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CSGO is infamous for having some weird issues and bugs over the years. Most of the time, these ‘bugs’ don’t get fixed for a few years. It seems like that is the true CSGO way. Nevertheless, one issue that has been bothering players for almost six years now, is the broken friend list bug. We looked around to see how to fix the broken friend list, and we’re pretty confident that we’ve found a solution.

How To Fix CS:GO Friend List Broken

How To Fix Broken Friend List – CS:GO

There have been multiple instances where Valve claimed that the ‘broken friend list has been fixed’ but it seems like, it still isn’t. It’s a weird one for sure, and players are encountering it pretty frequently it seems like.

There are a couple of different methods to go about fixing it, but there isn’t a foolproof fix it seems like. It’s sort of like a troubleshooting process.

The easiest method to try is a simple restart of CSGO. I’m sure most of you have already tried that, but I still wanted to mention it for those of you that didn’t, since some reported this fixed the problem for them.

Second thing that you can do is ensure that you’re Online on Steam. Players must be online on Steam in order for CSGO to show your friends and to have the ability to invite players.

On a side note, Steam can sometimes set players to offline randomly, so do make sure you’re online.

After that, to ensure that Steam doesn’t do any shenanigans restart that client as well. And to be extra safe, launch it as an administrator by right-clicking it, then pressing ‘Run as administrator’.

I know all of this is too dramatic, but there are still no exact fixes for the issue, only troubleshooting steps like these. Launch CSGO and try again.

If you still get the same bug, verify those files through Steam. It might be due to a corruption issue which this will fix, although, I highly doubt it, but still, worth a shot I guess.

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