How to Delete Outfits on Roblox Mobile


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Roblox is a game platform that is available on multiple platforms and most notably it is available on the iOS and Android devices. This means that while the majority of the game’s player base is on PC and Mac, there are many players who enjoy the game on mobile as well. This makes a couple of things difficult for the ones that are on mobile.

How to Delete Outfits on Roblox Mobile

For one, through the app, an outfit cannot be deleted. This means that whether you’re on the go and you’re playing Roblox on mobile or that’s your main platform, you cannot delete outfits, or can you?

Remove Outfits on Roblox Mobile

To remove outfits on Roblox Mobile, open up a browser, and head to the official Roblox site. Log-in, and then navigate to the Avatar menu. If you’re on Safari, click the “aA” button and hit “Request Desktop Site”. If you’re on Chrome, click the three dots and then “Request Desktop Site”.

After that, the page will refresh, and you will be able to navigate to the outfits menu and delete, change, add, outfits.

When you first open up the page on mobile, it will prompt you that accessing the outfits screen must be done through the app. But by requesting the desktop version, you have the possibility to access it, and also have the same functionality like on PC.

Yes, it is bizarre that this can be done through mobile, and yet requires so much tinkering.

We aren’t aware why there isn’t an official function that lets you do this. It might be because the UI requires updates, or the app’s communications with the servers doesn’t allow for deletion of outfits.

In any case, it can be due to a huge number of reasons, and this is all speculation.

Many players have expressed their frustration that this hasn’t been implemented to the official mobile app. We might see this change in the future, especially now, after Roblox is getting so many new players.

Roblox isn’t only available on mobile though. You can get it on: MacOS, FireOS, iOS, Android, Windows, & Xbox One.

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