How To Beat Demi-Human Queen Maggie in Elden Ring


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Elden Ring is a game full of many ‘gank’ type bosses. These bosses are accompanied by other enemies to help teach the player to prioritize during the boss fight. One such battle you will face is the Demi-Human Queen Maggie. This boss will use her Demi-Human minions, Glintstone Sorcerers, and spells to try and defeat the player.

How To Beat Demi-Human Queen Maggie in Elden Ring

Demi-Human Queen Maggie is an optional boss located high up on Mt. Gelmir. Though Maggie and her goons may swarm you, they are not without a solution. This guide will show you how to overcome Maggie and the odds she stacked against you. 

Demi-Human Queen Maggie Overview

Demi-Human Queen Maggie
The Demi-Human Queen and her royal subjects.

Demi-Human Queen Maggie watches over one of the peaks of the mountain. The Queen stands guard over the Hermit village with her Demi-Human minions and three Glintstone Sorcerers. Unlike previous Demi-Human Queen bosses you have fought, Maggie does not enrage when her health gets lower. 

Weaknesses: Demi-Human Queen Maggie is weak to Ice sorcerer, physical sorcerer as well as Bleed and Scarlet Rot.

Elden Ring Demi-Human Queen Maggie Location: Demi-Human Queen Maggie is located on Mt. Gelmir, north of the Abductor Virgin site of grace. Here is where to get to the boss on the map.

Demi-Human Queen Maggie location
Demi-Human Queen Maggie Location.

There is a winding path that leads up to Demi-Human Queen Maggie. Start your journey at the Seethewater River site of grace and head north. You will make your way down a long dark corridor, past volcanic geysers, heading westward around the volcano.

Once at the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace, continue southwest, past the Magma Wyrm boss fight. Continue to circle the mountain where eventually you will be heading eastward. Just be careful as there is a giant bear enemy that will jump you if you are not prepared.

Run past the giant bear and continue up the path that spirals around the mountain that begins to turn you north.  Eventually, you will come across your next site of grace, the Craftsman Shack. Continue your journey north, past the Craftsman Shack and to the village ruins of Hermit Village. Here you will find the Hermit’s Shack site of grace. 

Demi-Human Queen Maggie will be just ahead of you but take note that the village is riddled with Demi-Human enemies.

Is Demi-Human Queen Maggie optional?

Yes, the boss is optional and is not necessary to defeat if you want to continue the main story of Elden Ring. Mt. Gelmir is an optional area and can be avoided altogether if players are having issues with the difficult enemies and bosses here.

However, there are Runes and items for you should you choose to defeat the boss. Let us see how you will need to prepare for the Demi-Human Queen Maggie boss fight.

Pre-Fight Preparation

Fight Demi-Human Queen Maggie
Demi-Human Queen Maggie has several weaknesses you can use to overcome her.

What level do you need to be for Demi-Human Queen Maggie?

Demi-Human Queen Maggie and Mt. Gelmir will require you to be level 80 to 100. This range will ensure the area is easier to deal with, as the journey around the mountain is long and treacherous. Your weapons/armaments should be leveled to at least +15 or more to maximize effectiveness.

Can you use Spirit Ashes during this fight?

Yes, you can use summons during the fight. Spirit ashes will help draw Demi-Human Queen Maggie’s aggro away from the player. Demi-Human Queen Maggie and her minions love to team up on you, so having spirit ashes is a necessity in the upcoming battle. The Spirit Ashes you will be using are, ironically, the Demi-Human Spirit Ashes.

The Demi-Human Ashes summons 5 Demi-Humans to fight alongside you.  The five will be an excellent distraction, allowing you to focus on Demi-Human Queen Maggie, and not her minions. You can find these Spirit Ashes at the Impaler Catacombs, located south on the Weeping Peninsula. Get your summons leveled to at least 6+ or higher to ensure they do not die instantly. Here is the location to find the Demi-Human spirit ashes.

Demi-Human Queen spirit ashes location
Demi-Human spirit ashes location.

Equipping Magic Resistant armor

Demi-Human Queen Maggie will use Glintstone Pebble and Crystal Burst magic attacks on you. She is also accompanied by three Glintstone Sorcerers that will also pelt you with spells at range. Be prepared to equip armor with higher magic resistance to ensure the barrage of spells does not kill you quickly.

We would recommend the Preceptor’s Set or the General Radahn set for protection. However, if you do not have any armor with magic resistance, do not worry.  We will have a shield to supplement any magic resistance you may be missing.

Melee builds use Icerind Hatchet and Carian Knight’s Shield

The boss is highly susceptible to ice damage. Because of this, we will be using the weapon art, Hoarfrost Stomp. Though it has been nerfed, enemies weak to ice will still take massive damage from the weapon art. You will not need to go hunting for the skill as the Icerind Hatchet has it built right in. 

