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If you’re here, it’s likely that you’ve been playing Elden Ring for a while. You’ve tasted defeat now, probably more than you’d like. And now that you’ve come across Godskin Apostle, he’s giving you a hard time, too. Well, fret not. We’ve got you.

How to beat Godskin Apostle in Elden Ring

Godskin Apostle is one of many optional bosses found in the world of Elden Ring, and also appears in an infamous, non-optional boss fight later on in the game. This guide covers everything you need to know to beat this boss.

Godskin Apostle Overview

Godskin Apostle src1
Godskin Apostle can prove to be a difficult fight if you’re not prepared for the onslaught.

Tall, Lanky, and covered in human skin, a classic for horror flicks. Elden Ring, however, Godskin Apostle strikes fear in pkayers’ heart when they finally face him.

It’s an unassuming, but difficult fight with a wielder of the Blackflame, and despite the horrifying description, is actually rather elegant in appearance. As long as you don’t know what his cloak is actually made of, that is. 

You can absolutely take on the Godskin Apostle on your own. He has some fiery tricks up his sleeve, but he’s not the hardest boss in the game by any means. Summoning Millicent if you’ve advanced her quest far enough, or simply summoning a normal spirit of your choosing will work perfectly. You may prefer a tankier summon, as he can quickly deal high damage in wide areas, making him hyper-lethal to the group summons.

Elden Ring Godskin Apostle location

You can locate the boss near the upper northern reaches of the map, found in a small village in the Atlus Plateau region. He is part of Millicent’s Questline, and killing him with her will advance her quest, so it is recommended that you advance her quest to this point before fighting him. She will be summonable via a gold summon sign just before the fight, and she’s rather helpful in the fight, as a competent fighter and a useful distraction.

This Boss also appears in two other locations; one in The Mountaintops of The Giants, and the other in Caelid.

Pre-Fight Strategy

Godskin Apostle src2
Upgrade your weapons and take advantage of his weaknesses to make light work of him.

Upgrade your weapons 

If you aren’t properly leveled for the fight, the Godskin Apostle can be a tough foe. It is recommended that your weapons at least be upgraded to +16 or +7 with normal or somber smithing stones respectively (depending on what your weapon type is), in order to deal sufficient damage to really hurt him in the moments that you can strike.

Broke on Runes? No problem, just go to Caelid!

As mentioned many times before, you can find a large sleeping dragon (Greyoll) in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, which has a large Rune Bounty for killing it.

If your build needs any kind of adjustments, this can be the perfect thing to help top off your Vigor, or finally meet the requirements for that spell you’ve been wanting to use.

Greyoll, the sleeping dragon location
Greyoll location.

Take advantage of Godskins’ Weaknesses

Since Godskin Apostle’s primary weakness is Bleed damage, we’d strongly advise taking in a weapon that accrues Bleed damage on a foe with every hit, and also one that has either range or quick strikes to it. 

The Godskin Apostle moves and attacks quickly, so you either want to jab them from the extended range with a spear, from the safety of a shield, or get in close and get a hit off with fast-slashing bleed weapons like dual katanas.

The amount of health this boss has is unknown, though Hemorrhage will rather quickly dispatch it if you attack whenever you find an opportunity. 

Fight Strategy

godskin apostle src3
Deceptive and deadly, you should watch out for his surprising blows with little to no windups.

Phase 1

Watch out for his quick attacks

The Godskin Apostle hits hard and fast in this first phase. The most common attacks to watch out for are quick attacks with the sharp end of its scythe-like weapon, which can often deal killing blows in two short strikes. Rolling through these is relatively simple, the only thing you need to watch out for is to not roll too soon.

Dodge his Blackflames

The Godskin Apostle also has a ranged attack up its white-cloaked sleeves that it can bring out. The boss will summon a ball of Blackflame in its hand, and hurl it toward you. If you dodge while the orb is careening towards you in the mid-air, this attack isn’t too hard to deal with. If it hits, however, it can leave you on low HP and highly vulnerable, while also lessening the number of flasks you have even if you don’t die.

Know when it’s time to back off and wait for an opening

The Godskin Apostle can also slowly walk towards you while spinning the Godskin Peeler around in one ongoing attack. This attack typically lasts for right around three seconds, and it’s best to just back off during this phase.

You’re in luck if you’re using a ranged or magic build, as this is the perfect time to hammer the boss with some ranged attacks since it won’t go anywhere until it’s done with the full spinning attack animation.

Phase 2

Brace yourself for an onslaught

At right around half health, the Godskin Apostle will unleash a blast of black energy around it. From now on, the Godskin Apostle becomes especially noodly, using its body to swing as though it were a flail. This stage is as terrifying as it is highly long-ranged and lethal, so once its health bar hits half, get ready to dodge quickly.

The boss will frequently pull off its spinning attack with the scythe, but this time stretching out its body towards you. Once this attack is over, the boss’ top half will slink back to position.

On the other hand, if the boss extends itself and slices with its scythe in one or two attacks, it’s about to pull its bottom half towards you for another attack, so be ready to dodge if he isn’t backing off.

The full chain attack encompasses two quick slashes, and then a big third attack that slices over a good few meters around the top half of the boss, so be prepared to dodge roll through the final attack when the Godskin Apostle pulls itself together.

Wait for him to take a breather before you heal

Be extremely careful when healing, as the Godskin Apostle Is programmed to throw Fireballs at you whenever you drink from your flasks.


Depending on which version of the Godskin Apostle you’re going up against, you can be rewarded in many different ways, all of which are certainly worth it, for different reasons.

When the Godskin Apostle in the Altus Plateau is finally down, you’ll get the following:-

  •  14,000 Runes
  • Godskin Peeler Twinblade: The weapon the boss was using against you.
  • Scouring Black Flame Incantation: Spews black fire over the battlefield at your command.

When you’ve bested the Goskin Apostle in The Mountaintops of The Giants, you’ll receive the following:

  • 70,000 Runes for your efforts
  • Godskin Swaddling Cloth Talisman: Identical to Pontiff’s Left Eye ring from Dark Souls 3, this talisman restores health upon successive attacks.
  • Black Flame Ritual: Summons a pillar of Blackflame around the caster.

And finally, in Caelid, the rewards for beating the boss are:

  • 94,000 Runes
  • GodSkinApostle Hood 
  • GodSkinApostle Robe
  • GodSkinApostle Bracers
  • GodSkinApostle Trousers

With the Godskin Apostle down, it’s time to head back out to the open world of Elden Ring, and continue your adventure.

We hope that this guide has helped you best Godskin Apostle. Did we miss out on anything? Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions down in the comments section below. 

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