How to Complete the Gup Sorting Puzzle in Risk of Rain Returns


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Find out how to solve the Gup Sorting puzzle in Risk of Rain Returns!

How to Complete the Gup Sorting Puzzle in Risk of Rain Returns

Since the release of Risk of Rain Returns, the classic Risk of Rain remake, most players and critics have enjoyed the game and reviewed it quite positively. The game has all sorts of different gimmicks to make it challenging and as interesting as possible for all players, and one of these is the Gup Sorting puzzle.

In Risk of Rain Returns, the GUP sorting puzzle is one of the providence trials. The providence trails are a series of trials or challenges made for players to unlock the abilities of the survivors they are using. However, each trial is unique, and it might be a little confusing for players to understand what they must do during these trials. This article will specifically tackle how to solve one of the providence trials in Risk of Rain Returns called the Gup Sorting puzzle.

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How to Solve Gup Sorting Puzzle

Blindly going into this puzzle can confuse most players as they won’t know the objective other than to sort the monsters called “gups.” So, the only way to solve the Gup Sorting puzzle is to sort each gup by size in a pyramid-like manner. All you need to do is to have one large gup on the top, 2 and 1 medium gups in the middle, and 1 and 3 small gups at the bottom. However, this is easier said than done, as doing so is slightly harder.

A screenshot of the Gup Sorting puzzle in Risk of Rain Returns.
Source: Storm_ / YouTube

Step 1: Kill the large gups to reduce them

Your primary objective is to kill the large gaps to reduce their size. The first step is necessary as this will simplify the sorting process. The highest platform should remain empty to ensure your sorting operation goes smoothly.

Step 2: Go to the top platform and kill the large gup

Clear the lower levels first before climbing to the topmost platform. At the top, there is a small room containing a large gup. Kill the large gup to reduce it into two medium-sized gups.

Step 3: Leave the medium gups alone and go down to the lowest platform

Once you’ve reduced the large gup into medium-sized ones, it is important to distance yourself from the medium-sized gups. This is because the gups will surely pursue you if you are within their attack range, so you must immediately create distance between you and the gups. Then, descend to the lowest platform by falling through the holes in the floor.

Step 4: Kill the next large gup

When you reach the lowest platform, another large gup will be in a separate area. Using the same strategy, kill the large gup to reduce its size—maintaining only medium-sized gups on the lowest platform.

Step 5: Guide the medium-sized gups down

Now that only medium-sized gups are on the lowest platform, you must guide the rest downward to the next platform. As you run away from the gups, make sure that they chase you until they fall through the floor holes. Doing this will help you sort each of them by size. Remember that you need the large gups at the top and the smallest gups at the bottom platform.

Step 6: Continue sorting the gups

You need to keep on guiding the medium-sized gups downward for each platform. You aim to sort them by size, with no gups left on the top fourth platform. You also need to be mindful of your surroundings as it becomes increasingly difficult the longer the trial goes on.

Step 7: Strategically reduce each gup

Although the exact number of gups for each platform isn’t necessary, it is highly recommended that you leave at least one large gup and one medium-sized gup for every platform. You strategically create a manageable sorting process by reducing the number of gups and guiding them downward to the first platform.

A screenshot of the Gup Sorting puzzle completed in Risk of Rain Returns.
Source: Storm_ / YouTube

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