You can find this weapon at the Temple Quarter in Liurnia of the Lakes. Head southeast of the Temple Quarter site of grace. The Icerind Hatchet will be in a chest inside a ruined bell tower. Look for it near a ring of flowers adjacent to the chest.

The Carian Knight’s Shield has 71% magic resistance, making it pair wonderfully with the Icerind Hatchet. This also gives you more freedom to choose armor without much magic resistance. You can find this shield by defeating Moongrum, The Carian Knight in Raya Lucaria Academy.

Range builds use Frozen Lightning Spear and Rotten Breath incantations

At long range, our Faith spells will be more effective in this fight than Sorceries. Demi-Human Queen Maggie is resistant to sorceries. As such, we went with Frozen Lightning Spear and Rotten Breath. Demi-Human Queen Maggie is weak to both Frost and Scarlet Rot, allowing these incantations to truly shine. 

Your seal and weapon choice is up to you, however. A case can be made for the Winged Scythe as a weapon. The weapon scales with Faith causes Bleed and cause be used to fight off the Demi-Human minions should they slip past your spirit ashes.

To obtain the Frozen Lightning Spear, head to the underground to Nokstella, Eternal City. You will need to defeat the optional boss Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella to obtain the incantation. Nokstella, Eternal City requires levels between  80 to 90, making the area and its boss easier than Mt. Gelmir.

The second incantation, Rotten Breath, is located at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion site of grace in southern Caelid. Keep in mind that you need to have defeated a dragon already as it costs one dragon heart to purchase. Here is the location of the Rotten Breath incantation on the map.

Rotten breath incantation location
location of the Rotten Breath incantation.

Stock up on Cerulean Tears Flasks

You will be using quite a bit of FP for both the melee and ranged build. We went with half Flask of Crimson Tears and half Cerulean Tear Flasks for Demi-Human Queen Maggie. This will ensure you can comfortably use your weapon art/incantations multiple times throughout the fight while still having flasks to heal yourself.

If your FP pool is not that large, then take one more Flask of Cerulean Tears over the Crimson ones to be safe. Now let us go over the battle strategy to use against Demi-Human Queen Maggie.

Fight Strategy

Demi-Human Queen Maggie boss fight
A hail of sorceries and a mob of Demi-Humans awaits the player.

There are multiple threats that you will need to be prepared for during the fight against Demi-Human Queen Maggie. There are three sorcerers and several Demi-Humans that will attack you while you are focusing on the boss. We will break the fight down based on each build and what to do against each threat.

Kill the Glintstone Sorcerers first

Start the battle on Torrent and run right to a Glintstone Sorcerer that hides in a corner. He is by himself, so make quick work of him in a few hits. Once the sorcerer is taken care of run over to the 2nd Gliintstone Sorcerer located in front of Demi-Human Queen Maggie. 

Take out the 2nd Glintstone Sorcerer and head quickly behind Maggie and take out the third and final sorcerer. You should take a wide circle with Torrent, maneuvering around the boss to avoid the mobs that will be rushing at you after you killed the first Glintstone Sorcerer. Once the third one is finished off then you can focus on Demi-Human Queen Maggie and her mob.  

Summon spirit ashes and focus Demi-Human Queen Maggie

Get off Torrent and summon your Demi-Human spirit ashes. They should scatter and start to battle Demi-Human Queen Maggie and her minions. Start engaging the boss with Rotten Breath or Hoarfrost Stomp. Because there are so many the Demi-Human spirit ashes should immediately start to draw aggro. Be careful you do not rely solely on your spirit ashes – they have a collective health bar and can die quickly.

Remember, the only health bar you need to focus on getting down to 0 is Demi-Human Queen Maggie. As a melee user, this means staying up close to her and fighting as close as you can to the boss.  With your ranged build, you will want to start the battle by casting Rotten Breath.  Circle Demi-Human Queen Maggie, strafing right to avoid the magical projectiles that she fires at you while using your Frozen Lightning Spear incantation. 

Dodge her 2-Hit Staff Combo twice

Although Demi-Human Queen Maggie is a sorceress, she will use mostly physical attacks when you are in melee range. They can still hit hard so you need to be able to read them ahead of time. She has a two-hit combo where she will plunge her staff straight down on the player before Maggie drags the staff toward her.

You will want to dodge backward on the plunge attack. When Demi-Human Queen Maggie starts to finish the second hit run to the boss and melee her during the opening. If you are melee, you can easily get an Hoarfrost Stomp off as she recovers. Keep in mind that it takes only two weapon arts to apply Frostbite. 

