or not, and defeat them with grace and elegance. Implement the tips and strategies discussed in this guide, and the Crystalians will be no match for you.

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