How To Get Your Dream Pet in Adopt Me


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With hundreds of pets in Adopt Me, there is a chance you have a dream pet that you would give anything to have. We all have one. But just how difficult is to get your dream pet in this game? Well, we explored some methodology to give you the best chance of getting your dream pet, and a rough estimate of how much time it takes.

How To Get Your Dream Pet in Adopt Me

How To Get Your Dream Pet – Adopt Me

Now, since everyone has a different dream pet, most of the time, it does not have the same value. So, rough estimations of how fast you might get to have your pet are pretty difficult. However, we’ll talk about the most valued pets in Adopt Me at the moment.

The big secret about getting your dream pet in this game, is that there is no secret. It takes a combination of things in order to trade up for the pet in question.

Meaning, it takes a lot of trading to slowly but surely get to the value of your dream pet, in order to finally get it. Still, these trades need to be perfect in order for you to gain some, well, profit from it.

In other words, you will need to trade pets at the value they’re at or higher. Get as much as possible from your trades, and slowly trade up until you get some pretty desirable and valued pets.

We have determined the values for almost all pets in Adopt Me. So, make sure you check out the values of each pet, before trading with other players.

Another thing which you can do to get close to owning your dream pet is to grind out new eggs and hope for legendaries. After some time, these legendary pets tend to rise exponentially in value, but be aware that almost always, they have low-chance hatch rates.

The best ways to find good trades with players is to post threads on sites like Reddit, from which, you can then accept the best and most valuable trade for your offer.

Also, make sure to follow all of the giveaways and rewarded objectives that Adopt Me has every once in a while.

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