How To Do Crying Celebration In FIFA 21 (Mbappe celebration)


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Like in every FIFA, there are very funny celebrations you can do to annoy your opponents. This can be an interesting tactic to throw your opponent off his game.

How To Do Crying Celebration In FIFA 21 (Mbappe celebration)

Interestingly, it works. We all know that we have been worked-up so many times by a bad goal and then a taunt celebration. With that being said, there is a celebration which is the ultimate of annoying celebrations.

This is Mbappe’s celebration form October 2019 after beating Marseille 4-0. We will teach you how to do the crying celebration in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21: How to do the Crying Celebration

Mbappe crying in fifa 21

FIFA 21 has unique celebrations which can be executed by individual players, hence this Mbappe celebration.

They’re all a reference to the real-life iconic celebrations these players have done. They’re usually difficult to execute since you have to be on a specific spot and click different buttons.

However, the crying celebration is fairly straightforward. This is how you do it:

Score a goal and then run to the first camera you see.

Yep, that’s it. That is all you have to do if you want to taunt your opponent like this. Now, chances are that you won’t get it sometimes, but it seems pretty difficult to fail it.

Unfortunately, this celebration can only be done by Mbappe, so no matter how hard you try with other players, it won’t work. There are other unique celebrations that can be done with other players, for instance Griezmann’s confetti celebration.

Unlike Mbappe crying celebration, the confetti celebration is more difficult to pull off like many other unique and even regular celebrations.

If you are a big PSG fan and play with them regularly, then you will absolutely throw the enemy off his game if you use this celebration. There is something about it that makes it so annoying, so good luck!

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