How to Unlock the Illegal Shipment in Risk of Rain Returns



Find out how to unlock the Illegal shipment at Risk of Rain Returns!

How to Unlock the Illegal Shipment in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns is a roguelike, action-platforming game and the iconic Risk of Rain remake. Developed by Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing, the game was released for Windows and Nintendo Switch on November 8, 2023. It was released as an homage to the classic Risk of Rain during the series’ 10th anniversary.

The game’s primary feature is the permanent death mechanic, where players must do their best to progress as far as they can without dying. With over a hundred items laid out for you, you need to fight across different stages and against spawning enemies and bosses to find the teleporter back home ultimately.

With new survivors, an overhauled multiplayer, and a remastered Risk of Rain content, the game is better than before with the all-new Risk of Rain Returns. Like other roguelike titles, the further you progress in your run, the more challenging the stages become.

This includes the abilities of each character and the Artifacts at your disposal, both of which affect your playstyle and survivability. This article will tackle how to find the illegal shipment and tick off the Altered Genome Achievement in Risk of Rain Returns!

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How to Unlock the Illegal Shipment in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns is a game set far into the future where transportation across space, through space trains, is considered normal. Unfortunately, one particular space train that carried some special cargo shoots itself out of orbit, and it ultimately crashes and lands on an unknown planet with only one survivor.

For players who are achievement hunters, the objectives can be quite vague as there aren’t any clear instructions on how to get them. And one of those is getting the Altered Genome Achievement, aka “The Toxin.” However, to obtain the achievement title, you must find the illegal shipment, a secret chest hidden in a not-so-obvious location.

Even if you have completed the game multiple times in a row, one particular achievement will remain locked: the Altered Genome achievement. This is because the achievement’s objective is unclear, and it will not give you any leads. Some say that this is one of the most hidden achievements in the game since it is very well hidden in plain sight, and you can easily miss it. The illegal shipment that you’re looking for is actually at the final level of Risk of Rain Returns.

This achievement is difficult for newer players to reach since it is located in the game’s final level, specifically the ‘Contact Light’ ship in Storage. However, once you get used to the gameplay and its mechanics, you can quickly reach the final level.

Locating the Keycard

Once you reach the final level, explore the area until you obtain a Keycard. Keycards are special items that allow you to unlock secret locations before the final boss fight. Out of the four Keycards in the game, one unlocks the illegal shipment containing the Altered Genome achievement. You can obtain Keycards by killing enemies, opening golden containers, or searching behind blast doors.

A screenshot of a Keycard obtained in Risk of Rain Returns.
Source: Storm_ / YouTube

Obtaining a Keycard may take a while since it doesn’t necessarily drop from enemies most of the time, and no specific containers are guaranteed to contain them. However, you can open the previously locked Storage room once you get one.

Unlocking the Storage Area

Upon getting a Keycard, head over to the Bridge area—the furthest right corner of the ship where the final boss, Providence, is located. (Ensure the achievement is achieved before fighting the game’s final boss!)

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When you reach the Bridge blast door, climb the ladder and head straight left. This will lead you to the Storage area where the illegal shipment is. The Storage area is locked, so ensure you have your Keycard ready. Use the Keycard to unlock the location and search for a well-hidden chest in the background.

The Storage area is not an ordinary place. There are several chests in the room that contain money and items. Aside from the regular ones, black chests are hidden in the background, making them look like they’re simply part of the wallpaper, but players can interact with them, too.

A screenshot of the illegal shipment in Risk of Rain Returns.
Source: Storm_ / YouTube

To achieve this, you must open all the black chests until you find the illegal shipment containing the special item. The illegal shipment refers to The Toxin, which can be used on enemies to apply a debuff that will make them take more damage from you or your allies. After unlocking the correct chest, you will obtain The Toxin item and the Altered Genome achievement.

That’s all there is to know about finding the illegal shipment in Risk of Rain Returns and obtaining the Altered Genome achievement.

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