How To Beat the Bracken in Lethal Company


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If you’re tired of the jumpscares and sneak attacks from the Bracken, here’s how you can beat it and get your revenge in Lethal Company!

How To Beat the Bracken in Lethal Company

Lethal Company is arguably one of the most popular horror games in 2023. Featured in a post-apocalyptic setting, players are tasked to collect various scraps from different locations while solving multiple puzzles and surviving attacks from strange but deadly inhuman creatures.

It is a game filled with deadly monsters that will scare the lights out of you, and so far, one of the worst is the Bracken. The Bracken, the Flower Man, epitomizes the phrase “silent but deadly.” An attack from this creature makes it hard for players to stay calm as it is both stealthy and aggressive. It lurks in the shadows as it stalks you and your teammates while it waits for an opportunity to attack and drag your body away.

If you’ve encountered or ever been dragged to your death by a Bracken, this guide will teach you how to beat it and survive your next encounter in Lethal Company.

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How To Beat the Bracken in Lethal Company

Before learning how to kill one, you need to understand what they are and how to tell if one is in the facility with you.

What is a Bracken in Lethal Company?

A screenshot of the Bracken in Lethal Company.
Source: Unia / YouTube

Brackens are fairly large monsters covered in spikes that make them look like walking flowers, hence why a Bracken is also known as “the Flower Man.” You can see their glowing white eyes while their body is usually camouflaged in the dark. If you aren’t looking, they will stalk and hunt you down, but spotting one will make them stop and run away for a short time. However, they will attack once you stare at them for too long. When they attack you, you will instantly die as they drag your body away.

How do you know if there’s a Bracken nearby?

Other than seeing the Bracken, there are two ways to know if there’s a Bracken nearby:

  1. Listen intently for a haunting ambient melody playing in the background. Even though this will only last for a few seconds, it indicates that a Bracken is lurking in the shadows. The melody may play repeatedly, so listen well.
  2. The Bracken’s room will contain a carpet with yellow-painted walls similar to the Backrooms. Finding the Bracken’s room before seeing the Bracken itself means that a Bracken is roaming the facility.

What happens when a Bracken attacks you?

A screenshot of a Bracken attack in Lethal Company.
Source: WilsonXRS / YouTube

If you are unfortunate enough to fall prey to a Bracken, you will immediately die, and it will drag your body to a room filled with the dead bodies of all the other crew members. This room is usually situated right below the Bracken’s room.

If you have a surviving teammate, you can ask them to track down where the Bracken is taking your dead body. They can then retrieve your body if they have a chance. However, beware, as a Bracken could be lurking nearby, getting ready to pounce on the remaining crewmates.

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How to Beat the Bracken in Lethal Company

Using a Shovel alone will not work against a Bracken. You will need at least a Zap Gun to kill one. However, using the Zap Gun with a Stop Sign or a Shovel would be best. And you will also need to have at least another crewmate with you to kill the Bracken since you cannot kill it single-handedly. Here’s how to beat a Bracken:

  1. One person should use the Zap Gun to stun the Bracken temporarily.
  2. The other person should hit it with any weapon until it dies.

However, to do all this, you must catch the Bracken as it is lurking nearby and not when it’s about to drag you to death. Make sure to look closely in the dark for two pairs of glowing white eyes so you will have enough time to see and stun it before it kills you.

That’s all you need to know about Brackens and how to beat them in Lethal Company. If you found this guide useful, be sure to check out some of our other Lethal Company articles here on PlayerAssist:

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