Alternatively, as a range build you can start to hurl Frozen Lightning Spears at her while she recovers. The combination of Scarlet Rot and Frostbite will start to make quick work of her health bar. Remember that the Frostbite status effect will increase all further damage to Demi-Human Queen Maggie by 20%. Apply it whenever possible.

Roll towards the boss during her Hand Smash

Demi-Human Queen Maggie has several attacks that can lead to a successful punishment when avoided.  The first move is a Hand Smash where she raises her hand before bringing it down on the player. The attack is easy to telegraph, just watch out as it has a small AOE around it. 

Melee users should roll towards her and through the attack, following up with a few hits of your Icerind Hatchet or use  Hoarfrost Stomp. Melee users will not have to worry about her spells, as though she may use them at melee range, they cannot circle back to hit you.

Keep an eye on her staff hand

Demi-Human Queen Maggie likes to melee as well as cast spells with her staff. At melee distance, your main threats are two physical attacks the boss performs – Staff Smash and Staff Swing. The Staff Smash is like her Hand smash from earlier. Demi-Human Queen Maggie will raise her staff before smashing it into the ground. Melee users should roll through the attack and use the opening for weapon art or melee damage. 

Her second attack is Staff Swing, where Demi-Human Queen Maggie swings her staff in a wide arc at the player. To avoid this attack, you need to roll through the swing in the opposite direction, then punish with a weapon art or a few melee hits.

Watch for spells as Ranged user

Ranged builds will be mostly coping with her Crystal Burst and Glintstone Pebble spells. The Crystal Burst is the easier spell to avoid as it comes out like a shotgun blast. Just make sure you are staying back at range as the spell has terrible range, and the projectiles dissipate after some distance.

The Glintstone Pebble has a longer range and tracks well. You will want to dodge in the direction of the Glintstone Pebble to avoid it. You can also strafe the projectile in a wide circle as it does not lock on well at longer distances. Both spells have a small recovery window that you can punish with the Frozen Lightning Spear incantation.

If you are having difficulty avoiding the spells at range then use the Carian Knight’s Shield from earlier to block the spells. Just make sure to keep the pressure up with your own incantations.

Careful with positioning on the uneven terrain

The terrain is very rocky and uneven, making circle-strafing Demi-Human Queen Maggie difficult. It is easy to get stuck beside a ledge as you are circling. If you find she is in a difficult spot to engage, call in Torrent and lure her onto more open ground. 

The terrain can also make it challenging to riposte her once you see her poise break. Depending on the slope she is on, Demi-Human Queen Maggie will be in a riposte state, but her head will be too high up to follow through. Use this window to jump attack her if you cannot riposte her. 

Now, let us look at a cheese method to beat Demi-Human Queen Maggie, should her goons and spells prove too much for you. 

The Cheese Method using Poison Mist

That is right, our old friend Poison Mist is back! The method is straightforward as we will be catching Demi-Human Queen Maggie unaware, poisoning her without engaging the boss.

Get Poison Mist and stock up on FP flasks

Poison Mist is an incantation that can be found on the Weeping Peninsula, south of  Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace.  Look for the Teardrop Scarab that is in the forest and kill it for the incantation. It will take subsequent casts of the spell to poison the boss so make sure you have at least 20 in your Mind stat, as well as the 12 Faith needed to use the incantation. 

Run past Demi-Human Queen Maggie and her minions

You will always be coming at this boss from the front, given the sheer cliff drop behind her. Do not fight anything and just rush past her and her goons. Behind Demi-Human Queen Maggie is the Primeval Sorcerer Azur site of grace.  Jump off Torrent, activate the Site of Grace, and rest. 

Resting at this site of grace will reset Demi-Human Queen Maggie and her minions. They will now all be facing away from you, and the boss herself will have moved over by the village shacks.  

Take out the two Glinstone Sorcerers closest to you

Using a bow or ranged weapon to kill the two Glintstone Sorcerers that are near the Primeval Sorcerer Azur site of grace. Get the sorcerers to come to you rather than going to them, so as not to aggro the boss and ruin the strategy. 

Once finished, you can sneak your way to Demi-Human Queen Maggie, who is now facing away and oblivious to your presence. Here you can cast Poison Mist and bring her down. Each bout of Poison Mist should deal 2500 damage; just wait for each Poison Mist cloud to dissipate before casting another. 


Now that you have beaten Demi-Human Queen Maggie, let us see look at your rewards. 

  • 13,000 Runes
  • Memory Stone: A Key Item that passively increases your memory slots for spells.
  • Golden Rune: Consumable item that grants the player 200 runes upon use. 

Though the rewards may seem meager, the Memory Stone more than makes up for it. 

We hope that this guide will help you defeat Demi-Human Queen Maggie. If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, please share them in the comments section below.

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