The Slormancer: Best Build Guide


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This year has started off pretty strong in terms of how many exceptional indie games have been released. Games like Valheim and Slormancer are perfect examples of how some enthusiastic individuals and groups of people can create such exceptional video games. In any case, these games are out in early access and the developers are building on them daily. Still, many have fallen in love with them.

The Slormancer: Best Build Guide

Since many start grinding early, there are a lot of questions on what is good what is bad, which mechanics give the most advantage, and similar things.

With the Slormancer, it is the same. Many are wondering which is the best build to go for.

Overpowered Build Guide – The Slormancer

This build will be a mage build. Let’s start off by going over what stats you should be focusing on.

For Defense, I recommend focusing only on armor, elemental resistance, and health. There is not much else to cover here, as the build is more of a hybrid one, and the playstyle is pretty fast-paced. As for Offense, make sure to focus on elemental damage, crit %, and crit damage.

Make sure to go Phlegmatic Caster for your specialization. Take Arcane Missile as your first skill. As for which modifiers to go with, follow this template:

the slormancer best build tutorial

The most important thing in this build is the Orb of the Arcane Master. It should be your main DPS ability to use during fights. You do have to be at a later stage in the game, since it unlocks at level 31. For modifiers, go with:

best build guide the slormancer

Being a phlegmatic caster, you will get the Time Warp skill which is basically a blink. Its cooldown is pretty low, and it is very useful in positioning and avoiding tricky situations. For modifiers, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you tailor them to a fast-paced AOE build.

Since the game is still in Early Access, there are only points that you can use in the Ancestral Legacy. Use them to get Air Conditioner, and from that, get Neriva’s Shield.

For attributes, follow this template:

best build tutorial the slormancer

Tailor your gear to the stats that I mentioned before. Also, since this build doesn’t have any healing abilities, make sure to get a bit of health regen or life steal on your gear. No need for movement speed if you have the staff, if you don’t get something for that as well.

There is not much to say about the playstyle except, keep moving.

It is a fast paced build, just move around as much as possible, and use the Orb of the Arcane Master and the Arcane Missles. Since these are most AOE, aim at the crowd!

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