The Best Inferno Catalysts in Lords of the Fallen



Choose the best Inferno Catalyst and become the strongest spellcaster in Lords of the Fallen!

The Best Inferno Catalysts in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is an action RPG game that introduces new ideas and blends them with the familiar patterns of what makes a soulslike. And like most soul-like games, Lords of the Fallen incorporates magic and spellcasting through catalysts.

The game has a handful of catalysts for you to choose from for every school of magic, whether for Radiance, Infernal, or Umbral. Normally, you can simply pick any catalyst you vibe with and upgrade it. However, to maximize your damage output in combat, you must know which catalysts are the best for the gameInferno—in the game.

A catalyst is measured for effectiveness in two ways: its power and available spell slots. This list gives gamers insights on choosing the best catalysts for Inferno magic—ranked based on factors such as versatility and effectiveness.

So, if you plan to become an Inferno spellcaster and create the game’s best build, this guide will help you achieve that.

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The Best Inferno Catalysts in Lords of the Fallen

Catalysts, specifically for Inferno builds, are used to cast spells such as Fire and Rhogar. These spells mainly focus on dealing high amounts of damage. Out of the 6 Inferno catalysts in Lords of the Fallen, these three stand out as the strongest:

3. Searing Accusation Catalyst

A screenshot of the Searing Accusation catalyst in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: LaserBolt / YouTube

Among all the Inferno catalysts in the game, the Searing Accusation is considered one of the top three. Although it starts with only 113 spell power and a B- in scaling, once fully upgraded, its scaling reaches an A and increases its spell power to 226. You can also obtain this catalyst during the early game, making it easier for players to start the game strong.

This catalyst has four spell slots, allowing you to cast multiple spells without needing to open your inventory occasionally just to swap between each spell. As it is obtainable early, you can utilize its potential throughout your playthrough by fully upgrading this catalyst.

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2. Rhogar Heart Catalyst

When fully upgraded, the Rhogar Heart is stronger than the Searing Accusation catalyst due to its five spell slots and A+ scaling. If your Inferno stat is high enough, you can deal insane damage even with an A+ scaling alone. The catalyst’s potential will be utilized well against late-game bosses.

Having five spell slots allows you to use multiple spells for different situations. And since its Inferno requirement is only 22, you can easily wield this catalyst and damage enemies and bosses tremendously.

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Source: McCallumCade / YouTube

1. Queen Sophesia’s Catalyst

Queen Sophesia’s Catalyst is, by far, the strongest catalyst suited for Inferno out of all the available Inferno catalysts in Lords of the Fallen. Due to its maximum S in scaling and five spell slots, all players who build Inferno will want to get their hands on this as soon as possible.

A screenshot of the Queen Sophesia's Catalyst in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: Joe Hammer Gaming / YouTube

However strong as this catalyst might be, it is also one of the hardest to obtain as players will have to do the Tortured Prisoner questline first and defeat the boss, Tortured Prisoner. Certain conditions must then occur during the quest for her to become a boss, such as failing to give her the Swaddling Cloth quest item. After you defeat the boss, she will immediately drop Queen Sophesia’s Catalyst, and you can take this powerful catalyst to New Game Plus.

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Those are the best Inferno catalysts in Lords of the Fallen. Be sure to check out our other Lords of the Fallen walkthroughs and guides here:

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